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The Belly Project: Week 39...

Saturday, June 27, 2015
 Week 39

Baby Size:  Size of a a watermelon and over 7 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 23 lbs (now my post baby goal wait is to get down 30 lbs while nursing, I had gained a little weight in the stress of waiting for this one).
Gender: we will find out TOMORROW :)
Movement: been particularly active the last 48 hours.  I am not sure if they are uncomfortable, just having one final hurrah or what but man they have been doing all sorts of things in there.  We can fill limbs and see things move across my tummy.  I will miss guessing what they are doing and that feeling of life in your tummy, as crazy and weird as it seems, what a gift God has given us to feel our baby grow and develop.
Fetal Heartbeat:  145-155 (but on the monitor yesterday while being super crazy it was mostly in the 170's)
Sleep: Struggling to sleep...up in the night to use the restroom or just randomly wake up and stay awake for no known least I will have a reason after today!
Cravings: I have had a lot of nausea again at the end, they say that happens when birth is imminent.  Who knows?  I still need pop to help in the morning, mini muffins, watermelon, sandwiches with lettuce (has to have lettuce), and veggies.  
Symptoms: waddling, looking like who knows what getting out of bed, sometimes needing a hand to get out of a chair, having to focus to potty as baby seems to pinch off my bladder, emotions (oh my word, my emotions....they are definitely not helpful!).  We are at a solid 3, maybe 4 and almost fully effaced so baby is getting ready to come but induction takes place tomorrow.  I can't believe we got through all 500+ shots, I still have to take one a day for 6 weeks postpartum but the 2/day is now over!  As all moms can attest, you would do anything for your baby and their well-being, that was what I had to do and in order to have these precious babes I would do it all over again (for them, we are done!).
Exercise: we have been trying to walk this baby out every single day.
On My Heart:  Without getting too emotional, I have been really reflecting over this journey God has had us on since October 2013.  All previous times we got pregnant pretty easily and it took us a couple months to get pregnant before our miscarriage and then we had to wait.  In that waiting, I never questioned WHO God was but there were days I questioned why he had us waiting, why he placed an ache in my soul he wasn't fulfilling, why others had it easier then me, and the list goes on and on.  I came away with a big learning moment that I need to love and desire God above any of my earthly desires.  HE wants all of my heart and all of my trust.  I didn't trust Him fully and still struggle today but He and I grew closer in the last 2 years and I am not the person I was 2 years ago, I am being refined in the sweetest and most delicate of ways by our heavenly father.  I now know all I need to whisper is "Jesus" and He is there.  He is louder than the enemy's whispers.  He is faithful (To be clear I got to the point where I understood He was faithful even if another baby never came).  
I always said I wanted 3-4 kids.  The thing I love most about this fact is that God gave me both, exactly what I said I wanted.  3 kids on this Earth and 4 for eternity (Well I pray all of my children will ask Jesus into their hearts).  1 is already there waiting for us.  Thank you Lord for knowing our heart and loving us so well!
Scott and I keep chatting about how our family is about to change, this has been the largest gap in our family's life with no major life change.  We waited 3 years to have Solon, 2 more years to have Vera and now its been 4 years.  I wouldn't have chosen this time frame myself but the beauty in all of this is I ABSOLUTELY love that my children are older.  As we were snuggling with Solon this morning, he is just as excited as us.  Rushing in yesterday to tell me, "Mom we have just 2 days until baby, I am so excited, I can't wait."  He placed a sweet photo of our family in the bet I teared up.  There is just so much love, anticipation and God's sovereign planning written all over this time.  It makes me realize, that His plans are above mine and His ways are better than mine!  I hope I remember that for a long time, the planner in me ;)!
And just to keep it real this week has been a roller coaster, I had a ROUGH mommy day on Wednesday complete with yelling at both of my kids who burst into tears...and repenting and asking for their forgiveness on my part.  In addition, Vera painted her nails and spilled an entire bottle of purple nail polish on the floor.  She also colored the wall with crayons, and chose to color her body with markers in addition to being super disobedient.  Good thing she is so cute but dang she is a hard nut to crack for discipline.  
All in all, we are ready to close the chapter on this pregnancy journey filled with IV's, days of laying in bed, shots, doctors visits, and the list goes on and on. God was faithful to fill the space with lots of fun memories, encouraging friends and family, many prayers and we just can't wait to write the next chapter in our family's history tomorrow beginning at 7am!
Solon's sweet art - our first family portrait

June in Pictures...

