Ellen Gets Hitched: Friday...

We started out the wedding festivities with a trip to get our tootsies done, Vera was especially excited!  She even got to sit on Auntie Ellen's lap (spoiled!).
Of course we had matching outfits for almost every function for the weekend, how can you not?

All lined up getting their tootsies done...

Auntie Ellen always taking time for her nieces and nephews in the midst of her special weekend!

After our tootsies were all fancied up for the big day, we headed off to Lola's on the Lake.  We ate outside and it was beautiful.  Mom and Ellen handed out darling little nautical bags filled with essentials for the weekend!  The girls also got little princess backpacks to keep them busy during the luncheon.  Kristiaan has 3 nieces on his side and 2 nephews!

After lunch we went home and packed up all the cars and we were sure not to forget the wedding dress...and champagne!
She's off to become a "Mrs."

We then got all checked into our suite.  Scott's parents met us there and we hung out for a bit before it was time to get in our next outfit and head off to the rehearsal and dinner.  We were so thankful for Scott's parents and Raquel and family who helped us all to get where we needed to be and dressed for the weekend!

My sister and her Mr!  She looked beautiful the ENTIRE weekend!

It was a beautiful sunny evening and even K's nieces and nephews are smitten over Auntie Ellen, how can you not be? She is an amazing and doting Auntie!

The wedding planner instructing all the littles to their places and explaining their roles...they were great listeners!

My two cuties...Lucy was cuddling with Nana at this point!

...and they are married, just kidding, but they are ready to go!

My dad and sister!  Looking good you two!

After the rehearsal we walked (or if you were my dad, he hailed Solon Vera, myself and him a pedicab to The Local where the rehearsal dinner was, oh Grandpa, he always has something fun up his sleeve!).

See Lucy's matching dress to Vera's...its a Lily Pulitzer dress just for Auntie Ellen, it's her favorite!
I am so glad Vera has a sister...I have loved having one.  We fought like cats and dogs and got on each other's nerves but we love each other so much and now we are dear friends and confidants!

After the rehearsal dinner, Kristiaan's parents hosted an out of town cocktail hour with appetizers and drinks.  It was another great way to spend time with family and friends who had come so far to share in the special day.  Lucy even stayed late at "the bar", we got a few looks on our walk back to the hotel.  Next up Wedding Day...it all flew by SOOOO fast!