Let's Go Cyclones...Take 1...

Well it's that time of year again - Cyclone football!  We have tried all sorts of arrangements with our growing family -- 2 tickets and 2 littles on our laps, hillside seats and sore bums, and now my parents purchased tickets in the new Sukup Endzone and graciously bought a few extra for their sweet grandchildren and since we are their parents we get to tag along ;)!  It's SO nice for a family.  Air-conditioning in the blazing heat and heat for those november games, family restrooms, comfy couch-like furniture, your own concession stands, huge TV's and stadium seats with arm rests, backs and cup holders...I mean we upgraded from the grass last year ;).  We weren't sure on the view but our expert referee Scott says its fun to watch plays open up and the angle to see the huge monitor on the opposite end of the field is great.  We are not crunched for space, so much so that Vera curled up and fell asleep for both of the 1st two games! (It is loud so we aren't sure how she slept, crazy girl!). 

The first game was blazing hot so we hung out at home with both sets of grandparents before deciding to brave it for a brief tailgate.  We took the tent but in true first game of the season fashion, we forgot the awning portion.  Needless to say, we were hot and stinky by the end of the game and then sat in unprecedented traffic on the way home...Good thing the Cyclones WON!

Sisters and sweet cheerleaders :)

Our cute little Cyclones!

A glitter bow - I think so!

We were so happy to be in air-conditioning and the boys enjoyed a beer for the first time at the stadium!

Grandma happy to be on baby duty!

Checking out our new seats - my dad, being the smart man he is, got 3 in front of 3, so we can conversate and rotate seats and children!

Apparently there was a good play going on, my dad couldn't take his eyes away ;)!

...and my new upgraded nursing view.  I used to have to nurse in a toilet stall.  It was my least favorite thing about going to football and I don't think Scott ever fully appreciated my sacrifice ;)!  Now the kids come with me and we enjoy watching the game on the many tis and they can stretch their legs while I sit in the lap of luxury...this throne is way better ;)!

We have 4 more home games to test out all the features, we won't talk about the Iowa game.  We are hoping for one more win.  Solon asked why we even get tickets since they always lose.  He is still learning the fine art of being a loyal fan no matter what.  It's hard to be a Cyclone more times than not but we have too much  money invested in tuition to switch allegiances at this point.  We heard a lot of "Thank goodness for basketball season" last weekend ;)!