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July in Pictures and Goal Recap...

Friday, July 31, 2015
Our goals for July you may recall were...
  • Soak up all the baby-ness we can!
  • Adjust to a family of 5
  • Make some fun summer memories
  • SLOW DOWN and enjoy!

And I am happy to report those all were accomplished.  We had lazy morning, lots of snuggles (but are there ever enough?), lots of fun memories and we are still adjusting to our "new normal" but is there a normal with small children?  The best way to show how we accomplished those goals are in the following pictures...we had a great July and we are capping it off with Auntie Ellen's wedding this weekend...we are so excited!

The kids started off July at Grandma and Grandpa camp at the lake.  They fished, swam, boated, tubed, Solon tried knee boarding, played in the hot tub, made smokes, had fires, stayed up late, watched fireworks, played with flashlights and were generally spoiled rotten.  They each got lots of fish and we got these pics via text during their stay.

The 2nd weekend in July was Ankeny's town celebration known as "Summerfest".  There is a grand parade Saturday morning, carnival (which we didn't attend) and our block has a block party complete with blocking off the street so the kids can have a bike parade and races.  We can see the fireworks from our corner so then the neighborhood watches together.  Unfortunately this year, it was REALLY hot (the story of our summer) and rainy (also the story of our summer) so Lucy and I did what we could and also enjoyed time in the AC.  Scott gets up early every year and puts our tent out so we can invite our neighbors and friends to sit with us.  This year there were 8 families there and about 20+ kids!

Our besties came too!

We also spent our fair share of down days at home learning Lucy's schedule and avoiding the heat and deluge of thunderstorms, I think we have gotten 18+ inches of rain this summer (not joking).

"Mom I am feeding my baby just like you :)"

Just some afternoon TV and "rest" time...

Another round of memory anyone...

"Mom I am taking the kiddos to the mall"

 The third weekend in July we headed to see Minions at the drive-in.  We ended up in our car due to heat but the kids loved having a picnic in the back and setting up their little tailgate chairs to view the movie out the back window!

This one is trying to find her place in the family and needs just a little extra love from mama and daddy.  I am looking forward to having some time with her this fall when big brother is off at school where she gets to be my big helper.  I think she will love it and so will I.
 We also took a quick day trip to have lunch with Scott's great grandma.  She wanted to meet Lucy and of course we wanted her to meet her too!  We had to hurry home though that night because Solon has been looking forward to VBS all summer.  We nearly had all the songs memorized before the first night as we jammed out to the CD constantly.  This year's theme was Expedition Everest and at the end of the week, Solon even got on stage and sang (which is amazing because he does not like to get in front of people!).  We were so proud of him and loved hearing all about what he learned!

The last night the ice cream truck came and gave 20% proceeds to the mission of "PJ's Playground" to be built in Moldova.  The kids also had a daily offering and raised all $1700 needed.

While Solon was at VBS one night, we took V and Lucy to the home show.  It was fun to get some ideas and one that we already had on slate for the basement was a little picture window for under the stairs.  We are turning our under the stairs into a little house for the girls!  We hope to outfit it for their Christmas present...Vera thought the window was awesome!  (so we know she will love her very own).

We went with our neighbors to see the "Bubble Man" sponsored by the library one HOT morning!

We had to get mommy a rehearsal dinner dress so we went to the mall with the crew...I found the above outfit and the kids went home with a special bribe courtesy of Grandma!

The 4th weekend in July, Scott's company has a picnic at Adventureland every year.  It's also a highlight of the summer and this year they rode all sorts of rides but their favorite was the water park.  Solon was even big enough for the mat slide, his favorite!  Vera enjoyed the frog hopper which at first she WAS NOT going to ride but at the very last possible minute, she changed her mind and look her hands are in the air...that girl :).

Lucy's first train ride and our last ride of the day (Vera melted halfway through the ride) and was sleeping about 2 minutes into the car ride home!

...and of course we snuck in some playdates with Emilie and the kids.  She graciously had us over both times and cooked lunch for us.  The kids had fun slip n' sliding and playing library (a current favorite). And us adults enjoyed the sun and adult conversation :).

