A Fall weekend with The Swinton's...

Ellen called a while back and asked if they could come visit for MEA (Minnesota's fall break) and it took me about 2.2 seconds to say YES!  We hadn't seen them since their wedding and my kids pretty much think this duo can walk on water!  They came Thursday evening and spent Friday and Saturday with us and headed out after the ISU game Saturday night.   We packed a lot of fun and memories in while they were here.  We so enjoy when they come to visit.  We can't wait to spend some time at their place over Thanksgiving break, the kids can't wait to check out their new home :).

We put Auntie Ellen to work prepping brownies for dessert...

After school on Friday, we headed out to Center Grove Orchard.  Kristiaan had never experienced a corn pool or jumping pillow -- we need to rectify that for this California born boy!  We also consumed a dozen doughnuts and went down the slide several times, found our way through the hay maze...

We also rode the new train for the first time -- it was VERY windy and the train was a touch on the slow side according to Solon but it was a LONG ride (so you get your money's worth).

Then we had to help the newlyweds find their first pumpkin to carve together!  There were lots of good options but in the end this pumpkin was the winner!

Another favorite of Vera's is doing hair and make-up with Auntie Ellen (Auntie Ellen even lets her apply some to both of their faces!).  Such a good Aunt!  Auntie Ellen also rocks at braiding and so Vera always gets a cool braid, I am not sure how, because she has the slickest finest hair!

Then Saturday afternoon after a few rounds playing the game Settlers of Catan (a family favorite), we headed up to the ISU game.  We had fun tailgating and hanging out with them.  It also helps we have the Sukup Club to go up to when we get a little restless which is normally halfway through the 2nd quarter!

...and this is how we watch some of the game!

We had a blast with the Swinton's and loved having a chance to catch up on married life and their plans for the future.  They even got to test out our new basement bedroom and the kids still found them in the morning ;)!  Come again soon -- we love when you do!