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Solon's First Week of Kindergarten...

Monday, August 31, 2015
We had been long anticipating this day.  It finally arrived after a full week of activities including a visit as a family Monday evening to drop off supplies and a parent meeting Tuesday night.  They have late starts every Wednesday which was great for the first day, it gives us an hour extra mid-week. We have heard its a nice reprieve to get you through the week.  We all woke up, dressed quickly as we laid out clothes the night before and Daddy made his famous pancakes.  Due to nerves and excitement, we had to force Solon to eat a 2nd pancake despite chocolate chips hiding inside.  Before we knew it, it was time to pray.  Mommy started (and why did I think I could do that - insert giant lump in throat) and daddy finished praying for a great year for Solon, to be brave, respectful and learn/grow, sweet friends, and a loving teacher.   Then it was time to stand in front of "the tree" to take some photos.

My 6 year old and brave kindergartner!

...and his cheerleader and biggest fan, little sister Vera!

She sure is going to miss her "bubby" while he is away at school!

And we were running out of steam and the sun was bright so this was the best we got of the 3 amigos!  Better luck next year mama...

...and one with mom and dad of course!

And then the whole reason we bought this house was happening before my eyes...ready or not mama heart!  We were walking to school.  It was just as I pictured, neighbors also taking pictures and then trekking up the sidewalk to school.  I told Scott, this is what I wanted when we moved here.  I praised God the whole way to school.  A sweet moment I will cherish always. 

We walked into school with Solon, watched as he expertly stowed his backpack and headed to the classroom.  The teacher the night before instructed us to make our good-byes brief so there was no anxiety or tears and to ABSOLUTELY not cry in front of our student!  We successfully said good-bye to that sweet face, entrusting him to his sweet teacher and knowing God was watching over him and departed. 

His teacher also mentioned at orientation not to look back but I did and that's when I teared up (and am again now!).  My baby sitting somewhat nervously at his chair just awaiting for the next chapter of his life to begin...

We picked him up after school, after Scott and I texted all day wondering what he was doing, if he ate his lunch, if he had a friend to play with, and if he missed us as much as we missed him.  He was all smiles but the first words from his mouth were, "It was too long for me!"  It made me smile and heart break at the same time, I couldn't fix that but I encouraged him that he would get used to it and I missed him too.  He did mention meeting the "mayor" aka the principal, ate all of his chicken nuggets and even got chocolate milk (a treat since we don't get it at home!), and loved recess.  We headed off to home to enjoy chocolate chip cookies, his request, and nachos for dinner, also his request. 

The rest of the week we had to wake him up each morning and he needed a brain break with a tv show at the end of the day.  He was excited to tell me some of the activities as I walked and he scootered home.  He ate cold lunch on Friday but it was a mom fail because he spent the whole lunch period trying to insert his straw into his capri sun and only ate his crackers and drank his drink...needless to say we packed EVERYTHING in baggies and sent a water bottle today!  He got nervous during testing and he said he forgot his letters past F (who knows if that's true!) but loved music, especially since she knew how to pronounce his name, I had taught her son!  He was a bit upset that he had yet to learn how to read by day 3 but was ready for the weekend.  He told me my days are probably pretty boring now that daddy and Solon are gone all day...they are certainly not boring Solon but my heart is going to take some time getting used to this.  I MISS YOU lots but I put on a brave face and send you on your way and pray all the while that you will learn and grow and love school.  You are a sweet, tender-hearted little boy and I am just so thankful you still insist on a hug and kiss goodbye!  And I am always ready to come get you at the end of the day and see your bright smile, hear about your day and enjoy one of your great hugs!

Life of Lucy Violet: Newborn photos...

Monday, August 24, 2015
I am not really sure how I am going to choose which few to frame on our newborn gallery wall upstairs.  I have enough for 4 photos but those include some tiny fingers and toes and a family shot...hmm!  Rachel White does a great job and I am so thankful to forever capture our sweet MIRACLE, Lucille Violet Port!

Life of Lucy Violet: Hospital Newborn Photos...

Friday, August 21, 2015
Times have changed since we had Solon.  Now a photography company comes into your room with a little studio on wheels and captures photos!  At a mere 44 hours old, these precious photos were taken!  I LOVE photography and my one regret from Vera was that I just didn't buy the CD and rights to her hospital photos so I did this time.  

Perfectly Port Family of 5...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I still tear up about how incredibly thankful I am for these 3 precious gifts from God!  We are incredibly blessed -- thank you LORD!

Solon turns 6...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
I am not sure how my first baby is 6 years old but he is!  He gets more excited every year for his birthday.  He knows its a special day all about him and he was prepared to celebrate for a while and even made a paper chain 10 days out to countdown on his volition!  Let's take a stroll down memory lane of some of the many highlights from year 5...

Once again you cheered as hard as you could for your Cyclones.  You are a true fan and love to play football (or really any sport for that matter) with daddy.  You ask him as soon as he gets home from work to play with you.  Many nights there is a wrestling match in the middle of the family room floor or a serious game of basketball complete with all the correct rules including fouls and free throws.

