Vera's Preschool Open House...

At the beginning of October we ventured to Vera's preschool one evening to peak into her life at school.  Since Nana and Papa moved to town, we asked them to join us, Papa had a contractor at their house so Nana came!  What a treat!  Vera was so excited to show Nana around especially and Solon loved visiting his teachers and see his best buddy Max!
Nana and 3 of her 7 grandkiddos!

Solon and his buddy Max

Vera couldn't wait for preschool for this area alone -- a kitchen, dress-up, doll area with lots of fun accessories.  She also enjoys the other areas including the art station (which Solon never visited, all kids are different).
Nana and V doing a craft.

We love our preschool and I appreciate it more than I ever did with Solon knowing more now ;).  The teachers are SO loving, share what they are learning, super sweet with us parents, and foster a love of learning through play and fun!   It's a perfect way to fall in love with school!  It's been a perfect fit for our family...Vera adores it and I love hearing all about her day.  The only issue I have is that they are growing up TOOOOOOO fast :).