Life of Lucy Violet: 5 Months...

You can't get much sweeter, more mild-mannered or happier than our sweet Lucille Violet!  She is happy 99% of the time, is quite flexible and just has a joyful disposition.  She is the perfect 3rd child as she just adapts nicely to the constant change in scenery.  Sometimes I pull her out of the car seat and she looks around I am sure thinking, "hmmm where did they take me now?"

5 months on 11.28.15 
(how is that possible?!)
This is how she smiles A LOT - with her whole face :)

Let's take a peak into life with 5 month old Lucy:

We love you to the moon and back, we love to squish you tight and kiss you over and over and over again.  This month is your first Christmas and you get to meet your cousin Ella (who is just 34 days younger than you).  You make life so happy!