Life of Lucy Violet: Week 2

Highlights from Week 2:

That hand...SQUISH!

The face of a mom of 3 flying solo for the first time...

Morning snuggles - laundry folding optional these takes about 3 days to complete the full cycle of laundry (wash, dry, fold and put away and sometimes we are digging to find what we need out of the clean pile ;)

Little Lucy in the one and only newborn outfit ALL 3 of my kiddos wore - a comparison post coming

More morning snuggles, everyone loves to hold Lucy so we all take turns

Trying some tummy time...she does best at the end when she gets mad!

She is always folding her legs while nursing..I just love to stare and rub those little tootsies...

Getting more alert by the day in her stylish pineapple number (and Vera's favorite outfit for her).  Vera loves to pick out her clothes and the Elmo diapers are the first ones to go from a pack...

We did attend the city-wide parade and neighborhood block party to round out week 2 with lots of friends.  A yearly tradition we look forward to all year long.

...She is a mama's girl and just to be sure I don't pawn her off, she likes to hold on tight!

Mommy and Lucy on her 2 week birthday!

...and bright eyed and bushy-tailed with mommy in the evening :) She has dark beautiful blue eyes like her sister and brother, courtesy of their daddy!