Life of Lucy Violet: Infant Dedication...

On November 8th, 2015 we stood up in front of our family and congregation pledging to raise and admonish Lucy in the ways of the Lord.  We pray we can teach her the way to a repentant heart and an understanding of our Father's great big love for her.  We pray someday (sooner than later :), that she comes to understand that Jesus died on the cross for her sins (even if she is a good little girl, we all fall short and our sinners) and that she accepts Him into her heart so that she can enjoy a lovely relationship with Him on this earth and ultimately have eternity with Him in heaven.  Our church prays and agrees to come alongside as parents as we raise our children, help us have wisdom and encourage us as we walk the path because it takes a village to raise a child!  We have a good one!
We were so thankful our Pastor Larry Yoeman (who led me to Christ during our premarital counseling) was able to dedicate her.  He holds a dear place in my heart!

Scott read the verse we chose for Lucy -- Children are a gift from the Lord.  We honestly do believe they are and we are ever so thankful He gave us our sweet Lucille Violet!  Larry concluded by praying for Lucy and for our family.  It was a lovely and simple service that we were able to share with both sets of Lucy's grandparents.

After church we came home and celebrated her with a lovely lunch and presents!  The great-grandparents all rode together over and enjoyed seeing Lucy as she had grown quite a bit since last they all saw her at about a month old!

Scott's grandma Olive is 95 years old...

Lunchtime conversations -- they always bring up fun family memories and stories, don't they?

My Grandma, she is so dear to my heart :)  Our kids are so blessed to have so many grands that love on them :) :) My heart might explode!

My dad, his dad (my grandpa), Scott and Solon

My helpful kitchen crew...My mom, Scott's mom and dad :)

My grandma and her 3 great grands!

The entire group :)

4 Port Generations

4 Wetherbee Generations

And Olive gave our 2 girls their quilts.  The tops are from the late 1800's and were made by Scott's great-great-grandmother and then quilted together BY HAND by his grandmother Olive.  What a special piece of history she bestowed on to our children.  Of course, Solon has loved on his and Vera was excited to have her own.  A sweet moment that Olive could see they truly loved her special gift!  We will treasure them always!

It was a beautiful day celebrating our miracle and precious blessing Lucille Violet.  Our greatest hope for her life is that she grows to the love the Lord and gives her life to him.   It's the best gift we can offer her, the Father's lavish love, a free and precious gift ready for her when she's ready to accept it.

For God SO loved the world that He sent his only son, so that we may have everlasting life in Him.
John 3:16

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