Belly Project: 36 Weeks...

36 Weeks Side and Front
Baby Size:  Size of a cantaloupe, around 5 lbs and 18 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 23 lbs (remember how I lost 2 lbs 1 week, well I gained 3 the next - oops!)
Gender: Most guesses these days are for girl and I agree, I am the most sure I have been with any pregnancy this is a girl.  I will be happy either way but my hunch is we will be using the initials LVP!
Movement: Baby IS head down.  There were a couple of times where it could have happened but not sure when.  I think the chiropractor has really helped prep baby for arrival and we are praying she can even help baby come out the correct way and not sunny side up...mommy would be especially happy for recovery :)!  Baby is still most active at night when I lay down.  This one likes to kick the opposite ribs Solon did, glad they are evening things out.  They also like to grab my hip bones which has to be the weirdest feeling EVER!
Fetal Heartbeat:  Once again baby was on the NST monitor for over an hour.  Their heart rate was really high then low and of course thats "normal" but this mommy was stressed out.  Finally they settled into the 145-155 range which seems to be where they like to be almost every appointment.
Sleep: The chiropractor has helped my body not to feel so ancient so rolling around at night is not AS painful.  I am still pretty sore by days end in my hips.  I like to nap everyday and the days I have an adjustment/accupuncture, I pass out HARD for at least an hour in the HARD sleep!  I am getting by with less sleep, going to bed at 11pm and getting up around 7:30am.  That's very unusual for me who had been going to bed by 9pm...
Cravings: My heartburn is raging and at times making me cough and gag...they don't call it "burn" for nothing.  I know this will pass so trying to just drink some dairy, eat small meals and have a bowl of ice cream everyday ;)!  I have been craving mostly fruits and veggies, nothing fast food really sounds great but you never know on a whim, I could be persuaded.  I can finally eat more than a few bites as baby is starting to descend.  About a week ago we went for lunch after church and I had a part of an appetizer and, I was already full.  Diet mountain dew and lots of lemon in my water are my go toe!
Symptoms: heartburn, getting pretty ouchy/sore in my hip area, tired, and a touch more on the "particular" side.  Or as Scott would say "bossy" side ;).  I am just getting ready to have this kid and want things just so, which is very much my personality on steroids and happens every.single.pregnancy so he goes with it :)!  Low blood pressure which is made worse by the hot weather.  Last week it measured 95/67...this week it was back up to 105/60's.  Doctor recommended everything he normally does not recommend, salt, caffeine and of course stay very very hydrated (which is good for all pregnant people).
Exercise: Keeping busy with working around the house, bending over (that's a serious workout now), taking walks and doing AquaFit once a week at the gym.  I scheduled my gym membership to go on hold July 1 and my hope is to make it to my last 3 AquaFit classes before baby arrives :)!  
On My Heart: We have had some REALLY busy weeks which is a double-edged sword.  It makes time travel fast, helps me to get focused on the to do list, and try to fit in special times for the kids like going to the pool, etc.  BUT it also means stressed out Scott (who has had some doozies of weeks at work) and beyond exhausted mommy (who then gets crabby and emotional).  I have worked really hard to not yell at my kids over the years but it seems that pops out more and just the other day Solon was a puddle after I yelled at him (we have been working on no whining, and he did it again) excuses and I apologized.  These last few days are hallowed training ground for our adjustments in life coming.  I am sore, tired, and trying to soak in this last pregnancy, every kick, squirm and punch!  But I am just SO very anxious to meet this person.  I did about kiss the Hy-Vee delivery guy (folks, HyVee delivers groceries now and if you spend $100 there is no's amazing).  Anyway, he was in his 60s and asked how much longer I had, I said 3 weeks and he said, "I hope you don't mind me saying this but you look very slim and trim to be giving birth in 3 weeks." Again I nearly kissed him.!   
This week we have one last ultrasound (on Thursday), I switch from lovenox to heparin, and we have 3 more ob visits scheduled.  The induction is in the books at the hospital and we are rounding out our to do list.  I have been pregnant for nearly 10 months, waited since late 2013 to meet this one and the final countdown is near.  
I find this little quote appropriate...:)

And just to compare...
36 weeks with V (left) and 36 weeks with #3 (right)