End of an Era -- Wrapping up Preschool with Solon...

The end of the school year is full of so many fun and exciting events and activities.  Our calendar was full of them in May!  Solon wrapped up his first school adventure and it was a great experience for all of us.  He loved his 3 teachers, his classmates and learned a lot both academically and socially.  Our greatest goal for him as he left was to LOVE learning and school and he does, success!  

At the beginning of May was his last program, it was all nursery rhyme themed and he participated in acting out "Mary Had a Little Lamb".  The only "thing" his teachers ever said he needed to work on was to be more comfortable in a large group (cough, cough sound like anyone you know - both Scott and I actually were horribly shy as children so this was NO surprise to us).  The little role of a school boy in the skit was a perfect way to include him, love how his teachers know him so well.  You can also tell by his "oh mom stop looking and taking pictures of me, I don't like being in front of so many people pose" in the picture below :)!

Much happier to be eating his celebratory cookie and getting love from his sister post program.  We also started a little tradition of letting him pick where we go to eat for lunch following and even Daddy gets to have a special lunch out with us.  His choice normally involves his very favorite mexican restaurant :).

The next week he had a field trip to the farm (literally less than a mile from our house).  They had chickens and a horse, lots of farm equipment the kids got to look at and sit inside.  I learned a lot as a chaperone about chickens and different kinds that lay eggs vs. meat chickens.  Thanks to my friend Emilie for watching Vera so I could go.
Solon and his favorite friend, Max.
Testing out the tractor...

And of course the last day of school they had a play day.  They had different stations where they could get their face painted, tattooed, make a craft (a bracelet for mommy), make a snack mix (which is really cool by the way and where Solon spent a long time apparently ;), ride on bikes, etc.

Note Solon did not get his face painted which did not surprise me one bit...he does not like that kind of stuff ;)!  The little girl in the picture is who we took to school for the last 2 years.  She will go to the same elementary school as Solon next year.  Unfortunately, Solon's best friend Max won't but Solon already has plans for after-school and weekend playdates and luckily we have an extra long summer to play together before Kindergarten starts.

Congratulations Solon on a a great first 2 years of school.  We see your obedient and loving heart shine through and your desire to learn about our world.  We pray you continue to have that love of learning, find special friends, and have great motivating teachers in the years to come!  We love you!

And just to compare...
Beginning of the year (Left) and end of year (right)