Ellen's "Tying the Knot" Shower...

Your one and only little sister only gets married once so Mom and I were so excited to throw her a special shower in her honor.  Since my parents live on a lake and it has always held very special meaning to our family...we decided to make the shower and bachelorette weekend, nautical inspired!  We didn't have to look too hard for decor and anything new will be used again - win, win!  My mom always does a lovely job decorating and organizing and since I was in charge of the bachelorette, she did 90% of the work on the shower.  I helped with games, crafts and MC-ing but she took care of all the decor, food, hosting, etc :).  Mom you knocked it out of the park.  Ellen cried she was so touched, so we knew she loved it (which is what it was all about).  She has lots of friends in the twin city area so we invited her friends, my mom's friends and lots of family.  We had about 28 ladies with us that day, we are delighted they could join us!

The library/dining area all decorated...
My mom had the event catered by a sweet caterer, who coincidentally and unbeknownst to us, also cleaned the dishes and bussed.  Since my parents were hosting my sister's future mother-in-law, Vera and myself and my grandparents that was a welcome surprise!  We decided to do a salad luncheon with finger desserts and coffee during present opening.

When the guests arrived, we asked them to decorate tea towels for Ellen's future kitchen.  They could draw a picture, share a funny inside joke, share wisdom and then we shared them when Ellen opened their gift.  They were all very different and quite creative.  She now has PLENTY of towels to start off her home.  My Grandma Wetherbee did this at my shower 9 years ago and I just had to throw the last one away (SAD) but they make the BEST towels.  As an aside, my mom had extra so my kids made me a couple for mother's day :).
This table included my mom, my sister's future mother-in-law, my grandma, Marcie (my cousin Alex's sweet girlfriend), My Aunt Carol and Aunt Chris.  It was awesome all those special ladies could make the trip.  Ellen's future MIL is from San Diego and my Aunt Carol is from Memphis, TN!
She also had a lovely bunch of sorority sisters, past roommates, and work friends join us.  It was fun to listen to them reminisce, Ellen is one of the first in the group to get married but there are a lot of weddings this summer it seems...
My sister-in-law Raquel and mother-in-law were also able to join us and Vera's favorite guest was her cousin Grace.  She was pretty much attached to her the whole time!  See that VERY happy smile she is wearing?
A mix of my mom's friends and Ellen's teacher friends.
Mingling with my MIL and her future MIL.

After decorating tea towels and eating lunch, we all gathered in the family room for games.  I had asked Elle and Kristiaan a series of questions ahead of time and they had to pick who was more likely to fit that statement...for example "Who is more adventurous?" and the answer was Ellen!  The ladies had fun guessing, there were a few surprises but everyone knows the bride any groom REALLY well.  The other game we played included a kitchen tray full of kitchen gadgets that then was gifted to the bride.  The guests had to look at it before it was covered and then write everything they could remember down.  Both games seem to be a hit.  We then grabbed some yummy bite-size desserts and finished the affair with gift opening.  She got lots of her dishes and glassware from Crate & Barrel which she was over the moon excited about.  Everyone was so generous in helping Ellen start her home very blessed.

I had about 30 minutes to sit and grab a second lunch ;) before heading downtown for the bachelorette party...a recap on that coming up next!

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