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Desperate times call for desperate measures...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Recently we have discovered a new talent Vera possesses...brute, super-human strength!  Now that Lucy is more mobile and interested in big sister's items, Vera is interested in moving her away from said stuff.  I captured the time lapse of her attempt...

First she attempted to pick her up...but when her sister is 21 lbs to big sister's 30 lbs.... then resort to pushing her when your arms give out...

...but when you realize force is against you, you then decide to pull on the pants and drag your sister.

Meanwhile Lucy is unphased!

...a few more attempts to relocate Lucy (she didn't mind at all :)...

Lucy is finding all sorts of treasures in the carpet left behind by big brother and sister.  Vera even tried to take a mouth swipe one day to get out a barbie shoe and she came away crying and exclaiming, "Lucy bit me!"  She has since learned babies bite hard and only moms and dads should put their fingers in their mouths...but I was thankful for her attempt.  We did get the barbie shoe removed and moved to a higher location!

Life around here is never dull...

Life of Lucy Violet: 10 months...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Oh my word child, life is moving fast and we have had another busy month!  You are growing and changing daily and doing lots of little new tricks.  I hope I remember to document them all.  Above all, people always comment on your sober demeanor, you are a little shy around strangers and don't give away your smiles too easily and people always say how chill you are!  Let's take a peak at what you are up to...

  • The biggest news this month is that you finally (WAHOOOOOOOO) slept through the night consistently.  I am sooooo proud of you :).
  • You also started trying table foods and regularly eat 3 meals a day.  Sometimes lunch is a random snack as you nap over lunch most days.
  • Your nap schedule is random due to school pick-up and drop-off.  You generally take a nap from 11:45-2 and then again from 3:30-5pm.  Its not always the same though as we have activities to go to.  You prefer your bed though but will still fall asleep in the car. You don't transfer well yet.
  • You like purees but have a nasty habit of swatting at the spoon and making a hug spluttery mess.  Its normally as you are winding up eating...
  • You tried graham crackers this month as a snack and you gobbled it right up with your 6 little choppers (no new ones lately).
  • You are still wearing 6-12 month clothes but now wearing a few 12-18 month summer tops.  You have a long torso just like mom and dad!
  • You still have teeny tiny feet and wear size 1 shoes!
  • You love to babble and "talk" to say "dada" and "momma" but they don't mean anything yet.
  • You light up when you see any of us and just bounce and flail your arms -- you love us so much and we love you.
  • You scoot all over the place on your bum and you are starting to find your siblings things!
  • You are starting to get up on all 4's but just push yourself backward, you get frustrated.
  • You love to be read to and sung to.  
  • You clap for everyone, anytime someone cheers, you clap!
  • You are moving past baby toys and like to play with a plastic tea set, the doll house and anything else you can get your hands on...duplos are also a favorite.
  • You still love your white blanket and pacifier.  We always find a bunch under your crib.
  • You love to be outside and go on walks to get Solon from school. You are content to swing at the park for now...
  • You are content to play with toys while I get some work done around the house.
  • You are discovering there are things "above you" and trying to reach for them and you are also exploring the items on the bookshelves.
  • You normally get tired about 7:30pm and then get up anywhere between 6-7am.  If its before 7am, I feed you and lay you back down and you go back to sleep. We installed room-darkening curtains to help you not wake up with the sun!
Well this is late so you are inching closer to 11 months so I won't spill the latest things you are up to until the next update!  We love you to the moon and back sweet girl...:)  You are just simply the squishiest and best!

April 2016 in Pictures...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
April - another month gone in a flash.  It was full of lots of fun from beginning to end, thrown in a bout of the tummy bug passed around, nicer weather, house projects and company and we had a busy, full month!  We are in the final stretches of school, gearing up for a busy summer calendar and enjoying Lucy's final months as a "tiny babe"...Let's take a look back at our month!
We had Vera's preschool conference at the beginning of the month and while we were waiting we took a look at some pictures they had taken throughout the year.  When we saw pics from the beginning of the year, we couldn't believe how much she has grown...oh my heart!  She had a great report and we are happy to know she keeps her sassy spirit for home use only and is a sweet, helpful, obedient lady who loves to sing and raise her hand.  She LOVES going to school and can't wait to go again to school next year.  We are blessed with a great school and sweet teachers and friends who attend.  We are proud of Vera for sure!

Grandma stopped by for a visit on her way back from AZ and she helped me redo our bedroom with new bed linens and side tables.  I am so wishy-washy when it comes to my own home but full of ideas for others.  I suppose its because I know I have to spend the money and want to love it.  We didn't quite finish all the shopping before Solon was done so we took all 3 with us but when you have Grandma along the fun factor is upped...we found stuffed heads and thought they might make great new Christmas sweaters ;)!

Lucy enjoyed her first Target cart ride without her carseat...Solon was annoyed he had to walk :)!

We continue to work on Lucy's mobility ;)!  She is quite content to squawk and have one of her siblings do all the work, she has them wrapped around her finger.  She does scoot on her bum a lot (which none of our others have done) and in crawling position can scoot backward.  She is getting faster by the day but still at a nice rate that mommy can stay ahead of her...we are working on vacuuming more as she is the queen of finding little morsels to put in her mouth!  

