Life of Lucy Violet: 7 Months Old...

Another month has come and gone and girl you just tuck deeper into our hearts.  I tell you 1000 times a day how much I love you followed by copious amounts of kisses, leg squishes, and squeezes!  We just love you to the moon and back darling!  You are happy most of the time, although you do get bored these days so we finally got you to take a pacifier.  You just needed a little something something to entertain you from time to time like at the gym when mommy's running or when you are in the car seat longer than you like or at a restaurant.  YAY you take a pacifier now and the world is a better place to be for you!  We had fun taking photos of you again this were so curious about the blocks and can sit up so well on your own now.  We still put a hoppy out because you don't like it when you bonk your head when you get excited and flop backwards.  

You are still QUITE content to sit and play with a basket of toys, jump in your jumparoo, be held and watch the chaos pass by you.  You are still not consisted with sleeping through the night (and momma is tired, not gonna lie) but most of the time I coherently come and get you (only ran into a door once ;) and get you back to sleep.  You are attached to your white blanket and love to place it over your face to sleep (which mommy promptly removes from said face).  You love to lay on your changing pad and talk to me while I change you and you recently had the most insane blow out of your life after being constipated (started food) for about 4 days.  WOW...that was a complete onesie and tights throw away.  You are a sunbeam and have a smile that is contagious.  Your brother and sister just love you so much and dote on you all the time.  Solon hates when you fuss on your belly so he flops you over, you don't like to roll over on your own often but you do push up on your arms and rotate as if you were hands on a clock.  You still just have 2 front bottom teeth but I am thinking the others will pop through sooner than later as you are always chewing on toys especially Sophie the giraffe!

You wear mostly size 6-12 month clothes but you have a longer torso so some of your pants are still a little long.  You wear 9 month or 12 month jammies.  You wear size 3 diapers and at your well baby 6 month check you weighed 19 lbs 3 oz (90%) and were 34% for height.  You are 99% for head circumference (just like your brother).  I think you look a lot like Vera but you take after your brother a lot measurement and body type wise.

You are very curious and like to put everything in your mouth.  When we have you at the table or within reach of something, we have to watch you.  The other night you got a bunch of dad's salad.  You now eat a vegetable puree for dinner every night and a few bites of apple prune puree to keep you regular.  Much like your siblings the oatmeal kind of binds you up.  You don't love it so as you are meeting more veggies, we are phasing that out!  You have tried green beans (not a fan), carrots and squash.  We do each for 3-5 days before moving on.  Next up is sweet potatoes and peas.  Then we will start alternating veggies.  Once we get through all the veggies we will try a little fruit (we have applesauce and pears to try).  At some point, we will add in breakfast too.  You still nurse every 3.5-4 hours most days.  You usually get up to nurse around 4:45-5am and go back to bed, then nurse around 8am, 11:30am, 3pm, and then a cluster feed at bedtime normally around 8pm.  I hold you after you fall asleep, nurse you one more time before I put you to bed at about 10pm.  You are spoiled but you are my last and I love holding a sleeping babe :). Daddy said its ok :).

Big yawn...

Your demeanor is very chill, you don't mind watching the world go by on my lap.  You don't love getting into your carseat all the time but you stop fussing pretty quickly.  Sometimes at the gym, the ladies say you put up a fuss, you stinker.  The paci has helped.  

You love when we sing and dance and you start rocking back and forth.  We swear you get peek a boo when you put your favorite blanket up and then pull it down, we say "peek a boo" and you smile and do it again.  You also have really ticklish sides and giggle when we tickle you.  You always smile the biggest smile when we come get you out of your crib -- melts are our hearts :).

Girl you are growing up so fast and learning something new everyday.  You babble and "cough, cough, cough" to talk to us.  We imitate you and you do it again.  You purse your lips now and make a pucker sound, play with your tongue from time to time and grab at your toes and take your socks off.  So many tricks I might have forgotten a few...but we love you, our little ray of sunshine!  Happy 7 months!!!!