We are off to celebrate a very special Auntie Ellen this weekend for her wedding to cap off July and start August.  More on that soon!  Until then, it was a great FAST July...

Life of Lucy Violet: Week 4...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Highlights of Week 4:
  • It was another scorcher of a week with "oppressive humidity (Meterologist terms folks)".  So we spent a lot of times indoors and played outside in the shade from about 3:30 on.  
  • Solon had VBS from Sunday-Thursday so Vera, Scott and I had dinner together every night.  She enjoyed having a little time with just us.  Solon loved VBS.
  • We made it to bible study and tumbling and I am learning more and more to capitalize on the 15 - 20 minutes Lucy will lay in the mamaroo.  She sometimes surprises me and gives me 30 minutes but then she is all upset and needs a good mom cuddle!
  • She is still learning how to sooth herself to sleep without eating.  She is getting the hang of the pacifier more everyday.  We still have to work to get it in her mouth, she pushes it out with her tongue and then a good hiccup pops it right out.  It does help with soothing her when she "thinks" she needs to eat but isn't hungry.  If I feed her when she isn't hungry, it ALL comes up like a volcano (hence her nickname!).  Solon and V now yell, mom "volcano!" and we know to run for a burp cloth.
  • Lucy and I went to the mall by ourselves one afternoon.  She did pretty well until she was hungry and then we announced to all of Von Maur we were there...luckily a newborn cry gets lots of oooh's!  We weren't successful finding a rehearsal dinner dress for me (the other one was too big, yay and boo) SO I took all 3 kids to the mall on Friday afternoon.  My mom gave them some money to spend if they behaved and they they got to spend it.  We even stopped for a nursing break.
  • Lucy is officially about out of all of her newborn clothes.  Her pants still fit but she has a long torso like her mom and dad so her onesies are a bit snug.  I haven't put them away yet :(.  We also ran out of newborn diapers and although the pampers size 1 are a touch big we are using those.
  • Lucy also now holds her poop for one or two big full diapers generally at the end of the day.  We have had a few blow out the sides...I knew it was too good to be true to not have a blow out.
  • When we leave the house we always pack extra diapers, wipes, change of clothes and a couple of burp clothes and those awesome muslin blankets we didn't have with the other kids.
  • She is giving us one longer stretch at night unfortunately its from 9:30-2 (4.5 hours).  If I was good and went to bed I would also get a longer stretch but I normally catch up on social media and you know all that stuff that rots your brain ;)!  
  • Lucy also survived Adventureland thanks to a fan, lots of shade and some AC here and there.  A young (I am sure well meaning) young woman (not yet with children of her own) came up to me and told me my baby was quite red.  I was a bit annoyed and promptly told her, she was fine!  Lucy  wasn't red, the lady should see her red when she is mad.  She just has a pink complexion ;)!
  • We continue to enjoy meals a couple of times a week and visitors to meet Lucy!  Those meals sure are a blessing to a new mama!!!
  • She turned one month on Tuesday, July 28th so we will update once a month now.  She is definitely heavier and has filled out.  I am curious about how much she weighs...I might weigh her at my 6 week postpartum check in August!

Those lips...

She still likes to be swaddled but her hands normally break free at some point in the night.

A sweet friend gave us some onesies for these hot days and her little shorts...she is looking more "baby" like and less "newborn".

But she still likes to sleep on the bare part of my chest, luckily I have been wearing lots of tanks...she likes to be on my skin.

Vera and Solon got her a little gift at Buy Buy Baby...they thought she needed a "wubanub".  It actually does help keep it in place and you are less likely to lose the paci with a giraffe attached.  That's our carseat pacifier.

This is the face of a girl that just ate in the van AGAIN.  She just goes with it.  The kids love hanging out in the backseat playing too!

Us girls chilling at Adventureland in the shade with a slight breeze while the boys did the Tornado roller coaster.

...and Lucy at the water park, fan, baby umbrella, wubanub, burp cloth...she has a lot of accessories.

After a full day going on Saturday at Adventureland, she needed a lot of snuggles on Sunday from mommy!

