Vera Ann is off to Preschool...

Finally the day Vera had been waiting for for months finally came.  The Thursday after labor day was orientation and first day of preschool and she was SO excited.  She was up with the sun and dressed before I was out of bed.  She just couldn't wait for her turn to go to school.  
We had to get a few shots of her in front of the tree with her new backpack that she picked out and bedazzled with her little trinkets of course!

My sweet girl...

Daddy met us at school and ushered Vera into this next chapter of her life!

...and then Mommy stayed for a little bit and we checked out the classroom together.  She especially likes the kitchen area complete with all the fisher-price gadgets from MY childhood.  There was also a fishing pool and camping area for the first thematic unit of the year and then a gross motor area to climb on and slide, etc.  We even colored some pictures together at the art studio area.  Before we knew it, it was time for mommy to head to the parents meeting and Vera was ready to go with a hug and a kiss goodbye.

She was full of very specific and detailed stories from her day (so much more info than I got from her brother).  They walked in a circle, had a cheese stick and goldfish for snack, sang songs and did some art.  She was also thrilled to be the very first to bring the snack bucket home from preschool.  She took chocolate chip cookies we baked together on the following Tuesday.

She has amazing teachers and 3 of her best little lady friends to play with.  She is excited the 2 days she gets to go and its fun to see her learn and grow but I sure do miss her.  Luckily we have a little more time together before I have to let her go everyday (sniff, sniff). She is a shining ray of sunshine and I love her to pieces.

Happy VERY 1st Day of School Vera Ann!