October in Pictures...

We had a blast in October, it might have been one of my very favorite months this year (besides Lucy's birth day of course).  Lucy is at a great age and we had lots of fun with family and friends and snuck in some fun times with just our own little family.  We found some fun fall things to do with our kids that just made October feel really special and filled with lots of memories! YAY October!  Here's to hoping November and December are just as fun, I am sure they will be (I have to be more fun than I was last year where I took a puke cup everywhere I went, I digress!).

In October we settled more into the school routine and we kind of started to find a groove, whatever that might be per week but it meant we got to meet up with friends for lunch (above) and have playdates with neighbors (below).  Vera is a blessed little girl to have such sweet gal pals to play with and they have awesome mommies for me to hang out with too!

Solon has fallen in love with writing.  He writes ALL the time, this is from the kid who REFUSED to write for me about 6 months ago.  He writes me love notes several times a week, writes notes to guests coming, and daddy too.  I have saved a few of the many because someday his love notes won't be to me, but I will take it.  I mean look rainbows and hearts popping out of our chests with the words  "Mom, i luv u".  Just looking back at this writing from the beginning of the month, I am amazed at how far he has come.  He also is sorting 3 digit numbers, adding numbers together at school (and has been at home for a while, he loves math) and writing his numbers well past 100.  Math is definitely his favorite, his teacher told us at his October conference, he asks for additional math worksheets and now the other boys in his class are asking.  I guess there are worse things he could be leading his friends to do ;)!  She also confirmed that he was sweet and kind (our highest priority) and his reading is coming along.  He IS reading books and using picture clues and sounding out and acting just like the kids I use to teach did ;).  He is so proud and we are too!  He seems to like school but still loves downtime after and needs a SERIOUS snack too.  The boy works hard while he is there!

We have loved the opportunity to walk and pick him up after school each day, a little exercise for mommy and fun on the playground too.  Meah loves to come over and go with us :).

We do still have our fair share of down time and loads and loads of laundry (mostly pint-size too!).  Monday is our laundry day around here but it seems I am always doing a load or 2 by Thursday.  The kids have taken over putting their own clothes away.  I occasionally have to re-straighten their drawers but its a good help to me!

This is Lucy's view A LOT...she just goes with the flow and occasionally cries when putting her in but is mostly all smiles especially with her white blanket by her side!

We snuck in dinner and a fire with Nana and Papa to watch the ISU Cyclones play on TV.  The company was better than the game and the smokes were delicious.

Harvest came in October, I sure do miss my corny neighbors!

...and Auntie Ellen and Uncle K stopped by for a visit.

Scott's parents officially moved to Ankeny this month so we went "home" one last time to enjoy and reminisce.  It is bittersweet, they have such a beautiful homestead situated in the woods and along the Cedar river but the maintenance was becoming more than they wanted/needed and the opportunity to live closer to AR for Scott's brother, closer to us and a straight shot to MN for Raquel was appealing plus they have no exterior maintenance at their new home and we can keep a watch on it while they winter in Florida!

Our small group also hosted two cars this year for trunk or treat.  We were supposed to be one trunk but we were all under the weather and by this date, I was sick too!  Thankful for friends who stepped up and helped this mama out...and they turned out so cute.  Nearly 6,000 people attended the outreach put on by our church along with 7 others.  Sharing the good news of the gospel one piece of candy at a time!

We also had our dental visits this month...

...and started making our Christmas wish lists. My kids are traditional toy kids -- baby dolls, dress-up, legos, basketball...and how many more of those items does one really need?  They would disagree.
Vera also suddenly had an interest in footie PJ's after she saw some at Target (she since has not warn them one time), luckily we found some in Solon's clothes bin when we were sorting clothes for our newest nephew who is coming home from China soon!

I also got advanced sale tickets to Night Eyes at our zoo.  We had heard mixed reviews that it was chaotic BUT we must have hit it just right. The weather was beautiful so all of the animals were out and about and it wasn't crazy busy.  We got to ride the train, jump in bounce houses without much of a wait and get just the right amount of candy and treats!  My little glo-worm was quite content...

My little kangaroo...

We also ventured out to the pumpkin patch just east of town.  It is much smaller scale than the orchard we visit but it is free except for $1 zip line rides SO it was a perfect stop after church to pick our own pumpkins and play for an hour!  Once again the weather this fall just made everything SO much more fun -- it has been beautiful!!!!
I am so enjoying feeling good post-pregnancy (tired ain't got nothing on me ;) and playing with my 2 big kids again :)

We even enjoyed our swing set and Lucy got her first go at swinging.  She didn't seem to mind it one way or the other and big brother was sure helpful pushing her :).
She informed me this is a dress if you put shorts on underneath...good to know!  She also pulls out her pony tails the minute we get home from any place we go...that girl gives me fits but she is cute!

The Sunday before halloween was BEAUTIFUL AGAIN so we could keep the mess outside and carve away.  As usual, Solon gagged pulling out the guts but drew out a lovely plan of what he wanted and was able to help cut with the kids knife!

Vera helped Daddy with Lucy's white ghost pumpkin...

...and she put me to work creating a Rapunzel pumpkin (pinterest pointers for the win).  I would say it turned out pretty good considering I had one pumpkin knife to use to create this...what we do for our sweet children :).
She loved it :)

Lucy was quite curious about her pumpkin...

...we also dove into some fall baking, pumpkin bars and chex mix screams fall and football to us!  We need to make another batch, this one didn't last long :).

Scott's company always hosts a halloween trick or treat for the kids and each work area decorates with a theme.  This year his was Milton Bradley games -- battleship, Guess Who, Clue, Monopoly and Trouble.  It was really cute.  I made this little game that had clues on the front flap of the folder and you had to guess who was underneath.  My favorite were the top 2 on the left -- :).

I also made him this little costume to accompany the game :)  I had to test it out of course!

My mom always comes for Halloween, she doesn't get any trick or treaters at the lake and loves to see our kids dress up, hand out candy and enjoy the evening.  This year she came early and we had a fun girls lunch and shopping before heading to pick up Solon and go to Daddy's work for trick or treating!

There is good sport daddy with his cuties!

And then it was time to trick or treat (we do it on the 30th here -- who knows why?).  We had an Elsa, Baby Sister Anna and a Cowboy Sheriff to keep us safe as we roamed.  The kids had fun trick or treating down our street and little Anna snuggled up and slept with Grandpa while we were away.  We came home to our 2nd annual Goblin dinner of blood and guts (lasagna), crunchy bones (garlic bread), Vampire's blood brew (cranberry apple juice) and dirt with worms for dessert!

After dinner Vera couldn't wait for trick or treaters to hand out candy too...mommy even ran out the back door and scared her, grandma and Solon :).

The next morning we hung out before heading up to ISU homecoming for tailgating, seeing old friends and cheering the Cyclones on to a victory :) :) :)!
Kendra, Kelly, Scott and I -- Kelly is Scott's closest friend from college :) Always good to catch up with them!
Meanwhile, Lucy was keeping busy with the grandparents!

And that wraps up the highlights of October.  Besides a good long bout with some sort of yucky cold junk we all shared, we had a BLAST in October making special memories and enjoying the beautiful (and I mean beautiful) fall weather!  I HEART FALL!  Especially with my 3 little pumpkins and cute eye candy of a husband! And that my friends with 42 pictures is a wrap -- on to November and it's already shaping up to be just as beautiful weather wise and memory filled as October...