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House Updates...

Sunday, August 21, 2016
We have been making little tweaks here and there to our house lately.  We have come out of the pregnancy and newborn haze!  I love dark wood but I was feeling like we too much of a good thing going on and I wanted to try my hand and painting a little bit of it to brighten up our main level...

This is a picture shortly after we moved in, you can see the hutch on the left and our dining table.  That dining table served us well for about all but one year of our marriage but it wasn't anything too fancy and we were starting to outgrow it since Lucy joined the scene :).

So I think about 2 years ago I took the top of the hutch to the basement in phase 1 and then phase 2 meant emptying this workhorse out.  It holds all of our works hard for us so I couldn't screw it up ;)

You may remember until we finished the basement, I had a yellow plastic house in my office
The state of the office mid prep!
 While we were at it, I decided since we were making a mess with the sprayer that I would also paint my office bookshelves white too (the same white as our wood work) hoping for a more built in, cohesive look.  Thank goodness my husband just takes a deep breath as half of the furniture was in the garage when he arrived home and goes with it.  When I get an idea I want it done yesterday...
And after a few coats and a few touch ups...we loaded them back into the house!

But that wasn't our only summer project...back to the table.  Since our other one was getting small, I printed off what I thought were easy plans and asked Scott to build me one for my 10 year anniversary gift.  So off we went one date night to buy all the wood (just a mere $100)...and then Scott spent lots and lots and lots of time making that table.  It was a labor of love especially with 3 kids and a full time job.  There were moments we thought it might not work out but Scott persevered!

And I am so glad he did - we painted the bottom white to match the woodwork and then stained and poly-ed the top dark to match our existing chairs.  We added 2 accent chairs on the end in a wipable pleather ;)!
Someone has happy to test it out :)
 Now it left us with a table that we couldn't sell for much since it was well loved.  In the back of my mind I had this idea I had seen a friend do for her son in a wheelchair, she cut a dining table in half and mounted it to the wall.  I thought it was genius.  So when we had a well loved table, I asked Scott to cut it in half.  I didn't need desk storage since I had plenty in the shelves...
I was excited the table height and width allowed for my wicker chair to be utilized in the office.  It's nice and comfy for all those blog post sessions!  

Scott was glad to have those big projects marked off and we are all loving the improvements.  I made a believer out of him even though sometimes I swear he thinks I am crazy!  

What can I say I am a nest builder and this birdie is always fluffing and changing!  Lucky for him most of the time its just furniture rearranging and that's free and I do it all on my own...
...and this little birdie is taking a cue from momma and shelf fluffing at a young age.  Apparently that photo was all wrong right side up ;)

Don't you worry I still have a few less labor intensive projects up my sleeve...and I even have the supplies, just waiting until the sting of that last project subsides before I ask..."Hey Honey :)"!

Solon turns Seven...

Friday, August 19, 2016
On August 7th Solon turned 7 -- His GoLdEn BiRthDaY!

While at the lake we celebrated Solon's, My dad's and my August birthdays!

Then as is tradition for Solon, he never forgets, we go to the Mall of America to ride rides.  This year since we were celebrating my birthday too we snuck in a little shopping too ;)!  My cousin Bailey (from TX) and his girlfriend were in town and Casen and my Aunt Chris joined us too! So we had a good group...

The "big kids" talked Solon into the upside down roller coaster, he was nervous but being with them puffed him and once he did it, in his words it was "Totally Awesome!"  I had to try it once with him too ;)!  He rode every roller coaster 2 times, he was pretty excited about that and we did lots of other rides in between.  Vera was excited to give the Orange Streak a whirl since she squeaked by the 42 inches requirement (and I mean squeak!).

Do you see Solon?

We gave the Bubble Guppy balloons a twirl... 
...and they got bad guys with Grandma!
The day after we arrived home from MN it was time for Solon's party.  This year he opted to keep it small with just 2 of his closest friends and go jumping at SkyZone!  So we left Lucy with Emilie and off we all went to jump for an hour.  Everyone had a blast from dodge ball, to the foam pit and shooting baskets on a trampoline.

Then we came home and had pizza and cupcakes & ice cream and opened presents!

Then just 2 days later the coveted birthday arrived.  We had doughnuts in a bag (they are a fan favorite here) for breakfast and then opened presents after church...the girls both picked Solon out a gift.  Mom and Dad got him a new bike, all he wanted was a new bike with hand brakes and a kickstand!

Then the birthday boy picked Mexican food for lunch...our family can down some chips and salsa in a hurry!

We rounded out the day with a swim at Nana and Papa's pool and a cake decorated by Papa!
Our not so little guy had a great time celebrating all week!  He is well loved!

Solon is our snuggle bug.  He loves cuddling up right before bed and chit chatting about the day.  He constantly is hugging or touching someone, he is quite affectionate!  He is shy at first and prefers small groups over a crowd.  He works hard and tries his best and likes to read especially Peanuts comics and Mo Willems books these days.  He is usually reluctant to try something for the first time but once he tries it, he will do it again a hundred times.  Point and case the swim test, high dive, roller coaster, etc.   He struggles with not mastering something right away (just like his momma), he wants to be  a master pianist yesterday but he is starting to get the hang of hand position (I am not meant to teach him ;)!  You can normally find him playing with his magna tiles, building roads for his many modes of transportation or building a lego set.  

