SNOW DAY 2016...

The weather has been pretty mild this winter but we knew a storm was brewing over night after the Caucses causing heavy wet snow and high winds.  The odds were in our favor we would have a snow day and now that we have Solon in school, I got the ceremonial auto call at 5:45am...and then I had to try to go back to bed.  We enjoyed it to the fullest, staying in jammies, snuggling, playing and hanging out :).  A good snow day is a winter made!

We started out playing calico critters and legos...

Some of us bounced around and mommy did a youtube workout in the living room ;)

I worked out so I could enjoy our next project -- cleaning out the freezer of leftover bananas.  Note the pan was half empty by the end of the day -- banana chocolate chip mini muffins don't last long around here.  We all had fun baking together!

We played a few rounds of games with Solon including his favorite to beat me at (Catan Jr) before he retired to the basement to play basketball while Vera and I played a few rounds of CandyLand and Go Fish!  Yes she is wearing shorts, she is hot-blooded!

We then went out and shoveled and played wit the neighbors, it wasn't that cold and the wind and snow died down shortly after lunch.  The snow was heavy so I quickly rethought my gesture to shovel for Scott, he had to finish a little bit when he got home!  We enjoyed hot chocolate and a warm cozy meal to complete the fun day at home :). 

Happy Snow Day -- wonder if February and March will bring any more?