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We are so thankful...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Life zooms by, the day to day routine ticks on and its easy to forget to thank God for the most important things in your life.  You might thank him for a full night sleep (that happened last night, thank you Lord!), food on the table (at the nightly dinner prayer), a house over your heads, and 2 working vehicles (after you pay a big tab to the dealer)...

But I am reminded this time of year just how truly blessed I am to be a wife, a mom and have my salvation and eternal standing because Jesus paid my sin penalty on the cross (you might be saying there she goes again ;).  Those 3 things are what I am most thankful for...

Thank you LORD -- you are good!

If you want to know about why I am thankful for Christ, you can read here.

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