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March in Pictures...

Monday, April 18, 2016
Life has been moving SO fast lately and before I know it, March is over and its Mid-April with lovely weather and limited time in front of the computer BUT I want to remember what we are up to someday SO I am forcing myself to blog these days!  I put it on the to do list and it seems lots of other things are trumping it these days.  March was marked with travel to see family for both spring break and Easter and then as much outside time as the weather would allow.  The weather was all over the place in March which left us all wanting consistent spring sunshine and weather (today mid-April it's a high of 81 with a breeze, not complaining :).  

Let's take a look back at March...
Some gals have all the luck...
Daddy surprised Vera by ordering her a big girl bike...she was THRILLED.

This one is starting to show interest now in mutating...luckily not TOO strong an interest!

We took our first couple of bike rides with Lucy girl...she likes it but gets fussy toward the end (hence the end ;)

We revisited some of our favorite "treasure" spots aka geo-cache!

I finished out my PEO Presidency after a 2 year term

When the days were nice enough we chose to be outside after school until dinner, back to fast and easy meals!

We had a lovely trip to AZ to see the Wetherbee side of the family

We celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus in MN with our cousins!

We ventured out to our favorite parks, one night we even had a car picnic at Sonic and then the park when Daddy at a meeting

We have been finding new many-legged friends

...and enjoying built-in friends in the form of neighbors!

We continue with our normal after-school activities for the big kids which means Lucy is forced to take at least one nap on the go

We enjoyed having the Porter family over for tacos and fun with "Pie Face!" 

We all got a good slap of whipped cream in the face -- a fun night and a fun game!

On the cold evenings, we remembered Just Dance on the Wii and took turns testing our dancing prowess!

I got a chance to take my turn on Friday mornings to volunteer in Solon's class and I got to check out the chick eggs (yet to hatch) during my visit.  I trade watching little siblings with my neighbor across the street.  I love getting a peak into Solon's school life :). 

We started our burger of the week club in March.  We are trying to make at home a different burger each week - so far we have had the breakfast burger, bacon and cheddar juicy Lucy's, and Southwestern-jack burgers!

Vera has been loving dance and got her photos taken in anticipation of her May 1 dance recital :) Such a beautiful tiny dancer...

Spring 2016 photo that we did not buy ;)  He is getting SO old!

...and more park visiting and bike riding.  This trip we stopped at Orange Leaf first!

We had a lovely and BuSy March and April is shaping up to be quite busy too with spring cleaning, a visit from Grandma, some potlucks, Nana and Papa returning home, more park visits, playdates and bike rides!  Happy Spring!

Easter 2016: MN with Cousins...

Sunday, April 17, 2016
This year, both sets of parents were wintering in warm places so the Malins and us planned to take the opportunity to get together for Easter.  We hadn't seen each other since Christmas and we are all dying to hang out.  Our kids were over the moon to be with their cousins!  We had a rocky start leaving Thursday afternoon when Solon puked just 15 minutes into our car trip, we turned around and waited for a couple of hours before deciding to brave it and hope it wasn't a tummy bug.  Turns out he was just fine and the rest of the weekend was great with no more puking, phew!

The next morning (since we arrived very late), the kids were excited to get up and play, play, play with their cousins.  The girls played under the stairs with the american girl dolls, the big boys played with legos and Jude enjoyed pal-ing around with Uncle Scott.  

After we had a delicious breakfast (Malin's are great cooks), we got ready and headed to a local nature center for their Easter festivities.  There was an egg hunt, scavenger hunt, games, face paining, real bunnies and chicks to pet, a meet and greet with the Easter Bunny and we could watch the whole maple syrup was a fun morning!

 We headed out for a quick bite for lunch before heading back home for more play time for the kids and card games for us adults.  That night we tried our best to cheer ISU on in a victory in the sweet 16 but they lost.

The next day we got up and decorated Easter eggs before heading to a delicious lunch at a local ice cream and hot dog parlor.  We let the guys watch more March Madness while we took the big kids to see Zootopia at the movie theater.  WE never get to go since we have Lucy, so it was a real treat.   Our chairs even reclined which we all loved.  The movie was so cute (albeit a few jumpy parts).  We finished off the night with more playing and yummy food :).

The next morning we got up to see what the Easter Bunny brought us!  Solon got a lego set and Vera a little Elsa castle for her mini princesses.  Lucy got a bubble machine!  They also got lots of fun candy and little treasures.  They all had fun hunting eggs the Easter bunny left both inside and outside of the house.  We all got ready and in our finest Easter attire.  We enjoyed a lovely Easter service at their church, the kids even came home with more candy from a LARGE Easter egg hunt at church.  We enjoyed a lovely brunch before having to take off and get home.  We enjoyed have a nice 3 day weekend with them.  We all enjoy being together and our time always goes so fast.  We can't wait to see them a few times this summer for lots of fun in the sun!

It was so lovely to celebrate our Risen Savior.  Happy Easter 2016!

Life of Lucy Violet: 9 Months...

Friday, April 15, 2016
How are we rounding out 3/4 of a year already?  Oh Lucille Violet.  You continue to amaze us and dig a little deeper into our hearts each and everyday.  We all love you so.  You continue to have an assortment of sweet nicknames from Squish Squish, Lucykins, Lucy Girl, Baby Girl and the list goes on but those are our favorites!  You are such a delight and just the happiest, chillest baby around.  I call you my "therapy baby", the gals at bible study pass you around and all enjoy a baby snuggle from you and you happily oblige (as long as they are gals, guys except for Solon and Daddy are just not your thing ;).  You were up to so much this month...everyday you find something new to do or show off with new choppers.  My heart can't take all this growing up but thankfully you will still nurse to sleep in my arms, let me happily hold you and just are a nice snuggle bug -- thank you very much!