Thursday, June 25, 2015
These month posts are going to save me because I can document our life and remember all the highlights in one LONG (26 picture heavy post).  Here's a snapshot of what we were up to in June!

Solon and Vera have been really into self-portraits.  Solon whipped this one up for me one morning before he left for his TX trip so I wouldn't be sad while he was gone.  I loved it so much, I mod-lodged it onto a canvas.  Can you find baby?
I read online that you can regrow celery after you cut the top off.  You just have to put it in water and the shoots will start to grow, once you have plenty of leaves, you can transplant it to your garden.  Well sure enough it worked, we also tried it out with green lettuce and it worked too.  We are on our 2nd batch and the 1st batch is already planted in the garden.  We also tried the food coloring in water trick to watch how water travels up a broccoli stalk, I am pulling out all of my first grade science experiments.  Solon is REALLY into them right now :).

We headed to Ames to get our rearview mirror fixed from when the kids were playing "drive the car" ($250 later its fixed....whoops! Daddy wasn't happy ;)  To celebrate surviving 2 hours at the car dealership for that and an oil change, we went and had lunch at Hickory Park.  Since its June, there were lots of incoming freshmen with their families there.  It took me back to 2001 (14 short years ago) to when I was there with my mom and ironically in 14 more years, we could be there with Solon.  That made me hyperventilate...knowing how fast the last 14 years have whizzed by!

Then the much anticipated TX trip with Grandma, Grandpa and his great-grandparents ALL by himself.  He wasn't nervous at all.  Grandma got him a camera to document the trip and we got to see all 100+ photos and videos he took :).  I told him I missed him when he got back and he said, "Mom I  didn't really have time to miss you, I had too much fun!"  So sweet, sounds like a successful 48 hour trip by plane to TX!  They swam, ate out and he pretty much had the attention of all 6 doting adults plus my cousins for 48 hours straight, he didn't really want to share Grandma with Vera when they got home!

While Solon was gone, we decided to treat Vera to some special time of her own before she became a big sister.  We took Solon to Build-A-Bear before she was born and she had never gone! She picked out a lovely very girly bear to make and of course found a lovely tutu and butterfly shirt to accessorize with.  She ate it up.  We also ate out, daddy took her to Menard's for a special daddy date (they got candy at the checkout - something my dad did with me when I was young :).   She loved being the only child for 48 hours!

When my mom and Solon got back, she stayed for an extra day to help get wedding shoes for Solon, Vera and I and to try to find a cute dress for the rehearsal dinner.  This picture just cracks me up, finding a dress that "might" work for nursing at 36 weeks pregnant was comical :).  Squint and you can see the vision...luckily its a wrap dress.
My sweet mom also noticed all my impatience didn't survive the random spring weather so she got some more and planted them for me...what would we do without awesome moms!
She also insisted I tack on a pedicure to my haircut and highlight and enjoy "me" time while she babysat the kids.  It was heavenly!

Solon moved up to level 6 in June and is just loving swimming (So is V, she wishes she could move on up but they won't until she turns 4).  Solon is now working on back stroke, side stroke, froggy kicks and treading water.  He was so excited the day they got to test out the canoe in the pool as a prize for good work in class and yes he only has one other little boy in his class!  We highly recommend Aqua-Tots!
We got the car seat installed (yes Vera is sleeping in the seat over)...multi-tasking as once she is asleep, you can't move her or nap time is over :). 
I snuck in a girls night with the neighbors too before baby comes.  We dined at Centro, ate very slowly, ordered appetizers and then hit up a dessert bar...we never ran out of conversation!   Scott called at 11:30 wondering if I was ok, we had fun!  I needed a nap the next day...
We celebrated 9 years on June 17th...not sure how we have been married that long and together for almost 14 years.  I cherish him more everyday and love spending time together. We enjoyed a date night out heading to a local microbrewery (which he loves) and sampling some food truck fare before heading to my favorite downtown restaurant, Django (french cuisine)...of course we ordered the poutine and split steak frites!  YUM!  I have heard a couple that laughs together will last a long time and we LAUGH A LOT.  He thinks I am funny and vice versa, so glad God gave me him!

We packed up the hospital bags and they are ready to go for both a boy and a girl!

Solon went to his first "camp".  Our town has a great program called "Safety Town" for incoming kindergarteners.  They learn all about water safety, stranger danger, emergency protocols, visit the fire stations, have police visits, get to ride a school bus and do a million other fun things according to Solon.  He was bummed it was only a week long.  They had a little graduation ceremony with Sadie the Safety Town mascot.  He now knows how to get into my phone and dial daddy's number as well as 911!  Good lessons to learn...

