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Vera Ann Turns 4...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Nuts life is moving faster by the day and my sweet beautiful oldest daughter is 4!  I remember it like yesterday when Daddy yelled out, "It's a girl!" and my heart melted when he layer you in my arms.  You are equal parts sweet and spicy, opinionated and helpful.  You are uniquely Vera Ann and I love every inch of your petite precious stature!

Here you are one very short year ago!

Just being cute as can be on a hayride...coincidentally this was one of your favorite dresses and I loved it too but it just got inappropriately short and I had to hide it away in a box.  I have to do that a lot with your clothes because you like the same things and always want to wear them, you have been known to dig through the laundry to find your 2 favorite striped sundresses, favorite disney princess tees (which also happened to just disappear ;) and jean shorts.  You have a BIG opinion on your attire so now we shop together.  When Grandma brings you clothes, we know right away whether you like them or not, it cracks us up!  You love flip flops and will wear 2 mismatched ones if you can't find a pair!

You were a flower girl twice this year.  The first time you were a little tentative but you loved every second of wearing fancy dresses...

I can never leave you alone too long.  You get into too much trouble.  Your favorite response when I call out, "What are you doing?"  either silence or "nothing!".  You have spilled a whole bottle of purple nail polish on the floor and gotten into my make up, dumped laundry bins out to find an outfit or a whole bag of pretzels on the family room carpet for snack.  You are tenacious and independent.  I always have to stifle a laugh after the fact!  You are also hard to discipline and can turn on the pout pout lip for the best of them and puppy dog eyes.  You can fall limp like a noodle and act like I am killing you when you don't get your way...luckily this isn't my first time at the rodeo so I know this will pass :)!

You love your brother SO much!  You call him your "bubbly" and have to give him a hug and a kiss before he leaves along with 2 leg hugs for daddy and knee kisses (just at your height!).  You love to smuggle in at night and devour the newest American Girl doll magazine with mommy.  And daddy can always get your love to wrestle with the boys and can say "hut hut" with the best of them!

You learned how to ski and visited the ocean this year.  You have never met a stranger although you went through a phase of missing mom when we would part but just the other day I dropped you at preschool and I didn't even get a hug goodbye.  You know I love you so much so I will let it slide ;)!  You LOVE preschool and can't wait to go everyday.  Your language surprises me and all the things you say and chat about.  You are our little resident mommy and have totally risen to the occasion as big sister in command when Solon is away!  You are such a good helper to mommy!

You are daddy's little gal and you headed to your first of many father-daughter dances.  He thinks you are just the sweetest and I agree :)!

We learned you get car sick in Colorado and had to do a quick change before the Denver Zoo.  Poor we know all of us get sick driving in the mountains!  We had fun at the zoo after the quick detour.

I will never forget the day you insisted in April to play outside in your swimsuit, I decided instead of arguing with you to let you see why we shouldn't.  You lasted all of 30 seconds ;)!  Solon thought you were crazy...

Your best friend Meah and you play well together following after your brothers and making your own adventures playing with your dollies and library.  You sure do love to play with your dolls, dance around the house, sing and put on shows, and play with your doll house and princesses.  One day they were all laying down and I thought they were sleeping but you informed me they were watching fireworks ;)!

You are such a helper to mommy with Lucy, getting me burp clothes, checking out her diaper and keeping her entertained...Lucy is never bored when you are around.  I hope you become best of friends.

You were so excited to participate in camping in the backyard this year. Daddy said you chatted until well past 10pm.  You really wanted to see the stars.  You are such a big girl.

...and quite the little swimmer.

Oh how you adore your Auntie Ellen, she calls you her shadow and that is true.  If she is there you are right at her side.

You are vivacious, sweet, love crafts, being a little mommy, and refuse to buckle your own seatbelt (why would you when bubby does it for you).  You eat barely anything but love yogurt, cookies, chocolate milk and chicken nuggets.   You love your princess nightgowns and want to be a princess and mommy when you grow up.  You are a delight and a ray of sunshine to our family.  You make us laugh every single day and I love, love, love who God has made you to be.  You have never met a stranger and make a friend wherever you go.  May you always shine your light for Jesus and watch Him as you grow.  We love you to the moon and back my sweet girl.  

xoxo Mommy

Let's Go Cyclones...Take 1...

