Life of Lucy Violet: The rest of Week 1

We woke up lazily on Wednesday morning just the 5 of us.  Scott and I enjoyed some coffee (another thing popped right back after she came out, my love for coffee, thank goodness).  Vera happily picked out an outfit, they took turns holding her, they played and I packed Solon and Vera up for their trip to the lake.  

We also finished up my mom's mother's day gift we never completed to send with them as a thank you for all Grandma's help.  They also made cards for Auntie Ellen and Madelynne for their help too!  Vera is really into line art these days and Solon can rock family drawings like no one's business.  He made one with all 5 of us that I framed in Lucy's room,

...and of course the good-byes were long with lots of kisses and don't grow too much while we are gone!  I was a little weepy letting them go but knew they would have a blast over the 4th at the lake and the time with Lucy alone was really priceless.

"Mom take our picture" 
(they want Lucy to love the mamaroo, she does in short, like 10 minute, intervals)

...and then we did a whole lot of this from Wednesday evening until Sunday afternoon.  It was a great way to recover and chill.  Scott and I didn't know quite what to do with ourselves with a clean house and just one to take care of.  We really just soaked her in.  We had a few special visitors too.  Judie (our director of women's ministry) and Deb, both sweet friends came by to meet Lucy and give us a gift from the church on Wednesday afternoon.

...and on Thursday while Scott was at work, Emilie stopped by with a yummy meal for us and a little time to chat just us girls.

Then, on Friday my grandparents stopped by on their way to the lake to meet Lucy.

...and let's be honest I took a lot of this adorable face because I just couldn't get enough :)  Later Friday afternoon our Pastor came over to meet Lucy and pray over her.  Larry, our pastor, was our premarital counselor, it has been fun to journey in life with him following and occasionally marvel at where God has brought us over the last 9 years!

...that navy cardigan had me at the polk dots!

Here is Lucy and I on the 4th of July - one week postpartum!  I kept looking her and my tummy and wondered how she fit in there and I concluded quite uncomfortably!  BUT she was totally worth it :).

Much of our solo time with Lucy was spent refining our nursing practice.  She was kind of lazy and had a hard time latching.  At her 4 day weight check, she hadn't gained weight - ugh!  So, we tried a nipple shield to see if that would help and pumping off the top 4-5 oz in the morning and night since mommy had plenty of milk (almost too much), now we have a little supply for later.  Between the two, she seemed to catch on.  I am so thankful to the nurse for her suggestions.  Lucy also had a very stinky smell, come to find out, it was her umbilical cord and it fell off just 6 days after birth.  Once that fell off the "dirty gym sock" smell dramatically improved, who knew!  She also got her first home bath and enjoyed it again.  We continued to see her eyes more and more as well for short little wake times.  Lucy also likes to spit up like her brother, its not dairy because I cut that and that spit up is more curdled in nature (I know because I absent-mindedly ate some cheese with her and found out her belly also can't tolerate it).  We think the spit up is eating more than she needs and feeding too close together.  Chalk it up to she cried, I fed.  We have since stopped that and tried to stick to a tight schedule and she seems to do better.  Her eyes are bigger than her stomach!

By Sunday, we couldn't wait to see our munchkins and they brought the gang again.  Everyone was excited to see Lucy and hang out!

M and V

Auntie Ellen and Lucy

Solon and Lucy 
(they are pretty much like this constantly, she has a lot of really close interaction with her siblings from kisses, hugs to just touching her!)

The first week went by so fast but it was a perfect combination of family and time to get to know our newest daughter just Scott and I.  3rd times a charm for figuring out how best to do postpartum!  Those first days alone with her will be some of my most cherished memories, I didn't feel torn to share my time with the other kids and we knew they were having a blast at Grandma and Grandpa camp!  Week 2 is up next...