June Goal Recap and July Goals...

  1. Have Solon wear his eyepatch daily - I am happy to report we has worn it about 5/7 days which we call a success and vast improvement.  We find it easiest when we don't have somewhere to rush off to in the morning and the larger bribes we used this month helped him to "remember" himself more.  He enjoyed getting to pick out a new game to play, dinner with Daddy at Pizza Ranch, a family ice cream trip to Sonic and working on one more prize for the month!  
  2. Go to pool whenever possible - check, done!  This month has been hot and humid and the cool water feels amazing on a very pregnant belly!  I even sneak in during pool breaks and make my kids watch me float there ;)!  We have especially loved going around 4pm with a picnic dinner and having a picnic with friends and Scott for dinner and closing down the "new" pool at 8pm. It is much quieter and Solon was even able to test out the flow rider without a long line, he fell in love.  He has also been practicing the swim test, he can make it across but he is nervous to actually "take the test". 

  3. Continue to do aquafit for the rest of pregnancy - check.   The older women in my class just ooh and ah over me and when I don't come, they seem to find me around time.  I have been going one time a week, just depends on the day based on our schedule!
  4. Enjoy this last month as a family of 4.  Despite my exhaustion and emotions, we have snuck in lots of special memories and fun.  You will see all of that in our June in pictures recap!
  5. Work on the nesting to do - check!  We have pretty much finished up all the major projects we had wanted to accomplish, we scheduled the mudding, taping, texturing of the basement walls for a little bit after baby arrives and now we are just trying to keep up on the daily/weekly chores so our house is "tidy" when baby arrives!
Progress in the basement!

And now on to July goals...
  1. Soak up all the baby-ness we can!  Really I just want to soak up this first month.  I am kind of cuddling in and keeping everyone close and we are going to hold as long as we want to, smell that baby head, rock and survive of course but we have waited for this moment for a while and this is our last so my goal is to enjoy!
  2. Adjust to a family of 5 - I am not naive here ;)
  3. Make some fun summer memories!  Just because we are having a baby doesn't mean summer stops.  We have lots of summer fun scheduled on the weekend, nothing wild but Scott's company picnic at Adventureland, Ankeny Summerfest and neighbor block party, Grandma and Grandpa Camp and of course to round out July, my sister is getting married!
  4. Slow down and enjoy!  This is hard for me, put down my to do list and expectations and just be in this moment God has given us, let the distractions be invisible to my eyes.