Life of Lucy Violet: Ice Cream and Soda Shoppe 1st Birthday

Ice Cream, Sprinkles and Cake Galore, A very happy First Birthday is in store...

On July 8th we held Lucy's first birthday at the "Lake Waconia Creamery" aka the lake!  We had had beautiful weather all week and we woke up that morning to STRONG winds, I repeat strong winds and cool temps.  We were having the party at the my parents scrambled to put up the storm windows on the porch so it would be warmer and we moved most of the party inside until the sun came out and we decided to brave it for a bit!  We had a great time with my sister and her hubby (in town from Seattle), Scott's sister's family, my grandparents, and both sets of our parents!
Lucy was ready to party...she's one-derful!

All ready for the birthday girl...

We went with the fan favorite walking tacos for the main course and it was a hit!

Then for dessert we had an ice cream sundae bar and plenty of cake!

With each kiddo I make a one year photo book and have the guests write them a little message.  The kids love to look back at their birth and first year of life!
No ice cream and soda shoppe party would be complete without bottles of pop...

Nana and Papa made the cake with a little decorating help from the kids...

The smash cake that was barely touched... ;)

Ready for cake --- maybe???

and right after this she started to cry, we even tried to give her a sample and she cried harder.  We aren't sure if it was everyone staring at her or she genuinely doesn't like cake but 3/3 of our kids wanted nothing to do with smash cakes.  I should have known ;)

Everyone helped open gifts...

...and tested them out!

Auntie Raquel and the birthday girl!

...and finally some cake and ice cream sundaes!

Grace and Vera

Then after dessert the kids braved the wind and swam between the lake an the hot tub!

Uncle K and Lucy

Then no party would be complete without party games.  While the kids swam, I forced the adults to play Celebrity (birthday edition).  It's a team game that involves charades.  Despite some moans I think everyone had fun!  Once the kids were done, we played pie face...some were novices!  It's always a party hit!!!

Despite the crazy weather, we had a blast and were so thankful so much of our family was able to join us!  Happy First Birthday our Sweet Lucy Girl!