A day in the life of us RIGHT NOW...

I follow a few blogs and they occasionally do a "day in the life of us" piece and I have ALWAYS wanted to do it but I either forget to document from sun-up to sundown, the day gets CrAzY and I decide its not a good one to document or I wait too long and forget what happened.  I think I will remember what our days look like but the years pass and the vividness of the day to day disappears into highlights.  SO I decided to set myself a reminder last Thursday and for better or for worse I was going to document (even if it wasn't part of a normal day because frankly EVERY day is different) and try to blog as quickly as I could to remember what exactly we did.  This might only be interesting to me but I hope to do it again so I can remember my life in the different seasons of mothering :).

Thursday, November 6th, 2015:

I woke up shortly after Scott rolled out of bed and begrudgingly got up at about 7:15 am (I am NOT a morning person especially after Lucy got up almost every hour after 2:30am -- some sleep training is now in order).  I headed down the hall to get Solon up and make sure he had clothes for the day and Vera greeted me (she is a morning person).  We headed downstairs to prep Scott and Solon's lunches for the day, brew some coffee and start on the morning chores of emptying the dishwasher and filling it back up from the items that didn't fit waiting in the sink!

While doing that Solon came down and grabbed some breakfast and watched Octonauts on TV (he is not a morning person either so a little TV is a good way to slowly acclimate him to the day).  Vera found some dishes and promptly started to play.  Lucy was still sleeping...

On days when I am a bit exhausted things like the above happen without me noticing and coffee grounds got caught and coffee splashed everywhere (sigh...).  A redo quickly while I started to get Solon ready to head out the door -- lunch in the backpack, shoes and coat on and then our morning routine of 7 kisses, 7 hugs and 7 hand squeezes (one for each hour he is gone) along with a touch-up of the "I love you" tattoo on his forearm (in case he misses me ;).  Then Scott and him drive off around 7:40 am to make the 7:45am first bell at school.  I take him on Wednesdays for late start otherwise daddy does, what a help to me :).

I quickly brew another cup of coffee for myself  and grab some muffins before hearing Lucy is awake so we go up to get her, change her diaper and nurse her.  She is also not always a morning person -- just depends ;)!

Today is preschool day so we spend several minutes in Vera's room negotiating what we can both agree that she wears (sigh...) and then take some time for both of us to get dressed and do her hair.  Today I will drop her off and go swimming so I gather up those supplies before its 8:30 and I reheat my coffee (since I didn't drink it), put it in a to go cup and head out the door for preschool drop off...

On the way to preschool we go!

I have a few minutes before my swim class starts so I take care of emails, read my devotion (since I hadn't had a chance yet), and make a few phone calls.  Today I had to re-order Vera's immunization forms for preschool.  Then off Lucy goes to the nursery while I head to the 45 minute swim class, following class I do a few extra laps to build up my strength again, shower VERY quickly, get dressed, pick up Lucy with wet hair and head home.  I nurse her again and spend some time just hanging with her before blowdrying my hair, applying minimal make-up and heading to pick up Vera and our friend Meah (they were moving that day so we offered to take her with us to Target).

They were excited for the adventure...at this point it was about 11:45 so we were all getting hungry!  I still hadn't finished my cup of coffee but now it was old so never mind...

Loaded up and headed on into get some pizza and breadsticks for these ladies and I got myself a soft pretzel (no milk for this mama!).  I also grabbed a pop -- the sleepless night is catching up to me and the taste of pop is just too good!  The girls and I check out the dollar spot, the Christmas section and toys before running into a friend and chatting and then finally grabbing the items on the list (nuts I forgot toothpaste...another day!).  It was Miles's birthday the next day so we grabbed a cake and had it personalized for him...and the girls got a kid cookie because they behaved so well :).

At this point it was about 1:15pm so we dropped Maleah and the cake off at her house and headed home.  Lucy needed to eat again and have a chance to stretch her legs after being in the carseat for a while (she is such a trooper).  We unloaded the bags and put the items away and then had a little bit of downtime before we had to go get Solon from school.

It was a beautiful day so we walked to get him, Lucy cashed out on the way.  We stopped and played at the school playground for a bit to enjoy the nice weather but empty tummies got the better of us so we headed home!

The kids had snacks and then piled into the car for Solon's tumbling class.  Wednesday and Thursday Solon has after school activities, the other days are quiet thankfully.  Solon really likes swimming and tumbling so he doesn't mind going...on this day I had to run to pick up that immunization form I ordered earlier in the day and family Christmas card photos from a friend so we dropped Solon off and ran to get those.  There was a crazy heavy downpour along the way and on our way back to get Solon.  While waiting for him, the sun came out and there was a lovely rainbow we enjoyed watching.  Vera and I sang the rainbow song and talked about all the colors of the rainbow while I fed Lucy again in the front seat of the car -- poor girl!

After Solon was finished, we dashed home.  Daddy had to work late so mom was on witching hour duty solo (you know that time when kids are hungry, baby is cranky and you need to get dinner on the table).  We had open face turkey sandwiches for dinner!  Lucy luckily took a catnap in her mommaroo while I cleaned up after dinner, did the dishes and did a quick pick-up and vacuum sweep before our small group families arrived for bible study at 6:30pm.  

We have bible study and are doing a word study at the moment.  Each week a different couple picks a word and we use the concordance to find relating scripture passages and then have a conversation about what the bible says about that word.  We started and chose "discipline".  The kids go to the basement with a hired babysitter (she is a saint).  Each family chips in money for her!  We wrap up with prayer around 8pm, luckily Scott only missed the first 15 minutes.

After everyone leaves the kids grab a quick dessert, go upstairs and get jammies on, pick out a book and have family prayer time and books before brushing teeth.  Then Scott and I alternate snuggling with the kids.  Scott normally takes Lucy with him and I go solo with each of the kids.  We normally talk about their day and special things to them -- I love this special time with each of them.   Before we know it, since we started bedtime routine late its nearly 9 and we get Lucy ready for bed.  She needs to start getting in a better night time routine so I feed her and put her to bed still awake so she can fall asleep on her own and learn how to put herself to sleep.

By this time its after 9pm and Scott and I are both exhausted from the day, we crawl into bed this night because of the sleepless nights the days before and chat about our days.  We fill each other in on the highlights, his work and my day.  Then we turn on netflix and watch Friends (we are currently on season 3, we started from the beginning).  I love it because its mindless and funny and a perfect way to end our day.  After 2 episodes its 10 so I turn the tv off and before I know it I am asleep and the day is done, my last thought is a prayer to God that Lucy will sleep through the night (we are still waiting on that answered prayer but working on it :). 

And that was our Thursday...when I relive our days I am reminded that I am so blessed to be home and take care of my kids and somedays I just don't have much extra time for blogging or laundry or anything extra but our life is full of laughs and little moments, I pray I remember to always choose thankfulness in every season I am in.

So there you have it -- a day in the life of us right now with a 6 and 4 year old and 4 month old baby.