February 2016: A Review in Pictures...

Every month I love reminiscing and taking a look back at all we did.  Especially these wintry months where we feel we are in the doldrums of winter!  We actually had a lot of fun, had a special visitor, made awesome memories on our trip to Florida, celebrate Valentine's day, went to a dance, had a few sick days and had many a dance and wrestling party on the living room floor.  A new favorite around here is "Our House" by Flo Rida (you can thank ISU basketball for that one).  Let's take a peak into our February :)...

Vera and Daddy headed off to the Father-daughter dance as mentioned in a previous blog post.  That kicked off a fun weekend with Auntie Ellen coming for a visit.  We played lots of games, went to swimming lessons, did a little shopping, had dessert and appetizers at 3pm, and enjoyed a whole lot of laughter and snuggles before she ships off and moves to Seattle.  Ellen is a hot commodity, everyone just loves her ;).

She bought them new flip flops for their 2 upcoming trips :)
Snuggle me Auntie...
Oh Catan...
Great-Grandmas admiring sweet Lucy
While Ellen was here, my grandparents came over to take us all to lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant.  They drive 2 hours JUST for lunch and they try to always bring Scott's grandma with them.  It is such a treat for all of us, they love seeing the kids of course :).

Grandma Olive and Lucy
Solon is hoping for Seattle Seahawks tickets from the newest Seattle resident ;)

We spent our fair share of time at home in February and Vera is always crafting...all of her supplies are found in the pantry.  Sometimes she finds that a good place to work, I guess!

We took time to write valentines and make Solon's valentine spaceship.  He ended up staying home sick on the day of his party...darn fever!  Luckily, our sweet neighbor friend brought his filled box of treats home to him!

We continue to take swim lessons and the big news this month was Vera moved to Level 5.  She was SOOOOO proud (can you tell in the photo below!).  This means she can now start working on front and back stroke and side breathing.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for an independent swimmer before summer.  Solon is in level 8 (last level) and continues to work on his strokes and endurance!

We have our fair share of photo moments -- Lucy is just such a willing party and Vera of course jumps right in :)

Since Solon had a sick day we took the opportunity to build a huge lego town in the basement.  Daddy was proud of our civil engineering prowess.  Vera added the drive in movie theater at the front of the picture complete with ice cream stand, as you can see I was close by there :).

I attended a women's event at our church "Paint the Word".  It was $10 and they had all the supplies to paint a scripture verse or hymn of your choice.  It was a lovely morning of painting and socializing while dad manned the home front!

Of course we loved our Florida vacation and have been dreaming of those warm, sunny, vitamin-D filled days ever since.

When we got home we promptly decorated for spring because once you get a taste of sunshine, you are just itching for more!  The weather has been unseasonably warm and we have even had a few warmish days to play and be outside :).

A couple of us gals surprised a sweet bible study friend on her birthday.  I have been serving on the leadership team for our bible study and my job is to write encouragement devotions once a week.  I love how God takes our passions and gives us opportunity to weave them into our daily lives.

After vacation, this little one got a little something something.  She was so bummed to miss preschool but bounced back in time for her new favorite hobby -- DANCE.  She literally glows and asks how many days until she can go again.  She has a break in the summer and I am signing her up for a little Parks and Rec class because she just loves it so much!

And of course we love bath nights around here and Solon was so excited to finally match Lucy, since the girls are always matching ;).  Lucy is still a bit pout pout about family selfies.

Nana ordered Lucy her own Easter basket so some-bunny is already to go next month!

Of course I did some rearranging and shopping our own home for a new look for our bedroom.  We got a mattress but not any extra funds for new bedding.  This quilt is supposed to be a queen but fit our bed so we switched the bedding from our guest room upstairs and I love the new brighter feel.  I am eye-ing an upholstered headboard.  One of these months it will fit into the budget ;)!

And the weather the last weekend of February had us all outside :)  I have been running the couch to 5k program as its an efficient way to get in some workouts throughout the week and I did my first 20 minute non-interval run outside.  I find its easier to do those runs outside because I HAVE to get home!  The kids prayed for me before I left and the whole gang was there to encourage me and high-five me when I got home.   Running is not my strong suit but I have found as I accomplish new levels, it gives me courage to do more that I didn't think I was capable of.  Running has taught me I can do a lot with prayer, patience, practice and perseverance.  :)  Now I better get that next run in, sigh!

We also headed to Solon's school for his fun night and while there we found he was on the school's wall of fame for showing great character.  He is a great academic student, learning and growing but we are most proud of his good character and how he shines bright for Jesus being kind to his friends and respectful to others especially adults.  #Proudmommoment #sorryforthebrag #myblogdontcare

When the crowds got to us at fun night, we bribed the kids with our first froyo of the warmish season!  We all enjoyed it.

We had a great February.  The kids continue to learn and grow in school, Scott stays busy with airport work and his I-35 project and I just try to accomplish my day to day, not drown in laundry and keep things sailing along :).  March has a few fun things up its sleeve and the weather report is showing above average temps so I am off to find my sunglasses :).

Happy February!