Thursday, September 17, 2015
Well it's that time of year again - Cyclone football!  We have tried all sorts of arrangements with our growing family -- 2 tickets and 2 littles on our laps, hillside seats and sore bums, and now my parents purchased tickets in the new Sukup Endzone and graciously bought a few extra for their sweet grandchildren and since we are their parents we get to tag along ;)!  It's SO nice for a family.  Air-conditioning in the blazing heat and heat for those november games, family restrooms, comfy couch-like furniture, your own concession stands, huge TV's and stadium seats with arm rests, backs and cup holders...I mean we upgraded from the grass last year ;).  We weren't sure on the view but our expert referee Scott says its fun to watch plays open up and the angle to see the huge monitor on the opposite end of the field is great.  We are not crunched for space, so much so that Vera curled up and fell asleep for both of the 1st two games! (It is loud so we aren't sure how she slept, crazy girl!). 

The first game was blazing hot so we hung out at home with both sets of grandparents before deciding to brave it for a brief tailgate.  We took the tent but in true first game of the season fashion, we forgot the awning portion.  Needless to say, we were hot and stinky by the end of the game and then sat in unprecedented traffic on the way home...Good thing the Cyclones WON!

Sisters and sweet cheerleaders :)

Our cute little Cyclones!

A glitter bow - I think so!

We were so happy to be in air-conditioning and the boys enjoyed a beer for the first time at the stadium!

Grandma happy to be on baby duty!

Checking out our new seats - my dad, being the smart man he is, got 3 in front of 3, so we can conversate and rotate seats and children!

Apparently there was a good play going on, my dad couldn't take his eyes away ;)!

...and my new upgraded nursing view.  I used to have to nurse in a toilet stall.  It was my least favorite thing about going to football and I don't think Scott ever fully appreciated my sacrifice ;)!  Now the kids come with me and we enjoy watching the game on the many tis and they can stretch their legs while I sit in the lap of luxury...this throne is way better ;)!

We have 4 more home games to test out all the features, we won't talk about the Iowa game.  We are hoping for one more win.  Solon asked why we even get tickets since they always lose.  He is still learning the fine art of being a loyal fan no matter what.  It's hard to be a Cyclone more times than not but we have too much  money invested in tuition to switch allegiances at this point.  We heard a lot of "Thank goodness for basketball season" last weekend ;)!


August in Pictures...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Oh August, how I miss your lazy mornings, lack of routine, and lots of fun!  They say August is the Sunday of summer and we held on to it with both hands before jumping back into school, an EARLY morning daily schedule and trying to find our new normal.  I love fall but there is nothing quite like the enjoyment of the lazy days of let's reminisce shall we?

We did a whole lot of this and even though we snuggled many days away, I could bottle that up and do it forever.  I would have a million children if they stayed newborns for a bit longer.  Oh how I will miss this someday...but for now I am clinging on to it!
And of course I share on the cuddling action...

We also ventured back to the pool.  Once I was given the all clear to be around pool water again, we found shady spots and made plans for playdates by the water :).  Our favorite place to be on the humid days of Iowa Summers...we met our friends the L Family at their club pool and enjoyed dinner and swimming as families.  We had a blast, thanks for the invite :)!  The kids fell asleep on the way home, I call that a success...

...and more pool fun with the P family :)

My sweet Vera, she is a water baby for about 30 minutes and then loves to lay poolside with mama!  She is perfectly content in her pool chair and towel...Lucy is also learning the poolside bathing beauty lifestyle too.  She did sport her pint-size too cute for words tutu polka-dot swimsuit several times!  I mean can you say squishy cuteness!!!!

Solon was a touch bummed there is no swim test to do the slides at the "old" pool but he goes way faster on dad's lap anyway.  He will surely hit the height requirement next year.  Solon could go over and over and over again, Scott was happy I could take him a couple of times, the 3 flights of stairs up is a good workout when you do the slide 20 times ;)! 