He also loves to play basketball and football with Scott (sometimes I will do but he hates when I win!).  He tried out his first basketball camp this summer and he loved it.  He is sensitive and inquisitive and loves his sisters so much.  He is a tremendous help!  He is an awesome eater but especially loves mexican food.  For a treat, he loves ice cream and soda.  He has a sweet tooth just like his dad!  He loves to do projects with Scott and ride in the back of the convertible.  He is an avid swimmer and is diligently working on his strokes at lessons.  He would never get out of the pool if he could.  He has a tender heart and a desire to obey.  He continues to learn more about God and we pray when he's ready, he will accept Jesus as His Savior!  He soaks so much in and asks lots of questions!  We are so thankful God gave us this sweet boy to raise, he is just the very best :).

Happy Birthday Solon Robert Port

We love you to the moon and back xoxo

Family Pictures: Summer 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
We are probably done with professional photos for a while but given it was our 10 year anniversary in June and Lucy's 1st Birthday, we thought despite 3 young kiddos and hot weather we would try!  Our photographer hung with us and we actually took pictures on our anniversary...little did we know 10 years from our wedding day we would be snapping more photos with a few additions :) I am sentimental like that...

Port Family June 17, 2016

July 2016 in Pictures...

Monday, August 15, 2016
The summer is flying by and we have been making the most of it.  I read something recently that said you only have 18 summers with your kids before they fly off into the world and as I was thinking about those 18, there are even last than that, that they want to be with me and I control the schedule ;)!  Now that school is in session, we take 2 things seriously in the summer -- lazy mornings and days filled with fun (and of course instruction and discipline too because they are 7, almost 5 and 1)!

Let's take a peak into the month of July -- we started off the month with our annual 4th of July trip to the lake and threw in a birthday party for Lucy...

We had a great week with lots and lots of family playing outside and in...

A rousing 3 generation game of UNO!
 When we arrived home from vacation, it was time for our annual street block party!  It always coincides with our city's annual festival "Summerfest".  We have the privilege of watching the city fireworks on the corner at our across the street neighbors (who graciously host us all every year).  This year some special visitors stopped by with some awesome vehicles -- the fire department.  The kids loved peaking inside!

42 kids pictured (and still some more not) - we have a street FULL of families!
Vera's friends all snuggled up ready for the fireworks show with their glowstick bracelets!
 My kids look forward to that every year especially riding their bikes carefree down the middle of the street!

We also did a lot of random things around the house...although blurry, Vera helped me sew up 6 pillows one day.  She is a great helper!

We did our fair share of bumming with daddy!

 And on a particularly HOT week, we pulled out the tent and let the kids sleep in it over night.  Then the next day we had friends over and they had lunch inside!

Just messing around!
We also spent some time swimming at Nana and Papa's pool which always is followed up by a little reading session before heading home! 

We made our annual trip to the Valle Drive in to see "Secret Life of Pets" - the movie was so so but there was a lot of fun pre-show, Lucy especially liked roaming in the back of the car playing with her siblings.  There was also some drama with people just up from us and parking spots -- thankful it didn't include us ;)!

Drive in picnic - to go booster in a tailgate chair :)

Couple selfie - we try to have kids take it and we end up with like 5 chins and sometimes no heads!

 Vera also got a special early birthday special delivery that the kids have enjoyed!

and some just liked the packaging for snack time...

nail painting during nap time

and plenty of game sessions where mom occasionally kicked butt ;)
 We also made our annual trip to Adventureland with Scott's work!  It was a VERY hot day SO we did the water park until it got crazy busy at about 3 and then went home and rested and came back after dinner until 9:30 to do the rides.  It cooled off some!  It was a really fun day!
Drive carefully...

My sitting partner while the others rode the bumper cars, the galleon and shooting star!

And an evening ride on the ferris wheel enjoying the sunset and the lights of the park and city skyline in the distance!

My grandparents and Aunt from Washington state also came over to take us to lunch!  We only see my Aunt every couple of years so its always fun to catch up with her...

We attended story time in the park - the theme was "Gerald and Piggie" books by Mo Willems.  Some of our favorites so it was fun to go each week and see our awesome librarians act them out!

and wrestling in bathing suits thrown in there too ;)

And of course ample pool time!  Our favorite time of day to go is in the evenings from 5-close at 7.  There are hardly any lines for the slides and boards!  Given there was hardly anyone there I decided to try the high dive for the first time in my life.  Round 1 was good so Solon and I did round 2 together!  He amazes me at his bravery in the water, now that he passed the swim test he is flipping off the boards and trying his hand at the log roll and wave rider!

We also wrapped up our table project!  Pictures of it in the house coming soon :)

And of course Vera and I whipped up some goodies because this family has to have dessert (they get it from their father ;). 

And we ended the month the same place we started -- at the lake! Because the season is short and the fun is great!

SMORE fun than we knew what to do with in July!  Lots of little fun and big and memories made! We love the lazy days of summer!

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