We have been knocking out some of our summer bucket list items and a big one the kids anticipate every year is the great backyard campout.  Father's day weekend the weather was PERFECT so Scott got the fire going and we had campfire packets for dinner with s'mores for dessert.  Vera even joined the boys for the whole night of sleep...she couldn't wait to sleep under the stars and didn't fall asleep until she saw them (which is quite late).  Everyone took a nap the next day but they all had a blast!

We also celebrated father's day with a delicious lunch on the back deck, riding bikes to the Ankeny Farmer's market (I drove ;), and heading to the pool for a dinner picnic!
The kids also helped me make homemade strawberry shortcake for daddy.  He has always wanted me to learn how and if I had known how easy it was, I wouldn't have waited for 9 years to learn :).  He said it was worth the wait!  Bisquick to the rescue!

Vera and Mia

...and of course lots and lots and lots of swimming at the pool for us!  I have some fishies but Scott and I love the pool too so we don't mind taking them at all.  We get good use out of our passes!  We are just trying to figure out how we will take a newborn too but we will figure it out, I know!
Max and Solon

Sibling love with a Mia photo bomb - love it :)

Just some sun-bathing girls!

We also have snuck in time to do some crafting including using up our last of our kiwi crates that Auntie Ellen gifted us for Christmas (I highly recommend them for gifts for kids who have too many toys for their own good ;).  We also got lots of rest time in, some baby room crafting and a few other crafts too!  July looks to be a fun month too with every weekend having a little something fun on the calendar!  Baby #3 is just going to have to get used to being on the go, I am afraid :).  We also have plenty of down time built in too!

I love summer, I could say that over and over and over again.  Sitting outside on Friday nights, casually chatting with neighbors into the evening while the kids play in the backyard, meeting up with friends at the pool, and soaking up the sun.  Oh I love SUMMER :).  Happy June!

A few quick silhouette projects...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
My baby sister is getting hitched :)...and she and my mom found this darling lantern to use as the card holder!  Isn't that clever, the top has a perfect sized opening.  They asked me to personalize it with a little vinyl and voila a decoration that can be used and enjoyed past the wedding day :).
...and my friend Emilie was over and liked this random tray I had!  I had gotten 2 at Hobby Lobby for $2 a piece.  They were dinged up but I knew I could make them when she mentioned she liked mine, I made her one too for their anniversary...It's imperfect as I used the vinyl as a stencil instead and we had a touch of bleeding but she loved it and it was made with love so that's all that matters ;).

June Goal Recap and July Goals...

Monday, June 22, 2015

  1. Have Solon wear his eyepatch daily - I am happy to report we has worn it about 5/7 days which we call a success and vast improvement.  We find it easiest when we don't have somewhere to rush off to in the morning and the larger bribes we used this month helped him to "remember" himself more.  He enjoyed getting to pick out a new game to play, dinner with Daddy at Pizza Ranch, a family ice cream trip to Sonic and working on one more prize for the month!  
  2. Go to pool whenever possible - check, done!  This month has been hot and humid and the cool water feels amazing on a very pregnant belly!  I even sneak in during pool breaks and make my kids watch me float there ;)!  We have especially loved going around 4pm with a picnic dinner and having a picnic with friends and Scott for dinner and closing down the "new" pool at 8pm. It is much quieter and Solon was even able to test out the flow rider without a long line, he fell in love.  He has also been practicing the swim test, he can make it across but he is nervous to actually "take the test". 

  3. Continue to do aquafit for the rest of pregnancy - check.   The older women in my class just ooh and ah over me and when I don't come, they seem to find me around time.  I have been going one time a week, just depends on the day based on our schedule!
  4. Enjoy this last month as a family of 4.  Despite my exhaustion and emotions, we have snuck in lots of special memories and fun.  You will see all of that in our June in pictures recap!
  5. Work on the nesting to do - check!  We have pretty much finished up all the major projects we had wanted to accomplish, we scheduled the mudding, taping, texturing of the basement walls for a little bit after baby arrives and now we are just trying to keep up on the daily/weekly chores so our house is "tidy" when baby arrives!
Progress in the basement!