The weather has been MOSTLY nice this month, the last week was cold and rainy but we will focus on the other many nice days.  We love that we can resume walking to school to get Solon at the end of the day.  Sometimes we even take an extra long walk for a little exercise before grabbing him.  I have also been running again outside and even ran 2 miles straight for the first time in my life (for you runners that might seem like nothing but for this declared non-runner, I was so proud of myself). Running outside is much more enjoyable than on the treadmill so I am thankful for warmer sunny weather!

We have been loving playing outside after school and on the weekends.  The kids turned a box into a playhouse, hoped a ride in daddy's ride and we have been doing lots of chalk art and bubbles.  Along with biking and swinging on the swing set and of course lots of playing with neighbors.  I love their feet are nice and dirty at the end of the day.  LOTS of fresh air!  They even planted the field behind us :).

Our big house project this month was the garage.  It needed some serious work and storage.  We planned out some big shelves and we cleared out and organized.  We are having a garage sale in May so it was the perfect time to get the garage in tip top shape and ready for summer play!

We all took our turn with the stomach flu this month.  The kids had it at the exact same time and then a week later I got it, followed by Scott 24 hours later.  Lucy seemed to escape it, thank goodness!  It was a yucky 24 hours for each of us, thankful we are healthy more than we are sick around here.  Between a kindergartener and a preschooler, we have had lots of new germs and a few more sickies this year than usual! 
Luckily I had a great mother's helper while I was under the weather, she is now "reading" her favorite books.  Melts my heart!
Back in February, Solon was quite bummed Vera got to do something special with JUST Daddy so when we saw the Blue Man Group was coming to Stephens Auditorium in Ames, we knew it would be a perfect date.  The three of us enjoyed a night out and Solon pretty much floated from all the special attention while Nana and Papa covered babysitting duties at home.  It was a great first show to take him too. 

It was the month of trying new carts, Vera somehow convinced me to get the car cart at Fareway.  Vera took good care of little sis and made sure she didn't get whip lash and stayed inside the vehicle at all times.  We mostly order our groceries online so the trip was quick, a perfect test drive!  Lucy loved it as well as V!

We had a beautiful weekend and decided to roast hot dogs on the fire and then that resulted in wanting to camp.  It was still a bit chilly overnight to do it outside but the two bigs camped out for the weekend in the family room.  They had a blast and Scott was glad to sleep in our bed since they were safe inside ;)!  Lucy liked playing in the tent during the day!

In the garage clean out, we found the rocket stuff and so we had a few launches in the corn field before the plants prevent us from using that wide open space.  2 successful launches!

I am trying to really just soak this one up, she is growing so fast and will be gone before I am ready!  We like to play games or cook while little sister is sleeping.  She is a great helper all day but loves to bake with mommy and beat me in all sorts of fun games.
We ended the month with another trip from Grandma and Grandpa because Vera had her dance recital the last weekend in April.  We enjoyed playing games with them including Just Dance! on the Wii and a variety of card games.  We tried out the new Jethroni Pepperoni, it was yummy!   We also took them to Vera's dress rehearsal and they got to see the kids swim at their lessons. 

It was a busy but exhausting weekend!

We took them to our favorite candy store.  If you know my parents, they love candy!  We didn't leave empty handed ;).  

Vera had her first dance recital and literally glowed.  She was so sweet and did all of the moves so precisely and with great care.  She has such a passion for dancing.  She can't wait to go to a little camp this summer and resume in the fall.  It was so fun to watch her shine.  We invited the grandparents and great-grandparents and everyone was able to come for lunch and the show.  It was a great opportunity to see everyone!  We are so blessed to live close to everyone and that they can join us for these fun events.

We ended the weekend and the month with a favorite tradition around here -- May Day Baskets.  This year we were running low on energy after a big weekend but we enjoyed ding dong ditching our closest neighbors, Nana and Papa, and our sweet friends Max, Maleah and Miles!  

We had a great April, full of fun, lots of normal, a little of the sickies and look forward to all May has to offer. Vera will wrap up preschool.  We will take our first trip to the lake for the season.  We will also welcome our new pastor at church and send off a dear friend to deployment.  It will be a busy we come May!

Glasses, Glasses...

Monday, May 2, 2016
Solon had his 4 month check for his eye condition and things are holding steady, no improvement but hey steady is good too!  He did have a slight change in prescription SO off we went to order some new glasses.  It was not a moment too soon since he took a nose dive while playing basketball with Daddy and his glasses bit it with the concrete.  Due to insurance though we are STILL waiting on his glasses, I sure hope they come soon!  He is very excited to have them back...which is a good thing!

His new stylish ray-bans!

This little one was QUITE sad she didn't get a pair of her own.  She is having a hard time grasping things cost money and money doesn't grow on trees (sweet girl, I sure wish money did ;)!  She wanted these sweet frames but has no need for glasses.  There were tears...oh the irony since mommy cried when she had to get glasses in junior high!

One night we enjoyed playing around with a pair of baby sunglasses...they are so cute on Lucy.  Too bad she won't keep them on...:)

Some of us were just a bit sassier than others.  Serious modeling or crabby pants, you can decided ;)!

...and of course Solon wanted to take a turn :)  These pics will be great for graduation posters.

...and Grandma came through and found a pair of fashion glasses for Little Miss.  Oh she has a fashion sense and opinion these little Hipster :)  She is pumped for her own glasses!

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