March in Pictures...

Life has been moving SO fast lately and before I know it, March is over and its Mid-April with lovely weather and limited time in front of the computer BUT I want to remember what we are up to someday SO I am forcing myself to blog these days!  I put it on the to do list and it seems lots of other things are trumping it these days.  March was marked with travel to see family for both spring break and Easter and then as much outside time as the weather would allow.  The weather was all over the place in March which left us all wanting consistent spring sunshine and weather (today mid-April it's a high of 81 with a breeze, not complaining :).  

Let's take a look back at March...
Some gals have all the luck...
Daddy surprised Vera by ordering her a big girl bike...she was THRILLED.

This one is starting to show interest now in mutating...luckily not TOO strong an interest!

We took our first couple of bike rides with Lucy girl...she likes it but gets fussy toward the end (hence the end ;)

We revisited some of our favorite "treasure" spots aka geo-cache!

I finished out my PEO Presidency after a 2 year term

When the days were nice enough we chose to be outside after school until dinner, back to fast and easy meals!

We had a lovely trip to AZ to see the Wetherbee side of the family

We celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus in MN with our cousins!

We ventured out to our favorite parks, one night we even had a car picnic at Sonic and then the park when Daddy at a meeting

We have been finding new many-legged friends

...and enjoying built-in friends in the form of neighbors!

We continue with our normal after-school activities for the big kids which means Lucy is forced to take at least one nap on the go

We enjoyed having the Porter family over for tacos and fun with "Pie Face!" 

We all got a good slap of whipped cream in the face -- a fun night and a fun game!

On the cold evenings, we remembered Just Dance on the Wii and took turns testing our dancing prowess!

I got a chance to take my turn on Friday mornings to volunteer in Solon's class and I got to check out the chick eggs (yet to hatch) during my visit.  I trade watching little siblings with my neighbor across the street.  I love getting a peak into Solon's school life :). 

We started our burger of the week club in March.  We are trying to make at home a different burger each week - so far we have had the breakfast burger, bacon and cheddar juicy Lucy's, and Southwestern-jack burgers!

Vera has been loving dance and got her photos taken in anticipation of her May 1 dance recital :) Such a beautiful tiny dancer...

Spring 2016 photo that we did not buy ;)  He is getting SO old!

...and more park visiting and bike riding.  This trip we stopped at Orange Leaf first!

We had a lovely and BuSy March and April is shaping up to be quite busy too with spring cleaning, a visit from Grandma, some potlucks, Nana and Papa returning home, more park visits, playdates and bike rides!  Happy Spring!