Our 3 swimming sweeties :)

I mean...there are no words :)

Of course we had to see what Lucy thought one night and she just put her legs in and was content which is pretty much her personality unless she is hungry.  She is very chill and goes with the flow...score third child, you earn kid of the year ;)!

Solon and Vera are best buds 95% of the time...they can come up with good fun together!

August also meant Cousin Camp at Nana and Papa's for the 4 oldest cousins.  Solon and Vera had a blast visiting the local water park, going to the children museum, eating lots of kid choice options, playing in the mud (and I mean head to toe mud), and putting on shows, etc.  They all decided on a date for next year, it's already on the calendar!
 We timed cousin camp to end in time for a slumber party at our house, birthday party for papa, Solon and mommy and then a family trip to the state fair.  This is our 2nd year going with cousins and several years going with Scott's parents.  We have our favorite spots we ALWAYS stop by.  We head to Little Hands on the Farm first, followed by the baby animal exhibit next door.

And of course then the agricultural building to see the butter cow, sip on honey lemonade and grab an egg on a stick (40,000 given away this year).  Then we head over to the mini train exhibit, have a ceremonial beef sundae, slide down the giant slide and then go to the 4H building for the working exhibits.  This year we saw the avenue of breeds, "biggest" things, got chocolate chip cookies and rounded out the day at the pork tent for dinner.  We were all tuckered out by then!!!

Lucy learned how to smile in August and we all melted :)

My neighbors planned a fun water day and it was 64 degrees and windy so we turned it into relay races, obstacle courses and tug of war competitions.  We all had fun and it felt like a fun way to usher in fall and wrap up summer...of course I took the chance to be a kid and even out the teams.  I nearly crushed the other team but let the kid win...he would be scarred for life being beaten by a mom ;)!

We also enjoyed some beautiful park playdates with our besties...
...lazy afternoons watching TV when it was too HOT to be outside!
We also ventured to the school playground for several rounds of Ninja Warrior obstacle courses.  Solon loves that show and we make up different obstacle courses for him to demonstrate his Ninja awesomeness!!!  Vera joins in too of course!

We went shopping for kindergarten school supplies...
...and had a joint party for Solon and Vera at a local blow-up jump place!  It was low stress for me and high on fun for the kids :)

Scott, Lucy and I headed to ISU for a wedding...Lucy was unimpressed with her future alma was warm so we will cut her some slack.  It was a beautiful wedding for my college roomie, Sarah and her hubby Matt.
The neighborhood celebrated suriving the first 3 days of school with a visit from the Kona Ice Truck.  You can serve up your own flavors...needless to say do you like ice with your was sweet :).  Did I mention we love our neighborhood?  There is a house for sale, just sayin'.

...and as we ushered in back to school we checked off the last of our summer fun list!  We just didn't make it to the zoo but that can be done some other time.  We had a lot of fun this summer that's for sure!!!
We survived Lucy's 2 month appointment on 8/30/15 with 3 leg shots and an oral one.  We learned she was tipping the scales at over 12 lbs...

And while big brother is away, we have had a few opportunities to have playdates with her friends.  Little worship session going on...

I had the opportunity to join Solon in his kindergarten classroom to celebrate his special day and his birthday (late!).  They did away with food treats so he took twistable pencils, he really wanted bouncy balls but I wasn't' sure his K teacher would like 24 balls bouncing around ;).  He got to bring in a couple of pictures, a few of his favorite things (he took kitty and some legos) and I read one of his favorite books..."He Took My Ball" by Mo Willems.

...and the girls just hanging out. Someone is always all over Lucy.  She normally smiles and cries when she is done with them all up in her business.

And the end of August meant football season and daddy reffing again which meant a return to Friday night slumber parties in mom and dad's room.  When he gets home, he gets the pleasure of moving them all back to their rooms ;).  It was after this slumber party we decided to upgrade our bed to a king but that happened in September!

We finished off August with the first ISU game -- more on that in another post!  

As you can see August was busy and fun and with 30 pictures, a few captions and now a crying babe in my arms we will call that a wrap!

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