Life of Lucy Violet: Welcome to the world Lucille Violet

In 10 months God worked a little miracle in my womb and we went from a mustard seed to a beautiful 8 lbs 3 oz baby girl.  I have teared up several times as I stood in awe of God's work and how thankful I am to Him!  We are in LOVE with our little Lucy and just like that she has made her way deep into our hearts and it feels like she has always been here...
7 Weeks -- November 2014

39 weeks -- June 28, 2015

We snapped a quick photo with two very excited big siblings before hitting the road with a blueberry bagel and a diet soda (breakfast of champions) running about 15 minutes late!  We walked into Labor and delivery around 7:15am completely NOT in labor, make-up and shower done and ready to have a baby.  It is the funniest feeling...they assigned us to room 610 and I was in my gown, met the nurse, answered all the questions and was ready to rock and roll by 7:45am.

Dr. Kaufmann (who delivered Vera and had a great experience with) came in to check me and got a perplexed look on her face when she announced, "Yep, I feel 2 eyes and a nose!"  My first thought was "Yes, you should feel those things her head should be down (after weeks and weeks of chiropractor visits).  Apparently, that meant she was facial expression meaning her head was not in a chin tuck position and would be nearly impossible to deliver vaginally.  To say my heart dropped would be an understatement.  The doctor said we could try the "Texas Roll" position to see if baby would move (with a 5% success rate) otherwise we would certainly be looking at a c-section.  Baby would not come out in the current position.

So I sat in the above position, nearly rolled on to my stomach, my arms in a T palms down on either side of me and my legs straddling a squished yoga ball all while Scott fed me ice chips in order to wake baby up and get them to move.  IT was a long hour and a half of prayer and petitioning God to move her.  Thankful for sweet friends and family who prayed along with us!  I told the Dr. K I believe in divine intervention.  I felt a lot of movement over that time and prayed it did the trick.  It was an interesting (and not the most comfy) position to hold but I was willing to do anything!  After that time Dr. K came back and got a surprised look on her face when she asked for the instrument to break my water..."it worked!"  I was elated and so thankful!  I again reiterated, nothing better than divine intervention!  After she left and the pitocin line was upped, the nurse informed me Dr. K was convinced I was having a c-section...
Around 11 am, was when they broke my water, the pitocin started producing contractions every 3-5 minutes, inching closer together over time until they were back to back and dang painful.  I wanted to run away from my back...Scott would tell me when the line would go down, only to see it go right back up without a break.  It was time for a little phentenol until the anesthesiologist could arrive.  She did around 12:30 and the line was working by 1 pm.  Between the start and finish of inserting my epidural, I started to feel like I was transitioning but I decided to remain discrete about that fact ;).   The nurse and Scott decided (with my urging) to go grab some lunch because baby would be here soon.  She assured me she would keep an eye on me and she would watch my monitor for any change but would be back by 2pm to check me.  I had been at 4cm at 11 am and they hadn't checked me since.  Well, I started to feel some serious pressure around 1:30, she saw baby making a move on the monitor and sure enough I was transitioning to a 7 and it looked like my other pregnancies, I was going to quickly accelerate to 10 in no time.  She said she would be right back and to call Scott to hustle back...the cafeteria is clear on the other side of a multiple renovation hospital meaning its a long trip ;).  He ran!  Poor guy...

Everyone returned, Dr. K noticed the movement as well and by 1:45 I had gone from 7-10cm and was ready to go.  It was a scramble of people and stuff in the room and it hit me that this was it.  What we had waited for for so long was happening and I could NOT believe it.  The next contraction I pushed, she said baby was almost there and by the 2nd contraction, she was crowning...and she told me to look down (I had never ever wanted to before but for some reason I did this time) and it was amazing...the 3rd contraction and little Lucy's head came swirling out and I was in awe that that could happen - holy smokes!  She was milky white and gave a good cry as they placed her immediately on my bare breath was instantly taken away and the tears flowed quietly from my eyes.  First of all, "SHE" was here -- a girl and she was healthy and BIG and well baked.  Praise the Lord.  I got to hold for a good while kangarooing before they took her for the APGAR test and measurements and daddy got to cut the cord both right away and a trim later.  

My first look of my miracle of those moments that still brings tears to my eyes.  Oh what a sweet, sweet moment.

a VERY fresh baby girl...

8 lbs 3 oz and 19.5 inches 
(our biggest baby by 1 lb. -- how did that happen?)

Of course I nursed her right away, how do they just know how to do that? AMAZING!

And finally daddy got his hands on his baby girl (note his shirt, its a fan favorite "Pregnant wife slave" and its officially in retirement ;)!)

If my smile could speak what my heart wants to say...

...and I just so happened to have purchased that little hat on Etsy because I was so sure she was a girl.  I didn't care at all if baby was a boy or a girl but I just had a gut feeling baby was a "she" ;).  3rd times a charm, I finally got one right!

...and I pretty much have done this since she was born -- gazed at her in awe -- sprinkled in with lots of kisses, a few moments of choking up with joy!  She hasn't been put down much or pretty much ever, you can do a lot one handed!

She came a lot faster than the other 2 so we had told our family she wouldn't arrive until about 5 like Solon and Vera SO when we called they still needed time to get the kiddos ready which actually turned out to be an unintended blessing because Scott and I got a few precious moments to just hold her and love her just the two of us, very precious time!
and our very special delivery crew, they were amazing!  We have always had amazing delivery nurses and Audra was no exception.  We are so thankful for her and Dr. K (pink jacket) who got along great and gave such good care!!!!

Next up meeting Solon and Vera...

Delivery day goes down as one of the most anticipated (I mean who doesn't get nervous for delivery :/) but the anticipation of greeting God's handiwork that you had a hand in bringing into the world is just amazing.  I am so thankful to have had 3 beautiful and unique delivery days but Lucy takes the cake for easiest and least stressful ;)!

Welcome to the world and our family Lucy, we love you so much 
(more than you will ever know!)

Lucille Violet Port
8lbs 3 oz -- 19.5 inches -- 1:59pm
You were totally "worth the wait!"