Ellen Gets Hitched: Off to the lake we go...

We decided to leave Wednesday afternoon for Ellen's wedding and enjoy a family day at the lake on Thursday.  Scott's projects were wrapping up and so he surprised us with an additional day off!  Ellen and I met up to get our nails done, just us sisters (and lucy of course) and it was so nice to just chat and be with her before her big day, I knew we wouldn't have time just the two of us otherwise!  It was awesome!  Then I took her and ALL of her wedding luggage to the lake so she wouldn't have to worry about a car and we had a lovely day hanging with my family at the lake!

Of course there was lots of hot tubbing, my kids favorite!
Scott's a minion???
...and Grandpa Wetherbee finally got to meet Lucy in person and it was love at first sight!

He somehow got to hoard her for a while and she dozed right off in her weird sleeping position, she likes to do that with her head...
Solon and Vera got to play with their fun auntie and Vera even told her they were going to sit next to each other at the wedding (um....) luckily Auntie Ellen included her all weekend which was beyond sweet.  Vera LOVES her (that might not be a strong enough word).  We boated, swam, played, went and got ice cream in the boat and tubed.

We also celebrated Solon's 6th birthday with a minion cake and presents from Grandma and Grandpa.  Of course the legos and science experiment kit were fan favorites.  We even tested a mento in a bottle of diet coke (do that experiment outside ;).

...and before we knew it the day was over and our little Vera decided she wanted to sleep like Elsa and so she did...oh that girl never ceases to make us laugh.

We all hit the hay early as we knew Friday was a big day of fun as we kicked off the wedding festivities....