Seasons of Change...

Note: This summer our Titus2Women's Bible Study is asking different women to share from their hearts.  They can share a self-written devotion or a devotion found that resonated with them.  I found "Seasons of Change" to be something God has been really speaking to me about lately with many applicable personal illustration...I thought I would post it in case anyone wanted to give it a read :).

We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it.
Proverbs 16:9 MSG

My grandparents anxious to not get left behind in the ever-changing world asked for our help to teach them about the iPhone.  As we explained the different tools, features and apps you could see their eyes begin to grow glossy.  The change from a simple flip phone to this expensive piece of technology was going to take some getting use to. 

I wrestle with the same emotions they did with the changes in my life.  Sometimes we choose change (getting a new phone) and sometimes change comes whether we like it or not (kids moving on in life).  In this life, there is no escaping it, change is constant.  The change of seasons, the subtle change of a body growing older (a less subtle change after 30 ;), children growing up, family members leaving this earth, new leadership at church or the swift change of technology (remember when we took pictures with a camera and, like my grandparents, we had a flip phone).  

Change is constant.

 Change can bring with it many emotions.  Fear, concern, anticipation, excitement, concern, and discomfort.  It may keep us up long after we should be sleeping in the night as our mind runs down a rabbit trail of possibilities.  Some change, even for our good, can be hard to get used to.

In a world that is ever changing as Christians we can approach it confidently.  How?  God is constant.  In our key verse today, we are reminded about the biblical truth that we do not walk this Earth alone.  We may plan the course but God enables us to live it confidently.  His truths and his ways are the counter to change, they are unchanging.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and tomorrow.  
Hebrews 13:8 NIV

The book of Hebrews was written to a nation facing hard times, so much so they needed reassurance God was who He said He was.  Even today, many find themselves like the Hebrews as well as the recipients of James.  James assured his readers in James 1:17 b "(God) who does not change like shifting shadows." The bible is filled with books with an underlying message of encouragement in the midst of tough times and change.

So if we know God is constant and change still brings us a myriad of emotions, what can we practically do?  We need to train our mind to approach God FIRST with our thoughts and let Him help us, He is willing and waiting.  

God will provide peace (John 14:27) but he will use the change to refine us.  Refine us to be more like him, to practice going to to him, using each time to help us gain a deeper, more trusting relationship with our father.   

Change takes time to get use to but with God we can have confidence that whatever change we do face, we won't be alone and it will be used for our good.  

Dear Lord, Thank you for being our constant in the midst of change.  Sometimes, it can get downright overwhelming.  Help us to remember to approach you first with our concerns.  Lead us through and help us reflect on how we are being refined in the process.  Let us glorify you like mirrors to a world of unrest. You are the same yesterday and today and forever and we can trust you.  Help us to live this life with confidence because you alone are constant.  Amen.

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