Glasses, Glasses...

Solon had his 4 month check for his eye condition and things are holding steady, no improvement but hey steady is good too!  He did have a slight change in prescription SO off we went to order some new glasses.  It was not a moment too soon since he took a nose dive while playing basketball with Daddy and his glasses bit it with the concrete.  Due to insurance though we are STILL waiting on his glasses, I sure hope they come soon!  He is very excited to have them back...which is a good thing!

His new stylish ray-bans!

This little one was QUITE sad she didn't get a pair of her own.  She is having a hard time grasping things cost money and money doesn't grow on trees (sweet girl, I sure wish money did ;)!  She wanted these sweet frames but has no need for glasses.  There were tears...oh the irony since mommy cried when she had to get glasses in junior high!

One night we enjoyed playing around with a pair of baby sunglasses...they are so cute on Lucy.  Too bad she won't keep them on...:)

Some of us were just a bit sassier than others.  Serious modeling or crabby pants, you can decided ;)!

...and of course Solon wanted to take a turn :)  These pics will be great for graduation posters.

...and Grandma came through and found a pair of fashion glasses for Little Miss.  Oh she has a fashion sense and opinion these little Hipster :)  She is pumped for her own glasses!