June in Pictures...

These month posts are going to save me because I can document our life and remember all the highlights in one LONG (26 picture heavy post).  Here's a snapshot of what we were up to in June!

Solon and Vera have been really into self-portraits.  Solon whipped this one up for me one morning before he left for his TX trip so I wouldn't be sad while he was gone.  I loved it so much, I mod-lodged it onto a canvas.  Can you find baby?
I read online that you can regrow celery after you cut the top off.  You just have to put it in water and the shoots will start to grow, once you have plenty of leaves, you can transplant it to your garden.  Well sure enough it worked, we also tried it out with green lettuce and it worked too.  We are on our 2nd batch and the 1st batch is already planted in the garden.  We also tried the food coloring in water trick to watch how water travels up a broccoli stalk, I am pulling out all of my first grade science experiments.  Solon is REALLY into them right now :).

We headed to Ames to get our rearview mirror fixed from when the kids were playing "drive the car" ($250 later its fixed....whoops! Daddy wasn't happy ;)  To celebrate surviving 2 hours at the car dealership for that and an oil change, we went and had lunch at Hickory Park.  Since its June, there were lots of incoming freshmen with their families there.  It took me back to 2001 (14 short years ago) to when I was there with my mom and ironically in 14 more years, we could be there with Solon.  That made me hyperventilate...knowing how fast the last 14 years have whizzed by!

Then the much anticipated TX trip with Grandma, Grandpa and his great-grandparents ALL by himself.  He wasn't nervous at all.  Grandma got him a camera to document the trip and we got to see all 100+ photos and videos he took :).  I told him I missed him when he got back and he said, "Mom I  didn't really have time to miss you, I had too much fun!"  So sweet, sounds like a successful 48 hour trip by plane to TX!  They swam, ate out and he pretty much had the attention of all 6 doting adults plus my cousins for 48 hours straight, he didn't really want to share Grandma with Vera when they got home!

While Solon was gone, we decided to treat Vera to some special time of her own before she became a big sister.  We took Solon to Build-A-Bear before she was born and she had never gone! She picked out a lovely very girly bear to make and of course found a lovely tutu and butterfly shirt to accessorize with.  She ate it up.  We also ate out, daddy took her to Menard's for a special daddy date (they got candy at the checkout - something my dad did with me when I was young :).   She loved being the only child for 48 hours!

When my mom and Solon got back, she stayed for an extra day to help get wedding shoes for Solon, Vera and I and to try to find a cute dress for the rehearsal dinner.  This picture just cracks me up, finding a dress that "might" work for nursing at 36 weeks pregnant was comical :).  Squint and you can see the vision...luckily its a wrap dress.
My sweet mom also noticed all my impatience didn't survive the random spring weather so she got some more and planted them for me...what would we do without awesome moms!
She also insisted I tack on a pedicure to my haircut and highlight and enjoy "me" time while she babysat the kids.  It was heavenly!

Solon moved up to level 6 in June and is just loving swimming (So is V, she wishes she could move on up but they won't until she turns 4).  Solon is now working on back stroke, side stroke, froggy kicks and treading water.  He was so excited the day they got to test out the canoe in the pool as a prize for good work in class and yes he only has one other little boy in his class!  We highly recommend Aqua-Tots!
We got the car seat installed (yes Vera is sleeping in the seat over)...multi-tasking as once she is asleep, you can't move her or nap time is over :). 
I snuck in a girls night with the neighbors too before baby comes.  We dined at Centro, ate very slowly, ordered appetizers and then hit up a dessert bar...we never ran out of conversation!   Scott called at 11:30 wondering if I was ok, we had fun!  I needed a nap the next day...
We celebrated 9 years on June 17th...not sure how we have been married that long and together for almost 14 years.  I cherish him more everyday and love spending time together. We enjoyed a date night out heading to a local microbrewery (which he loves) and sampling some food truck fare before heading to my favorite downtown restaurant, Django (french cuisine)...of course we ordered the poutine and split steak frites!  YUM!  I have heard a couple that laughs together will last a long time and we LAUGH A LOT.  He thinks I am funny and vice versa, so glad God gave me him!

We packed up the hospital bags and they are ready to go for both a boy and a girl!

Solon went to his first "camp".  Our town has a great program called "Safety Town" for incoming kindergarteners.  They learn all about water safety, stranger danger, emergency protocols, visit the fire stations, have police visits, get to ride a school bus and do a million other fun things according to Solon.  He was bummed it was only a week long.  They had a little graduation ceremony with Sadie the Safety Town mascot.  He now knows how to get into my phone and dial daddy's number as well as 911!  Good lessons to learn...

We have been knocking out some of our summer bucket list items and a big one the kids anticipate every year is the great backyard campout.  Father's day weekend the weather was PERFECT so Scott got the fire going and we had campfire packets for dinner with s'mores for dessert.  Vera even joined the boys for the whole night of sleep...she couldn't wait to sleep under the stars and didn't fall asleep until she saw them (which is quite late).  Everyone took a nap the next day but they all had a blast!

We also celebrated father's day with a delicious lunch on the back deck, riding bikes to the Ankeny Farmer's market (I drove ;), and heading to the pool for a dinner picnic!
The kids also helped me make homemade strawberry shortcake for daddy.  He has always wanted me to learn how and if I had known how easy it was, I wouldn't have waited for 9 years to learn :).  He said it was worth the wait!  Bisquick to the rescue!

Vera and Mia

...and of course lots and lots and lots of swimming at the pool for us!  I have some fishies but Scott and I love the pool too so we don't mind taking them at all.  We get good use out of our passes!  We are just trying to figure out how we will take a newborn too but we will figure it out, I know!
Max and Solon

Sibling love with a Mia photo bomb - love it :)

Just some sun-bathing girls!

We also have snuck in time to do some crafting including using up our last of our kiwi crates that Auntie Ellen gifted us for Christmas (I highly recommend them for gifts for kids who have too many toys for their own good ;).  We also got lots of rest time in, some baby room crafting and a few other crafts too!  July looks to be a fun month too with every weekend having a little something fun on the calendar!  Baby #3 is just going to have to get used to being on the go, I am afraid :).  We also have plenty of down time built in too!

I love summer, I could say that over and over and over again.  Sitting outside on Friday nights, casually chatting with neighbors into the evening while the kids play in the backyard, meeting up with friends at the pool, and soaking up the sun.  Oh I love SUMMER :).  Happy June!