Life of Lucy Violet: 6 Months & 1/2 Year...

How are you 1/2 year old?????  Oh my word we love you more than you will ever know (well until you become a mom ;).  You are so happy and smiley and just generally don't mind all the kisses and touches you receive everyday!  Let's recap the highlights of month 6, you are growing and changing!

You love bath time...and you love to be naked on your changing table.  You only whimper when I put clothes back on you.  You love to grab your toes and coo while I change you.  You also like a good lotion massage after bath.  You splash and smile at us in the mirror while we bathe you on our did try a bath with V this month but you like the solitude for now :).

People think you look like neither sibling, some think you look like Solon but mommy found proof you look like your sissy Vera too!  This dress you both wore for your 6 month photos and you both look very similar (not twins but definitely sisters :).  Both cute as can be!  I get these great smiles because two really funny photo assistants are right behind me...
This sums you up right now, you are putting everything in your mouth.  You just need to check your world out and to my surprise you were also teething.  You were chewing on Nana's hand on your 6 month birthday (12/28/2015) when she felt your first bottom tooth coming in.  I nearly fainted from shock.  You advanced gal you, your siblings didn't get theirs until 9 months.  Unfortunately you have gotten mom a few times while nursing, we are all hoping that ends quickly :(.

While at Bass Pro we had to check out the boats and fish and of course since you are the 3rd child I wasn't prepared with your stroller so we tested out cart sitting.  You LOVED it :)

We have been letting you practice sitting with a hoppy around you since you are still wobbly or sitting in your gumbo.  You like to pull all of your toys out of your basket and watch your siblings.  You are starting to enjoy tummy time more and roll over when you want to.  You also do a lot of turning like a clock.  I will leave you playing and come back to find you rotated around as if you are hands on a clock.  My time of you staying put are coming to an end SOON.

My baby you are growing up and you completed our family.  My heart aches a little as the baby in you growing up so fast.  I just told your daddy, I would still be carrying you well into your teens and he laughed.  Life flies by and it goes too fast but I love watching you blossom into the little lady God bestowed on us to raise.  Happy 1/2 year birthday girlie.  The next 6 months are going to be filled with lots of exciting milestones, I am so thankful I get to watch them all in the front  row! watching you sleep :)

what a difference 6 months makes!