Solon Pre-K Artwork Winter/Early Spring...

Solon brings so many lovely creations from preschool and we hang them on the back door and bulletin board and then from time to time, we have to clear it off to make room for the next round.  Here's a look back at some early spring items :).

Solon titled this picture "A snowman in a BIG snowball fight"

Some donkeys from "Palm Sunday" Sunday school...
A little sequencing practice from their units on seeds and amphibians.
Solon knows the way to his mommy's heart is with hand artwork ;).  He made this one day for me because "I love you mommy!".  Heart.melted.
This might have been HIS favorite craft of the year.  A frog mask from their amphibian unit.  It originally had one of those blow horns that flips out and retracts but after a full days use, it was no longer with us.
...and a little stone soup artwork from their week reading the classic book "Stone Soup" and then making a class-size portion of said soup.  Solon contributed the carrots and said it was quite delicious.