Belly Project: 34 Weeks...

Baby Size:  At the ultrasound, 2 weeks ago baby was already measuring 45th percentile and weight 4 lbs 6 oz.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 19 lbs (I gained a lb at last week's appointment and lost 2 lbs at this week's appointment)
Gender: It's split amongst party lines around here - Vera and I think girl and Scott and Solon say boy!
Movement: Baby is breach so movement is kind of different this time around.  I thought I was pushing on a booty to relieve pressure on my stomach and apparently that is their head.  I get lots of little fist pumps into my ribs and feet are here there and everywhere...including kicking LOW which is quite painful.  Baby is very active when I lay down and especially at night.
Fetal Heartbeat:  135-145 (today at our NST) baby was not behaving so our 20 minute test turned into nearly 2 hours.  They finally got the squirt to do what they wanted but the heart rate was mostly between the 130s-140s with occasional spikes to the 150's.
Sleep: I am tired these days.  I need to lay down almost every afternoon.  We instituted an hour quiet time in our rooms with a timer.  I can either sleep or just rest uninterrupted and they can practice independently playing, which comes more naturally to some in our family ;).  Nighttime, Scott's says I try to hog the whole bed and the body pillow and I just dance as we roll from side to side all night.  I also get really really hot so we have the air and fan on...
Cravings: Gosh I am nauseous again so its really moment by moment, day by day.  It cracks Scott up that something can taste great one day and sounds absolutely awful the next.  I am really liking blueberry bagels toasted with real butter, watermelon and strawberries.  Salads with crispy chicken are yummy too (most days ;).  Lemon water and diet mountain dew are both my go go's.  Coffee has become gross again.
Symptoms: Somedays my heartburn will be really bad and others not so much.  I am definitely feeling more sore these days in the hip area and going from laying to standing or sitting to standing can be ouchy until I get going.  Somedays I just feel so full/big like my tummy is just stretched to the limit full.  
Exercise: Been trying to ride the bike at the gym but that is getting kind of uncomfy, loving water classes and when I can heading to yoga.  Both yoga and water classes are supposed to be good help to flipping a breach baby so trying to do some poses everyday to help this babe MOVE.  I have been pretty faithful at getting to the gym at least 2 times per week.
On My Heart: Oh I am getting very ready.  I am a touch nervous that if this baby doesn't move, I will have to have a c-section which brings with it a set of greater risks due to my blood disorder BUT it's in God's hands.  It would be appropriate that our last child would give me the scar ;).  The doctors are still hopeful in the next 2 weeks baby could flip and technically they could flip right up until induction day...we shall see.  I have a tentative plan in place if that happens so I feel prepared either way.  The nursery is coming together and we cleaned the car seat and put it all back together.  The basement is cleaned/purged/organized which is a huge weight off of my shoulders and Scott is nearly done with his end of things.  We are getting a quote this week on drywalling.  Wahoo, that might just get done before baby arrives which was "my" goal.  The kids are a little antsy these days and I just struggle to keep up, so we are hoping warmer summer-like weather returns soon so mommy can sit in the sun while the kids play to their heart's content!  Somedays 6 weeks feels forever away and other days as the kids rip off their paper chain to count down baby's birth, it feels like we are almost to the finish line.  It is all so bittersweet but my arms are definitely aching to hold this little one and know they are happy and healthy outside of my womb.  Most mommies incubate so well and I try but its a little more iffy.  I am always glad when we reach the end of another pregnancy and everyone is happy and healthy.  That is our goal right now :).  Just 39 days to go...