December in Pictures...

While we did do a lot of Christmas celebrating, a lot of normal life happened in the month of December too!
We spent time snuggling watching some movies and Christmas TV specials at night.  I just love the glow of the Christmas tree!

It was Scott's 33rd birthday!  I took him to an ISU basketball game and he got a cyber Monday tv deal for the basement.  His parents got him a roku so he should be set!  My parents got him some framing for some vintage ISU posters so once I actually take them in and get them back we will have some artwork down there.  Vera made him the sweetest card (above) and of course Solon was annoyed because she took up more than her fair share on the card (so something I would have said when I was a kid, first child problems!).  His mom cooked him a meal one night, the kids made him a cake and we took him out for BBQ for lunch so I think he had a great day!

Scott's major project (like it will be 12 years in the making) is a diverging diamond interchange on I-35 in Ankeny.  It will be the 2nd one in the state and the first one just opened in December so we had to go check it out!  His project is estimated to cost 55 million dollars and be completed in year 2020! Just a "little" planning goes into these things.  I never knew until I married a civil engineer!

We had lots of sweet moments at home hanging out while the boys were away...Vera loves to "hold" Lucy daily!

We had unseasonably WARM weather for a week in December and so we walked home from school EVERY day!  I even took the long way on the way to get some extra exercise to work off those Christmas cookies.  We could have gotten use to that weather in the winter!

The kids had their Christmas program at church and had a practice too...aren't the girls so sweet watching the others take their turn!  Vera was in the preschool portion and acted quite shy (shocking!) and Solon sang his heart out (equally shocking!).  We were happy Nana and Papa could join us for the event and brunch following.  Vera was so excited to wear her dress she told me "I have been waiting so patiently I am so es-cited."

After school around here can be kind of grumpy!  So we try to get a big snack in right away followed by a little downtime.  Solon just needs a brain break, no mom questions (those come at bedtime or dinnertime) and usually time away in his room at some point.  He works hard while away and if we are not dashing to an activity we are laying low.

We had playdates with the Porter's.  The girls love to play together.  We even took turns taking the big girls so the mommas could get something done during the littles nap time -- wrapping for me it was!

We thought Lucy had her first ear infection so off to the doctor we went (hello 17 lb babe).  She actually was teething (not expecting that so early) and had a yucky cold but otherwise healthy as could be! Phew...

I got to volunteer in Solon's class one morning during math (brought me right back to my teaching days) and then also helped during his class party.  I love seeing his friends and his sweet class.  He has a sweet class and a great teacher this year.  We got off to a rough start but our attitudes and the year has certainly gotten WAY better!

I just love jam-jams on my babes and so do they.  We got into the habit in December that if we were home we were all in "cozy" clothes aka jam-jams.  Lucy also learned how to sit up (on soft surfaces) and she gets such applause when she does things...they all do love each other, can't ask for much more!  I hope they do their whole life through!

We even tried a bath with sissys well supervised.  I think Lucy was less excited than Vera but soon they will enjoy their time together in the tub!

...and of course we cut cable (its just so darn expensive) but before we did we watched as much ISU basketball as we could :).

We had a great month full of fun, simple, busy, big, and then small things.  It was the perfect mix and now here we are in January trying to sink into a "normal" routine again with quiet weekends at home with a lot less on the social calendar!