  • You like to ride in the stroller like a big girl have no desire to sit in your car seat in there.  You can't see.  We have been walking to get Solon from school and you love to ride facing forward.  
  • We are working on training you to sleep through the night.  It's going slowly....
  • You still like to nurse regularly.  Generally you nurse in the morning, then around mid-day, and once more in the afternoon and then twice at night to fill you up for I think a total of 5 times these days!  I love that special time, I sure will miss that "just us" time.

  • You now like to have 2 meals a day generally of pureed foods.  You love every food but you generally don't like green bean and pea purees.  If those items are mixed with others, then you will eat them.  You let us know with a squawk after each bite your distaste for them.
  • You especially love fruits and I think mango might just be your favorite.
  • We discovered free dried fruit melts this month and you really like those (the yogurt ones just have a tad too much milk and you spit up from them).  You also love puffs and normally conclude each meal with a nice helping of those.
  • We introduced cheerios this month and they are ok, puffs have a better flavor I guess but we continue to mix them in.
  • We have given you some table food but not on a regular basis.  You have tried peas (but the hulls stay in your mouth), cooked cut up green beans, and pears.  You have good dexterity and don't have any trouble picking those slimy foods right up!
  • You are still working on drinking water out of a zippy cup.  You like to chew on the nipple or bang it and watch the water pour onto your tray.
  • You have started slapping the spoon once you are filling up splattering puree everywhere.  We have had to start holding your hands down because you think it is a really fun game.
  • You have eaten out with us in the high chair with your own food.  You make a mess on the floor with your puffs so we have to clean up a bit before I feel ok leaving.

Splash Splash Happy Bathtime Baby
  •  You like to get at least one nap in your bed a day and that is normally anywhere between 2-3 hours.  Then you take one more cat nap on the go (sorry babe with school schedules  2 naps in your crib is just not happening but you don't care, thank you!). 
  • You generally get fussy for bed and nursing around 7pm, so we give you a bath (which you LOVE), nurse you and you are out by 7:30-8pm (depending on your nap schedule)
  • You are wiggly in your crib now and are known to get your legs stuck.  Why are bumpers so bad?  You generally end up sleeping on your tummy these days which is funny since you used to hate being on your tummy!
  • You still love your white blanket, sing and light toy in your crib and a pacifier too.  I lay you down awake and you put yourself right to sleep! (except when you were teething!)
  • You got 4 teeth in ONE struggled with sleep, mama bear was tired but once they popped in, everyone was happy again.  You know have 6 teeth (your siblings had NONE at this age!).  So far its fine with nursing, thank you ;)! 

  • You had your nine month check and you are healthy as can be.  You weigh 20 lbs and 10 oz which puts you in the 84%, 100% for head and 27 1/4 for height (20%).  You are the exact height of Vera at 9 months and 4 lbs heavier.  You are growing JUST like your brother!  
  • You are wearing 9 month/6-12 month clothes, buying you 12-18 month on top for summer (long torso) and still wearing size 3 diapers.
  • You were so excited about the paper and made mince meat of it.  I couldn't even get you to look for a picture, you just wanted to put that paper in your mouth and you got a couple of good bites ;)!
  • Your siblings love to comfort you, sing to you, applaud all your new tricks and so far you haven't bothered their things but I think this month that is ALL about to change!

  • You are starting to scoot on your bootie on the hardwood floors and starting to try to get in all 4's from seated and on your tummy.  You are getting places slowly so far but you finding lots of gems in the carpet and on the floor so we are sweeping/vacuuming often.  You are so proud of yourself.
  • You love to sing along to songs.  Your favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider  and Pat a Cake, you do those actions so sweetly.  Just melts our hearts, we sing those songs over and over because we just love watching you do it along with us.  
  • They taught you high five one night and you are starting to imitate sounds.  None have meaning yet but you are definitely finding your voice!
  • You only cry when you bonk or get bonked or if I don't hear you chatting in your bed or teething.  Otherwise you might whine when you are hungry or I wipe your nose.  
  • You are so mild-tempered and easy going.  You just go along to your sibling activities and the latest adventure.  You love to held and kissed and loved on and shown attention from all of us.
We love you so much, we are starting to plan your very first birthday celebrations and as much as I am said your first year is coming to a close (got choked up typing that), I am just so incredibly thankful God saw fit to gift us YOU.  We love you so much and you are the perfect addition to our family.  Love you so much my squish squish...:)

A few more from our trip to AZ...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Recently I was trying to get a little something something done on the computer and gave Lucy my phone for a hot second because she loves it and wouldn't you know she drooled right into it and it died...right? I know don't let babies near your phones!  So all that to say I have been collecting a few photos from different people to make sure I got all the photos I wanted to document!  I missed a few on my last post, so hey better late then never is my mantra lately :)...

So let's take a look at AZ one more time! Encore Encore!

While at the western town of Rawhide -- Grandpa and Solon found out you could buy sour cream and onion crickets...we always say we will try anything once.  We all took a try and they were crunchy and needed a water to wash them down but not bad really ;)!

And I took a spin on the log!  My dad and Solon were going to take a spin after me but the helmet and the spinning made them chicken out.  I managed to stay on for a while but I think the guy took it easy on me ;)! I was ready to get off when I was thrown...but I love to act like a kid every once in a while!

and we managed to get a good family photo at sunset!  Where my parents are staying is in this mountainous/hilly area and the sunsets and views are down right beautiful!  God is so unique in all of his creating from our trip to the beach in February to our trip to the dessert in March :)!

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