We celebrated Christmas at home with Grandma and Grandpa Wetherbee and everyone helped you build the many fun things you got...including the lego train you really wanted and Santa brought you!

You are daddy's best assistant and you were put to the test this year with helping daddy on the many trips to Menard's to finish the basement.  You have been after us to get carpet down there from the moment we moved in, you are going to be so happy to have that space to play!

You are my smuggler and quality time kid.  We went on a few dates just you and mommy and just you and daddy.  You love the personal attention and time.  You especially love ice cream just like mommy so it is our go to!

You are so smart and sometimes surprise me with your capabilities.  You are a humble guy and sometimes I underestimate you since your abilities since you soak so much in.  One day you just started writing your numbers and kept going...I was worried you weren't ready for kindergarten but I changed my mind quickly after this moment.  My teacher heart was so happy :).

You LOVE to swim and you are a serious fish.  Swimming lessons are your FAVORITE activity.  You have come so far from dog paddling to diving, doing flips in the water, learning more advanced strokes and you love to are a self-motivated kid and WANT to get better.  You will do it until you master it!
This also includes skiing.  You hated it the first day because "you weren't good at it" (in your words) but by day 3 you were whizzing by the adults on the real slopes and rocked it.  A good lesson in keeping working at a skill and you will get better.

You and your sister can fight like cats and dogs but man you are each other's best playmates and love to play together.  I love the way you love each other.

You finished up your 2nd year of preschool with your best friend Max.  He is a good friend to you and you always have fun together playing with car tracks, sports, library with the girls, "cats" (not sure what that is), or any number of other things!

You went on your first airplane trip without mom and dad to Texas.  You had a blast and even told me when you got back "I didn't have time to miss you, I had too much fun!"

You learned some valuable lessons like dialing mom's phone number and your address at a fun camp this summer.  You didn't know anyone in your group and overcame your nerves and had a blast of a week!

We worked to check off lots of fun things off our summer bucket list from lots of swimming, to stomping in the creek at Ledges to camping in the backyard.  We have had lots of fun this summer making special memories!

God made you a big brother AGAIN to another little sister.  You said it was okay you had another sister and you would take good care of her too (and you do!).  You loved her from the very first moment you laid eyes on her and wanted to hold her and not share her.  You still dote on her like crazy doling out the kisses, hugs, sweet nothings and being a super helper to mom and dad!

You love the love to fish, flew off the tube and survived (GRANDPA :), love to hot tub, jump on tubes in a homemade obstacle course, eat smokes with lots of marshmallows, and "drive" the jet ski with whomever will take you and rumor is you drove the boat too...

You were a ring bearer to Auntie Ellen and you did such a good job listening and doing your job that day.  Grandma even made good on her promise and sent you legos for a job well done.  Speaking of which you currently LOVE legos.  You finally can put packs together on your own and you were especially excited for 2 boxes with "3 packages of legos inside"!  The biggest lego sets you have gotten and you worked really hard over several days to put together the mini police station and police helicopter.  We were so proud of you...

You also LOVE science.  Your favorite shows are "Popular Mechanics for Kids" and "Bill Nye the Science Guy".  You and daddy snuggle up before bed and watch an episode together on his phone most nights.  You get really sad when its late and you can't do it.  You also love to snuggle at bedtime...and love to chat it up with both mom and dad (I pray that continues).  You give the best hugs, snuggles and kisses and even give us emergency kisses if you are going to be away so we have some stored up when we miss you!

You picked out a chocolate cake mix and chocolate frosting and asked to decorate the cake yourself.  You were so proud of the 6 candles and asked for a #6 candle too!  You are pretty easy to please!

On your birthday we found out you knew several kids in your class including our neighbor boy across the street which made us all happy that you would have sweet people we knew in your class.  We then had tumbling and went to Chick Fil A for lunch.  You love their chicken nuggets and can eat an adult portion of them and you especially love when I let you get Dr. Pepper as a drink!  We also went to the pool (your favorite) with Max and his family!  We finished off the night with refried beans (your favorite food) at El Charro (your favorite Mexican restaurant).  We all went home and opened presents which you chose to wait and open that were pretty excited to get a book of science experiments and some lego sets from us!

This year you and your sister are having a joint party (thanks for being flexible and sharing, it helps this mommy out and I thank you for that :).  We are going to The Playground for Kids which has a bunch of inflatables, your half of the party is going to be lego themed.  You think if its that theme people might choose to gift you legos because you went to a lego party and that is what happened...we had to change your theme because of that!  

You are a sweet, lovable, sometime stubborn (just like your mom) first born (loves to discipline his younger sister, I remember doing that as a kid).  Your school adventure is about to start and as much as I am going to miss you at the lunch table and your help at home, I know you are going to have so much fun, learn so many new and exciting things and make new friends.  I pray you will eat during lunch, listen and respect your teacher and be a light for Jesus.  God has mighty plans for you and we love who God is molding you to be!  Here's to a great year 6, we love you buddy!

You are the pumpkin to my pie :)

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