Spring Skiing in Breck...

We headed out to Colorado on a direct flight out of DSM early on Saturday, March 7th for 5 days.  Solon was going to ski for the 2nd time (his first was in Whistler, BC - hard life kid!) and Vera was going to try her hand at it for the first time.  My sister, her fiancĂ©, and my parents also joined us.  My grandparents have a time share right on the slopes by Beaver Run lift.  I was so bummed to miss out on the skiing, I love a good fast run and I skied with Solon (at just 8 weeks pregnant) but this time my belly was large enough I didn't dare ask my OB ;)!

We spent Saturday getting everyone's rental equipments (kids 5 and under are free with adult rental, FYI).  Vera got THE smallest pair of skis and the 2nd smallest pair of boots ;).  They both got some new goggles as well.
We celebrated gathering all the right accessories with a trip to the resorts' indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub area.  The kiddie pool was like a glorified bathtub...I happily sat in there with V as well as the rest of the family.  We looked a bit silly sitting around in the 18 inch deep pool but it was fun.  We had dinner in that night and got some rest for the big first day!

Everyone was ready to go (note Vera's cute ski helmet, it was Solon's and yes it has a puppy cover!).  Unfortunately, Solon had some first day jitters and got sick all over himself after only 25 minutes into his private lesson.  Luckily, his instructor Shelby (who was a saint), happily refunded our money and agreed to take him again the next day.  Vera did well with her teacher but on day 1, she saw mom at about 10:30 and was done.  Skiing is hard work at 3 1/2.  Her teacher was equally amazing.

Solon and his sweet and talented instructor Shelby!
Vera and her sweet teacher Sam.  Sam even gave Vera fairy wings and a pretty tutu and they pretended their legs were wings...

Day 2 started out very similarly, Solon got sick 20 minutes in but this time his teacher knew it must be nerves and asked for a new coat and they continued on in their lesson.  Both kiddos went all morning which was quite a relief and worked really hard on the pizza legs (to stop) and were nearly ready to hit the chair lift and graduate from the magic carpet area!

Each day the adults met mom and I and the kids for lunch at the base of one of the lifts.  The first 2 days the kids were ready to go home after lunch, they were tuckered out after going hard all morning.

Day 3 the kids had one more private lesson and at the end my dad said, "Here comes Solon" and I said, "Nope that is not Solon that kid is skiing by himself..." and sure enough it was Solon.  I was beaming with pride.  I couldn't believe after 3 half day lessons, he was skiing SO well.  That day the kids went with the adults for another run to show off their skills, Vera was pretty tired so she went home after that but Solon kept skiing.  He totally wowed Grandpa, Daddy and Auntie Ellen with his skills...he was even showboating a bit ;)!

Besides skiing, we enjoyed the pool daily, took naps in the afternoon while the adults skied, ate out a couple of nights and just relaxed.  Solon caught a nasty cough while we were there so none of us slept the best but luckily he healed up pretty fast!  We headed back to Denver on Wednesday to catch our flight and hit up the Denver zoo as a fun family activity...more pictures to come from there!  The weather was PERFECT while we were out there!  I sure hope the kids remember the next time we go...