Life of Lucy Violet: More birth-day activities...

Well we had kept my mom, sister and cousin Madelynne in suspense long enough after about 15 minutes of sibling bonding Scott ventured off to get the others.  As they walked in, Solon excitedly announced baby was a girl named Lucille Violet and the oo-ing and ah-ing ensued.  At this point, I was so thankful room service arrived and happily gobbled up my food while watching all of it unfold before my eyes.  True gratitude in my heart!

Grandma of course could not wait to get her hands on that sweet baby, I am pretty sure Solon was a bit reluctant to let Lucy go ;)!  Then she needed her vitals taken, as she was just a few hours old.  The kids were anxious to watch and the nurse was so sweet to include them! 

Poor Grandpa was in the middle of negotiations with his company and stuck in PA so thank goodness for some good technology and he got the full run down and a sampling of the ruckus of the room!

Everyone got their turn, Lucy slept the entire time, being born of course, is very hard work.  We didn't see eyeballs but barely a flicker or occasional stink eye before they promptly shut that day!  The kids were always nearby Lucy just checking her out, Vera was especially curious about her umbilical cord and Solon was worried that her feet and hands were purple (circulation yet to even out ;).  Their bond was immediate and they happily included Lucy into their sibling tribe!

Of course (as you can see from Vera's cheerios) they found the commissary and got to get a drink of their choice and some snacks (although it was not as plentiful as the past 2 times :( ).  

Madelynne even snuck in some time to hold her newest cousin...I am 16 years older than Madelynne and she is 16 years older than Lucy :).  I think my kids are pretty special to her, as she is to me :)!

Soon it was time for me to get up and out of bed, change and have the room changed out to the postpartum room SO the troops headed to dinner at the hospital cafeteria.  Lucy got checked by the pediatrician and I freshened up...

When everyone got back, we snuck in our first family photo and Vera was happy mom was out of that bed...I was so thankful to have had her so early so we could really enjoy some time the first day.  The last 2 came at dinner time so by the time we could have guests it was later in the evening.

...and before they left for the night, Vera finally decided she wanted to hold her sister.  She even gave her LOTS of kisses and then of course Solon had to hold her one LAST time because he was going to miss her overnight.  We had to assure them both, she was ours FOREVER and we got to bring her home in just a few days.  They were both so excited about that.  

Early in the evening, the kids and family headed home for the night.  They had another big day with cousins and a decent night sleep was a must!  Scott and I spent a lot of time holding Lucy, I had my 2nd meal of the day - delivery makes me hungry and apparently I crave the same thing each time.  I am pretty sure I ordered the same exact meal as I did with the other two -- chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy, a lettuce salad, fruit and 2 orders of chocolate chip cookies (now that sounds like a lot but the hospital gives normal sized portions ;).  I think I pretty much ordered the same meal twice this time (one at 3 and one at 7pm!).  

Lucy got her first bath after about 8 hours until she could control her body temp a bit better and I was fully anticipating lots of crying but she LOVED it.  She was so relaxed and first baby to love bathes from the get-go.  The nurse said she does keep the water on the warm side and had a wash cloth on her the whole time (which we have adopted at home and she still LOVES bathes).  

I mean she just laid her head down and her arm was just chilling there...

...and I mean can we talk about those cheeks (both sets are pinch worthy -- so much cuteness) and again just laying there enjoying the water!

We spent the rest of the evening trying to get her to wake up and eat.  She was a bit lazy and didn't latch the best at the beginning.  Just because I have nurses before, I quickly remembered every kid is different.  She and I had a few kinks to work out in the nursing department over the first two weeks but we are rocking nursing now (almost 3 weeks in).

We always send our kids to the nursery because they are a bit gassy and spitty in the beginning and they do a great job cleaning them up with the syringe ball.  They actually even had to suck out poor Lucy's tummy twice to get all the junk out -- poor girl.  I hate sending them away but we know that way they are watched really well and if they choke, as they always do, someone is right there to help them out.  And of course, they brought her back every 3 hours on the clock along with some IB Profin for mama.  I didn't sleep well the first night -- lots of night sweats and a mama delivering next door who was on the more "vocal" side.  I am a quiet pusher, that's all I will say ;)!

What an amazing first day...she was all we ever prayed for and my heart grew instantly.  I really didn't want to share her at all but I did ;)!  She was most certainly "worth the wait".