And now on to July goals...
  1. Soak up all the baby-ness we can!  Really I just want to soak up this first month.  I am kind of cuddling in and keeping everyone close and we are going to hold as long as we want to, smell that baby head, rock and survive of course but we have waited for this moment for a while and this is our last so my goal is to enjoy!
  2. Adjust to a family of 5 - I am not naive here ;)
  3. Make some fun summer memories!  Just because we are having a baby doesn't mean summer stops.  We have lots of summer fun scheduled on the weekend, nothing wild but Scott's company picnic at Adventureland, Ankeny Summerfest and neighbor block party, Grandma and Grandpa Camp and of course to round out July, my sister is getting married!
  4. Slow down and enjoy!  This is hard for me, put down my to do list and expectations and just be in this moment God has given us, let the distractions be invisible to my eyes. 

The Belly Project: 38 weeks...

Saturday, June 20, 2015
38 Weeks...
...and side (Thanks to my trusty and sweet 5 year old photog)

Baby Size:  Size of a a pineapple and over 7 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 22 lbs (lost 2 lbs this week)
Gender: Most guesses these days are for girl but we will know SOON!
Movement: Still quite active especially at night after kids are in bed and get the hiccups at least once if not more!  Likes to stick one body part out of my left side, looks quite interesting and weirds Scott out.  Still like to kick up and when they do so pushes the acid from my stomach up...
Fetal Heartbeat:  145-155 
Sleep: Struggling to sleep, not sure if its excitement, annoyance that I am still pregnant, or just tossing and turning.  Normally get some shut eye between the hours of midnight and 6:30am.
Cravings: Nutty bars, fruit, celery with peanut butter, trail mix, fountain soda, lemon water, mini muffins.
Symptoms: daily emptying of the intestines - TMI sorry!  nerve pain from baby's head moving on them, cramps down low, lower back pain, and just feeling nauseated and crabby for no reason (and sometimes for reasons!).  I have so enjoyed this pregnancy but as my sweet SIL Raquel said, "I have enjoyed this pregnancy but it's okay now to be done!"  When I sit at home, I grow crabby so we have been trying to be with people who get late pregnancy and are encouraging, go to the pool, run errands and eat out more than we should be ;).  I keep saying next weekend we are having a baby...repeat, repeat, repeat.
Exercise: We are busy nesting, doing a once a week water class and chasing after the kids.  
On My Heart: I am so ready.  The last weeks of pregnancy are uncomfortable and the symptoms of nausea are hard to take given I have been dealing with them since about 5 weeks.  I am anxious to eat without the fear of puking or having raging heartburn.  I try to have  quiet moments to enjoy this little one moving within me and I do enjoy those but then there are times I am just so done I could cry, I seriously wanted to at the OB when my contractions were just little hills on the monitor :( and had not helped me make much progress in dilation.  There are a few things I want to remember though so bare with me...
  • The way Scott's face is equal parts weirded out and in awe when baby's limbs poke out and he can feel them.
  • The way Solon and Vera fervently pray for their tiny sibling even remembering to pray for things like "come out the right way".  They never forget to pray for this little one and haven't since we started praying for expanding our family way back in 2013.  What a testimony to share with them about the journey God has brought us through.
  • Surviving the first 16 weeks of this pregnancy and remembering how low functioning I was and how we made it through stronger!  I mean we went on a road trip and I was puking in a cup, pulling over and emptying it, and then continuing on.
  • Loving friends and family who have supported us through the ultrasounds, ups and downs and turns that this pregnancy had...5th disease, breech baby, sickness, etc.
  • The way your body just changes to accommodate life inside you, I don't remember what I looked like before and Solon says he doesn't remember either.
  • The peace in giving away my maternity clothes knowing this is it.
  • Making goals this time to stop and smell the roses, embrace the chaos, and hold the baby longer if I want.  Being selfish of our time as a family of 5.
  • The crazy things you crave and the sudden undeniable desire to have it right then like a Taco John's fix at 9pm!
  • The fun memories we have made as a family of 4 over the last few months.  
  • Watching my kids be SO excited to talk about their sibling and share their joy and excitement.  
  • Imagining who this little one is and every stranger's surprise when we tell them we have no idea what we are having :).  The kids get asked by the same amount what they want and they always answer the same, Solon - brother and Vera - sister.
  • Going to the chiropractor and receiving relief from the breech baby to helping this one come out NOT sunny side up to feeling so much better - I just thought you were supposed to not move in your last trimester.
  • Being able to say "any day now" when people ask when you are due and the sweet things people say to you about your rounded appearance...
  • the anticipation of remembering everything again and hoping its like riding a bike and it all comes back...
We are having this baby SOON and our lives will never be the same in all the perfect and right ways! We cannot wait and thank you so much for joining us on this amazing journey.  People I have been pregnant with are all having their babies, I am just waiting for our number to be called.  I pray we can go naturally but if its not God's will, induction is a safe, tried and true way to bring our baby into this world too!  Thank you Lord for the gift of motherhood, the good, the bad and the has refined me and grown me and I am so thankful they call me mommy!

