Our Life Lately: May in Pictures...

May has come and gone.  Sometimes the days seem long until baby's arrival but I swear we just made the paper chain starting from 52 days left and now we are day 29, where does the time go?  My energy is waning so we are trying to do fun things mixed in with a whole lot of chill time at home and probably a touch too much television ;).  Let's reminisce on our May days!

Before 5th disease interrupted our plans, we planned to celebrate Nana's birthday and mother's day the first weekend of May.  My mom had extra towels from Ellen's shower SO we made Nana, Grandma and mommy towels!  The kids worked SO hard to make theirs special...they love, love, love craft projects.
Solon's above says "Solon (Heart) Nana" and a portrait of her.
Vera rocked the line art...it totally should be hanging in the MoMA!

We LOVE to celebrate May Day and since introducing it to our neighbors 2 years ago, it has totally taken off.  The kids love to assemble and most importantly deliver and ding dong ditch their friends!  Popcorn, dum dum lollipops and plastic cups for the cheap win ;).  It's not really about the food, it's more about the sweet surprise on the doorstep.  The kids also loved receiving them too!
So excited about their surprise delivery from a friend!
Daddy was gone late for meetings one night and so we had a slumber party in bed with mommy...we seem to have lots of sessions of resting in mommy's bed these days! As noted below, just waking up after a Sunday afternoon snooze!

...and when they do sleep in their own rooms, we find them in some interesting positions.  We are still pondering how V tucked herself in and fell asleep like this...arms wide out.

We tackled lots of purging and organizing projects in the nursery and basement this month.  It was weighing heavy on me.  We couldn't move forward with the next phase of basement completion until it was done and you know me, I don't want to stop the momentum ;)!  The baby's room had kind of become a dumping ground of all things baby and gifts, etc. with an extra bed and linens...
While cleaning out the basement on a Friday night, we found a 7 year old gameboy and Solon thought it was the best.find.ever.  He loves to play the one game we have, MarioKart, and has become quite good.  It kept him busy the entire night we cleaned and purged ;)!
A full back end of the van and two weeks of VERY full garbage cans later, our basement was clean.  We also managed to pawn off share some used baby gear and 2 old chairs to people that could use them!  Now all we have left is furniture we will use for now in the basement until our savings has recovered from the finishing process ;)!  First on the list, is a king bed for us and our queen is going to the new guest room.  Our guests will be so happy, they won't have to sleep on a FULL!  For large parties of guests, V's room has a queen too and Solon has bunk beds - so we are set for when Scott's parents move to town and host Christmas in Ankeny.  Yes that's the other big news.  They put their house on the market in CF and hope to move to a free-standing house condo on the south side of Ankeny.
Once the purging was complete, my vision of a navy, gold, grey nursery could come together.  I also have pops of coral since I think baby is a girl.  I have all the receipts stapled to the pillows, etc just in case they need to go back!  The light fixture has been up since V's nursery days and the furniture we have used for all 3 kiddos.  We spent more on it, then any furniture for ourselves... ;)!

...of course I have been DIYing and spray painting things to add to the nursery!  Baby you are "SO LOVED".  Solon has been singing to you nightly to "come out, come out little baby, come meet your big brother and sister."  SO CUTE!

Our lilac bushes produced such beautiful fragrant blooms this year, I just had to bring a couple of bunches inside as well as let the office window be open whenever possible...the smell might just be my favorite spring scent!
In May, I also discovered my deep, deep love for watermelon.  Scott even had to run out one night to get me some.  The craving was real...
And of course we hit the milestone in May of our weekly non-stress tests.  They have become a little less relaxing with 2 kiddos in tow but the nurses treat them like royalty with fruit snacks and turning the tv to cartoons...as you can see they were in the "zone".

...and I don't mind 20 minutes (or 2 hours as in the case of one week) of listening to baby move and shake on the monitor.  Unfortunately, something I don't like to think about...factor 5 can cause still birth and stress on baby in the final weeks SO hence the weekly monitoring.  Thankfully all of our babies have thrived!
The kids and Scott got me a pedicure for mother's day which was more of a need these days as I cannot bend over to paint my nails.  It was a real treat to take my little lady sidekick along with me.  She couldn't wait to get purple sparkly toes, she didn't want it to get washed off so she walked around like a penguin for a few hours!  She also has been loving shopping with me and knows not to ask for things "today" so she often says "I would like that for my birthday".  I have lots of ideas for September ;)!

She and Solon have been big helpers with setting up baby items.  Our dear friends, the Porter's got us a new baby monitor, which the kids have been loving testing out.  Technology has come a long way in 6 short years.  We also got the baby seat washed and re-assembled.  We will wait to install for a few more weeks...Vera was happy to test it out with herself and her baby!
...and we wrapped up the school year for Solon (more on that in another post) and created our summer fun bucket list for the 3rd year.  The kids love to mark things off and we have already checked a bunch off.  We are having fun playing outside, enjoying Memorial Day BBQ's, fires in our fire pit, heading to the pool for the first time and loving lazy summer mornings and late warm summer nights!  What a fun May...I bet June will fly by and before July hits, we will be a family of 5.  I keep telling Scott, "we are having a baby!".  Even though I have been carrying the squirt since before Halloween, yes that's a long time, I agree...some days I can't believe my dream of one more sweet miracle is about to be our reality.  I can.not.wait and either can anyone else around here.  There is a lot of love to share with this little one...boy or girl?!