Happy 28 days sweetheart (Vera's favorite pet name for you).  We love you!

PS Solon said she barfs so much because she gets sea sick from the car seat...

Life of Lucy Violet: Week 3...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
I am just documenting the first 4 weeks of her life in detail and then will switch to once a month is crazy busy with 3 littles but so much happens in the first month, I didn't want to miss a thing (although I fear I might have given these are tardy but something is better than nothing, right...yes my future self will be thankful for anything I can remember now in my sleep deprived state!).

Highlights of Week 3:
  • Our first TRUE week with daddy back at work and mommy with 3 munchkins.  We continued our "routine" of lazy mornings of a large helping of coffee, pajamas until at least 9:30am and lots of snuggles and morning cartoons.  Scott leaves about 7:45am for work and normally rouses me but our older 2 are so self-sufficient thanks to a tumultuous pregnancy.  They get themselves breakfast out of the breakfast basket in the muffins are their current favorite!
  • Lucy continues to eat about every 2.5-3 hours around the clock but she is now a nursing champ and in the night, it takes us about 15 minutes from start to finish with a diaper change thrown in there.  She is still right next to me in the rock n'play.  I am not sure yet when I will be ready to part with her but she can be kind of noisy even when she isn't hungry.  
  • We did make it to bible study, swimming lessons and tumbling again this week.  Lucy just rolls with the agenda...I do think twice about our schedule though and try to limit how much craziness we have in a day.  I need my snuggle time and truth be told, Lucy needs her mommy time too!  The kids do pretty well being home more and like to play with the neighbor kids in the afternoon if it isn't scorching hot outside.
  • There is no napping for anyone but Lucy around here so mommy gets what she gets from the night.  A large cup of coffee in the morning and a coke in the afternoon has been working for now.  I am trying to not drink diet pop while nursing and limiting my caffeine...that's really hard ;)!
  • We had more visits from friends this week and we all enjoyed that!
  • We rounded out the week with a visit to the drive-in movie but it was so hot we ended up sitting inside our parked car with it on.  It was still memorable, the kids thought the "car camping" was AWESOME!  
  • We also took a quick day trip to Cedar Falls so Lucy could meet her Great-Grandma Olive.  At 95, we travel to her!!!  Lucy did awesome and slept the whole way on the 1 hour and 45 minute trip.  
  • Lucy has earned the nickname "Volcano". She is a spitter sometime spitting what seems her whole meal and sometimes its a slow drip but we go through a lot of burp clothes and changes of clothes in a day!
  • Lucy still wears mostly newborn clothes but some are too tight in the middle (namely some cute little sundress onesies, so we passed those on to her soon to be new cousin, Ella!).
  • She is still wearing size newborn diapers and needs a change for both poop and pee every feeding.  She also has a knack of filling her drawers while nursing, so a change after nursing is sometimes necessary.
  • The kids still fight over her, touch her constantly and most of my reminders to them include, "be gentle, please don't touch her, get out of her face, ok that's enough kisses..."  They love her so much :).
Now here's a "few" pictures of week 3...

 Lucy's wedding attire arrived and we tried it on :)

Just so you know I do share her...she likes to sleep on daddy at night and I am most productive folding laundry, picking up, writing thank yous or blogging while she is in daddy's arms!

 Every morning, they ask to hold her...we get a lot of use out of that hoppy!

Lucy went with me to my PEO meeting and they threw her a very generous diaper shower.  We are set for a few months literally thanks to all the diapers we have been given over the last few months!  Scott especially loves that blessing and I do too :).  And the diaper cake is SO cute!

Getting ready to go...whenever we leave, we have to remember a change of clothes, pacis, burp clothes and a muslin blanket.  

...and of course lots of quality cuddles...there are never enough of these in a day.  I constantly am asking myself to enjoy, focus, and appreciate and then the end of the day comes and she is one day older and I think "Did I enjoy Solon, Vera and her enough to day."  Sometimes I wish there was more of me to give each one of them, I love them so much.  I know the older two are growing more independent which is good but I do feel guilty at times too...