Belly Project: A little over 37 weeks and counting...

Monday, June 15, 2015
37 weeks and baby has dropped...
Bare belly for memory sake ;)

Just over 37 weeks..
Baby Size:  Size of a watermelon, as of the ultrasound last Thursday baby weighed in at 7 lbs and is in the 60th percentile

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 24 lbs 
Gender: Most guesses these days are for girl but we will know SOON!
Movement: Baby is low (hence why I am writing this post), went the chiropractor today to get adjusted to keep baby from moving to sunny side up and keep my pelvic floor from rotating.  Baby is still squirming around in there and I feel their little head down low moving really low!
Fetal Heartbeat:  Once again baby was on the NST monitor for over an hour.  First they got my heart tones and then when they readjusted baby was tired but I drank some water and had some candy and baby woke up giving them what they wanted...HR is right around 145-155 consistently.
Sleep: I have not been needing as much sleep some days and have been going to bed really late for me - like 11pm and getting up around 7:30am.  I take a nap somedays (especially chiropractor days) but still toss and turn and the overnight thunderstorms have not helped ;)!
Cravings: Nutty bars, fruit, veggies, a nice sandwich with lettuce, mayo, cheese and meat, soda, and lots of water.  I had a girls night Saturday night and it was so lovely but unfortunately I got sick, like puked everything up when I got home, I sure hope that doesn't pop up the last 2 weeks consistently. :(
Symptoms: ouchy braxton hicks contractions that come and go but were measurable on the NST, ouch kicks way down low, some nerve pain from baby sitting on them (I just read that was what it was, it is ouchy!), anxiety over the birth (with blood thinners and 2 healthy babies, I just pray this one comes out healthy and both of us do well!).  Chiropractor has helped by putting a little acupuncture point for emotions and could be worse ;).  I do get crabby for no apparent reason and I try so hard to curb it because honestly I have no idea sometimes why I am crabby!
Exercise: We are busy nesting, doing a once a week water class and chasing after the kids.  
On My Heart: I am not going to minute I am like "We are having a baby!" and can't wait and then the next I get anxious about the delivery.  Our deliveries haven't been very smooth in the past with both kiddos coming sunny side and Vera's cord wrapped around her neck, so going in those things are in the back of my mind plus things are progressing on their own with my body this time which is amazing but also makes me anxious given blood thinners.  They assure me the blood thinners I am now on (heparin, we switched last week) wear off quickly and I might not get an epidural but other than that, baby and I should both be fine if I go into labor before induction day.  I went to the chiropractor today (Dr. Jennifer is amazing, she helped flip baby and is trying her best to keep baby head face down ;) and she said baby is right there (which I can feel ;).  I am trying so hard to relish these days with my big kids, enjoy the last days of pregnancy but it is getting SO hard!  I can't believe we are nearing the finish line...and I so can't wait to see Scott as a daddy again, my kids loving on this baby they have fervently prayed for for almost 2 years.  We are all are just so excited.  This baby is VERY loved.
We have knocked out some major nesting to dos and I got the nurse gifts ready (because let's face it they do 90% of the work), gifts from the baby to the big kids, the diaper bag with baby outfits packed, our house is mostly organized and purged, and for the most part deep cleaned.  I just have to keep up on the laundry and never ending dirty dishes and toilets ;).  Luckily Scott has been a champ helping me out and making me rest and watch a new show I found on Netflix (When the Heart Calls, highly recommend it).  How many more of these posts will we have?  Only God knows and I pray I can keep my eyes on Him and His plans for the end of this pregnancy because I know I need Him, I can't do it alone!!!

Mother's Day 2015...

Sunday, June 14, 2015
We have some fun and special traditions we started on Mother's Day weekend.  My mom always told me growing up that you can safely plant flowers and gardens mother's day weekend.  So we head to Goode's greenhouse to gather up veggies to plant in the garden.  This year we chose about 6 tomato plants, 2 green pepper plants, 4 broccoli plants, and onions.  We since have added a head of lettuce and celery as a science experiment (did you know if you take the bases, soak them in water, they will regrow...once they have leaves, you can plant them in your garden!).  

