Life of Lucy Violet: 9 Months...

How are we rounding out 3/4 of a year already?  Oh Lucille Violet.  You continue to amaze us and dig a little deeper into our hearts each and everyday.  We all love you so.  You continue to have an assortment of sweet nicknames from Squish Squish, Lucykins, Lucy Girl, Baby Girl and the list goes on but those are our favorites!  You are such a delight and just the happiest, chillest baby around.  I call you my "therapy baby", the gals at bible study pass you around and all enjoy a baby snuggle from you and you happily oblige (as long as they are gals, guys except for Solon and Daddy are just not your thing ;).  You were up to so much this month...everyday you find something new to do or show off with new choppers.  My heart can't take all this growing up but thankfully you will still nurse to sleep in my arms, let me happily hold you and just are a nice snuggle bug -- thank you very much!

Splash Splash Happy Bathtime Baby

We love you so much, we are starting to plan your very first birthday celebrations and as much as I am said your first year is coming to a close (got choked up typing that), I am just so incredibly thankful God saw fit to gift us YOU.  We love you so much and you are the perfect addition to our family.  Love you so much my squish squish...:)