Life of Lucy Violet: Day 3 and Going home...

We had a much better night 2 sleeping, I think sheer exhaustion helped the eyelids stay closed between feedings and the night sweats had considerably improved and hormones were regulating.  Poor Lucy had to have a little clean out of her tummy and still was kind of spitty (she remains spitty to this day).  We had the doctor rounds, a visit to the pediatrician, and newborn hospital photos to do before we sprung out of the place!  

She did awesome for her newborn photos...those are coming in a different photo heavy post :).  Dr. Wadle (from the Ankeny office) was on call and checked her over, confirming she was perfect in every single way (of course she was ;).  Our nurse was quite efficient in getting our check out papers in order and we were buckling Lucy up by about 10:30.  Scott's family was at our house and his mom and sister were preparing us a coming home lunch and then Raquel also made us a delicious meal for that night we just had to pop in the oven after they all left.

Had to get a few photos in her little hospital bassinet (room 610)

Before we knew it, it was time to get Lucy all tucked into her car seat and head with the nurse out to the car to take her home.

I couldn't sit in the back this time because we have too many car seats in the van ;)...not too many just the right amount but no room for mommy.  Luckily we invested in a big mirror so I could keep a close eye on her snoozing the whole ride home!

The house was decorated with pink balloons and a banner courtesy of Grandma Wetherbee and the kids.  The whole neighborhood knew we had a girl!  So cute...  The kids were all excited to see us arrive home with Lucy and that we got to keep her forever ;).  I sat and Raquel and Nana made a lovely BLT lunch complete with lots of fresh and yummy sides.  We then hung out for part of the afternoon while the kids played before everyone left us to enjoy our first night as a family of 5 at home!  You can probably guess what we took turns doing...

Daddy cooked the dinner Raquel left us and we all just chilled out happy to be together again!  Before we knew it was time to head to bed and let Lucy try out the rock n'play for the first night.  She got up every 3 hours on the dot (maybe 2 hours and 45 minutes) with a wet diaper and just little whimpers (she since has found her voice when she is hungry).  Our bed never felt so good.

Welcome home Lucille Violet, we are so glad you are ours!!!