Life of Lucy Violet: 2 Months...

Little Miss Lucy is growing up VERY fast no matter how much we try to stop and smell her newborn newness, she is very much growing into full fledged baby status! Smiles and all...and she hands them out more liberally these days, even to strangers especially in the morning!

She can hold her head up quite well and is still a very chill baby unless she is left alone too long without being held (shucks, mommy has totally done this to her...and I am good with it until I HAVE to get something done for one of the other kids or cook dinner, so then its into the baby carrier on mom's chest we go).

I love when babies smile with their whole face - look at that head control...despite not loving tummy time!

...and then the lean that turns into the tip and then down they go!

Despite these pictures that make her feet look big, she has teeny tiny feet just like her siblings!
She does that the cutest cheeks just storing away for winter and punchable thighs for rolls for days!  

Here's the latest with Lucy...
She is the sweetest, go with the flow, chill baby and we love her SO much.  She is the most coveted person in our house.  I love to kiss her cheeks and sweet nearly bald head (just peach fuzz).  She is growing so fast, I take every.single.opportunity to hold her and have dialed back lots of commitments and let go of certain expectations of myself so I can just really enjoy her.  We are so thankful for answered prayers and our sweet precious Lucy Violet!!! Happy 2 months baby girl...slow down, mommy has some snuggling to do!