If we have a home day, you better believe we spend time playing games - something I can do with all 3 of them.  A game of memory, crazy 8's or Go Fish anyone?

...where are we off to this time?

Family selfie at the drive-in...thank goodness for our van!  We would never have fit in the back of the SUV...

...I just couldn't help myself...she was there looking all squishy and I had to capture it :)

...and a 95 year age difference...imagine between their lifetimes how the world has and will change.  Great grandma Olive was smitten at first sight and well Lucy was happy in her arms (for a while anyway as long as she couldn't hear mommy's voice).  So glad they could meet...

Another week come and gone and 21 days of newness.  I think how did we ever live life without you little Lucy?  I can't imagine it...and yet we did but our family just feels so perfectly complete with you in it and we are so thankful...I count my blessings MANY times everyday!!!!

Life of Lucy Violet: Week 2

Sunday, July 26, 2015
Highlights from Week 2:
  • Lucy continues to sleep much of the time with a few wake periods, one in the morning while we are all snuggling in bed around 8:30 am for anywhere from a half hour to an hour and then one in the afternoon before dinner time and one after the kids go to bed.  (Very similar to her wake pattern in the womb :). 
  • Still wearing newborn clothes and size newborn diapers and eating every 3 hours around the clock.  
  • Mommy is feeling great despite lack of sleep, the first two weeks of her life I felt amazing compared to being was like being healed of a chronic illness.  I felt like a different woman - praise the Lord!
  • Grandma stayed until Tuesday morning and then we were on our own the rest of Tuesday.
  • Had family pictures on Wednesday morning so daddy stayed home in the morning and then had another quiet afternoon solo.  Wednesday evening was our first family of 5 outing to swimming lessons and then we followed up with dinner (I was feeling adventurous I guess), we survived and I nursed in the booth :/.  Lucy is not a huge fan of the nursing cape yet and either is mommy.
  • Thursday was our our first FULL solo day and we survived!  
  • Friday was our first mommy flying solo trip to tumbling class.  Lucy had her first car nursing session...this girl is learning to roll with what comes her way!
  • Our mornings consist of a large cup of coffee in bed with all the kids snuggled in after Lucy's 8am feeding.  We generally don't make it downstairs before 9am and some of us are still in PJ's.  Morning cartoons and more snuggles while general house maintenance happen like emptying the dishwasher, clearing the morning dishes and anything else that can get done in about 10 minutes (Lucy is growing to like the mamaroo but this week we are at about 10 minutes in it).  
  • There are lots of snuggles and card games throughout the day.  Our favorites while mommy holds Lucy include Go Fish, Memory and Crazy 8's.  We also read books and the kids are doing a good job of keeping themselves busy for the most part or playing with the neighbors.
  • We are so thankful for delivery of meals as dinner time can be tricky with 3 hungry little mouths to feed.
  • We rounded out the week with watching the city-wide parade and neighborhood block party.  It was so hot so she made her debut an then spent much of the time in the comfort of the AC.  (more on that in our July in pictures post)

That hand...SQUISH!

The face of a mom of 3 flying solo for the first time...

Morning snuggles - laundry folding optional these takes about 3 days to complete the full cycle of laundry (wash, dry, fold and put away and sometimes we are digging to find what we need out of the clean pile ;)

Little Lucy in the one and only newborn outfit ALL 3 of my kiddos wore - a comparison post coming

More morning snuggles, everyone loves to hold Lucy so we all take turns

Trying some tummy time...she does best at the end when she gets mad!

She is always folding her legs while nursing..I just love to stare and rub those little tootsies...

Getting more alert by the day in her stylish pineapple number (and Vera's favorite outfit for her).  Vera loves to pick out her clothes and the Elmo diapers are the first ones to go from a pack...

We did attend the city-wide parade and neighborhood block party to round out week 2 with lots of friends.  A yearly tradition we look forward to all year long.

...She is a mama's girl and just to be sure I don't pawn her off, she likes to hold on tight!

Mommy and Lucy on her 2 week birthday!

...and bright eyed and bushy-tailed with mommy in the evening :) She has dark beautiful blue eyes like her sister and brother, courtesy of their daddy!

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