June Goals and May Wrap-up...

Today is June 1!  We are officially in the month we are going to have a baby.  I am getting so anxious to meet this tiny person who has taken up residence in my increasingly tight belly.  Let's see how I did in May...

1.  Clean out basement and get rid of unneeded items...check and done!  We also got extra points for getting the nursery cleaned up and organized too.  What a weight off the shoulders this one is.  
2. Go to gym 1-2 times per week...Again, check and done.  I am not going to lie.  I am down to walking with the kiddos around the neighborhood now and going to 1 water class a week.  I will put my membership on hold at the end of the month.  People ask why I strive for this and yes my sister is getting married 4 weeks after I have this little kiddo but also I worked out with V and labor went faster and recovery was easier.    I feel better emotionally and physically when I can get a work out in (I don't always feel like it but I know its good for me).

3. Plant our garden and some flowers...I love the tradition we have of going to get the garden plants and flowers on Mother's day weekend and spending the day planting.  Unfortunately, right after we planted we had some crisp, very windy weather that nearly killed everything.  Everything has bounced back except the watermelon plant (and we are ok with that one not surviving ;).  Our broccoli is knocking our socks off, our first time with that veggie!  My flowers are struggling with the cooler weather, hoping this week with warmer weather things will start to REALLY grow!

4.  Go to Ledges State Park...We went and had a blast.  Next time we need to check whether the road is open to cars, it was not so we had to walk down the "mountain" and back up.  Vera and I survived, its a big hill for a peanut like V and a 33 week pregnant momma!  
5.  Enjoy Family walks...we were not as good with this one as we hoped.  We have tried but our evening schedule has been really full lately.

6.  Eat outside whenever possible...we are enjoying our outdoor table.  Food tastes better outside.  We are also loving all the fresh yummy in season berries and watermelon!

7.  Read a book...I had a book in mind to finish and I cannot get into it.  It's the last book of a series I have read from start to nearly finish.  Part of the book is a recap of all the families and then something bad happens.  I did skim ahead to see what it was so I wasn't stressed to read it but now I just need to finish!  Here's to hoping "Coming Home" will be read by weeks end!  I have another book waiting in the wings to read!

Let's see what June holds...

  1.  Have Solon wear his eye patch daily...This is my fault and I need to be diligent about having him wear it.  We go back for a check-up in August and they are hoping to see improvement, well that isn't going to happen if he doesn't wear his patch but I am awful at remembering.  We made up a calendar for June and if he wears it all week, he has a bank of fun rewards he can choose from...like Pizza Ranch with dad, a small packet of legos, etc.  He absolutely despises it so I am A-ok with heftier bribes to get us through!
  2. Go to pool whenever possible...the water feels amazing to this prego mama and I will have a harder time in July getting there with a newborn so we hope to put our passes to use in the afternoons/weekends/evenings of June!
  3. Continue to do AquaFit...it feels awesome and I know it helps my muscles in the core to fire in a gentle way which will assist in pushing!
  4. Enjoy this final month as family of 4.  I surely don't just want to wish each day away but truly enjoy this stage of life we are in.  Scott and I are soaking up talk time in the rocking chairs at night while the kids play and this morning the kids and I took a walk to get some exercise and then played at the park.  I jut want to enjoy them and this weather.  We wait for summer all year!
  5. Work on the "nesting to do" list.  The list is about half complete and some of the items just have to wait until the final week, like wash all bedding, deep clean the bathrooms, deep clean kitchen, etc.  But there are some things like make a list of easy go to meals and laminate so when I have no brain after baby I can still meal plan and also finish catching up the blog (I am close ;).  
So there is June in a nutshell...Solon heads to Texas this weekend with my parents.  His first solo trip, I am trying to pray hard and not let my fears run away!  He is BEYOND excited.  We also celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary and Father's day and have a fun night out planned.  I have a couple of girls nights planned (one being to ice cream tonight!) and bible study starts back up this week.  Not to mention we will continue to do tumbling and swimming classes.  Solon bumped up another level at swimming, our kids are fish...I think they might grow gills.  I love summer.  So much to be thankful for!