After the greenhouse, we headed to Menard's to grab some flowers, a hanging basket and all the dirt.  Then we rewarded ourselves with a trip to the Waterfront Restaurant in Ankeny.   It's a yummy place with a nice outdoor space and I love to eat outside!  We had sushi, which I had a huge hankering for.  You can't beat lunch outside, having something you are craving with all your sweeties!  It was the best way to celebrate.

After our bellies were full, we headed home and worked together as family doing all the planting.  We were all tuckered out by the end of the day!  Unfortunately, a quick cold snap nearly meant disaster for our hard work but everything mostly perked back to life.  My mom rescued the impatience that did not make it in the front yard and re-planted some flowers on a recent trip (I cannot bend over that well anymore!).

Lunch with the people that call me Mom! 
(and the one that will soon cry out for mom ;)
...and our delicious mouth watering spread :)

I love that I get to be a mom.  I have always dreamed of getting to have babies of my own and I love that Scott works so hard and allows me to be home with the munchkins.  We have our hard days of discipline and consistency but there are a lot of tiny rewards along the way in the form of hugs, kisses, snuggles, I love yous and the fruits of the training.  I am a blessed mommy, that's for sure.  The kids and Scott got me a much needed pedicure since I can't paint my own toes and Vera and I enjoyed a mommy and me date to get them done.  She is hooked and can't wait for her next mani/pedi for Auntie Ellen's wedding!

Vera's Preschool Orientation...

Saturday, June 13, 2015
So just a few days after Solon said good-bye to preschool, our little lady got to say hello and to say she was excited would be an understatement.  She could NOT wait to go to her preschool now.  They have an orientation where they can meet the teachers, check out the classroom, meet other families and get excited about fall.  She felt from comfortable from the start since big brother went there.  We actually know quite a few families going and of course we love the teachers!  She woke up the morning after ready to go to school TODAY!  She has the whole summer yet but she is definitely ready to go!  How is that possible?
My little preschool gal!
And a proud big brother...

Of course we had to celebrate with ice cream afterwards :)

End of an Era -- Wrapping up Preschool with Solon...

Thursday, June 11, 2015
The end of the school year is full of so many fun and exciting events and activities.  Our calendar was full of them in May!  Solon wrapped up his first school adventure and it was a great experience for all of us.  He loved his 3 teachers, his classmates and learned a lot both academically and socially.  Our greatest goal for him as he left was to LOVE learning and school and he does, success!  

At the beginning of May was his last program, it was all nursery rhyme themed and he participated in acting out "Mary Had a Little Lamb".  The only "thing" his teachers ever said he needed to work on was to be more comfortable in a large group (cough, cough sound like anyone you know - both Scott and I actually were horribly shy as children so this was NO surprise to us).  The little role of a school boy in the skit was a perfect way to include him, love how his teachers know him so well.  You can also tell by his "oh mom stop looking and taking pictures of me, I don't like being in front of so many people pose" in the picture below :)!

Much happier to be eating his celebratory cookie and getting love from his sister post program.  We also started a little tradition of letting him pick where we go to eat for lunch following and even Daddy gets to have a special lunch out with us.  His choice normally involves his very favorite mexican restaurant :).

The next week he had a field trip to the farm (literally less than a mile from our house).  They had chickens and a horse, lots of farm equipment the kids got to look at and sit inside.  I learned a lot as a chaperone about chickens and different kinds that lay eggs vs. meat chickens.  Thanks to my friend Emilie for watching Vera so I could go.
Solon and his favorite friend, Max.
Testing out the tractor...

And of course the last day of school they had a play day.  They had different stations where they could get their face painted, tattooed, make a craft (a bracelet for mommy), make a snack mix (which is really cool by the way and where Solon spent a long time apparently ;), ride on bikes, etc.

Note Solon did not get his face painted which did not surprise me one bit...he does not like that kind of stuff ;)!  The little girl in the picture is who we took to school for the last 2 years.  She will go to the same elementary school as Solon next year.  Unfortunately, Solon's best friend Max won't but Solon already has plans for after-school and weekend playdates and luckily we have an extra long summer to play together before Kindergarten starts.

Congratulations Solon on a a great first 2 years of school.  We see your obedient and loving heart shine through and your desire to learn about our world.  We pray you continue to have that love of learning, find special friends, and have great motivating teachers in the years to come!  We love you!

And just to compare...
Beginning of the year (Left) and end of year (right)

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