Belly Project: 32 Weeks...

32 Weeks
PS I don't remember to take these until Scott is at work so I have tiny photographers help me...we get lots of outtakes and this one was funny enough to post...Vera stands on the 4th step up so I don't look ginormous and well we need a few takes to get one that will work ;)!

Baby Size:  Size of a squash and about 16 inches and 3+ lbs 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 19 lbs
Gender: by heart rate, we would say boy (130's) and similar to Solon, by craving, we would say girl (chocolate cake, fruit and veggies)...Chinese gender predictor says girl (and it was correct with our other two) is 50/50 from people guessing!
Movement: Most active in the afternoon when I lay down to rest with Vera and nighttime after I put the kids to bed.  Also whenever I drink or eat something cold.  Last night Scott saw a "foot" and pushed on it and baby kicked him...he freaked out.  He said it would weird him out to have someone moving around like that in his belly, guess we are lucky I am caring the babies around here.  It is funny to think about this person living in you and you have NO idea who they are... 
Fetal Heartbeat:  135
Sleep: I am pretty sore when I wake up in the morning, crash about 1pm so Vera and I lay down for a nap, and rally until around kiddos bedtime and then just melt and lay around after that.  The body pillow and I do a lot of rolling from side to side in the night.  I have also been REALLY HOT lately so a lot of uncovering and recovering occurs too.

Cravings: sweets (I made myself a better than anything cake, and funny story Vera asked if she could go with when I took see I rarely just make goodies for us, normally they are for someone else...ha! They were thrilled to know it was all for us).  Fruit tastes good too - especially watermelon lately!
Symptoms: heartburn at bedtime is killing me, finally bought some Tums chews!  I have had some braxton hicks contractions, occasional leg cramps, constipation (ugh), and general exhaustion but this has been by far my best trimester of the pregnancy and Scott totally agrees.  I am most myself, able to accomplish things, not too nauseated, no puking and generally not crabby ;).  That is totally backwards folks...just saying!  Oh and I am totally into nesting - our baby room looks like a tornado went off...but we do have diapers :).
Exercise: loving yoga and water aerobics and walking as a family 
On My Heart: Well I knew these last two weeks were going to be crazy.  I had Ellen's shower/bachelorette party one weekend and then the next Scott's grandma's 95th birthday/his sister-in-law's baby shower.  Well things didn't quite work out how I thought they would but it ended up all being fine.  We got through the first weekend, it went great, Ellen had a fantastic time and I survived the trip to and from with V!  Then last Wednesday, I noticed Solon had a weird lace rash on his cheeks and sure enough he had 5th disease.  It is not a big deal for anyone not pregnant but oh wait, I am and so is my sister-in-law.  Off to the ob for testing I went but the test didn't arrive in time to go and Scott and Vera couldn't go to any of the festivities either because we weren't sure where they were in the process of having it.  Once you get the rash, you are not contagious, but up until that point, you are.  SO we ended up staying home, attending our pastor's funeral and knocking some to do list items off the list (cleaning the car, the garage, and starting on the basement).  I am thankful we have 8 more weekends with minimal items on the calendar (which is purposeful), we are trying to spend time doing some summer bucket list items (the zoo, Ledges State Park, picnic at the Sculpture garden, planting our garden, etc).  The pool opens in 3 weeks so we will go there bunches too and Solon finishes pre-K next week, sniff sniff.  I am emotionally exhausted from all the highs and lows!  I am getting REALLY excited to meet this person and find out just who they are.  We have our names and diapers ready to go.  Just need to get a going home outfit for each of them and wrap up the chaos of the nursery but my hands are ready to hold that little one and kiss their cheeks and those feisty little toes that kick me at all hours.  And big brother, big sister and daddy are VERY excited too!!!!