May Goals and an April Recap...

So are you sick of these posts?  They are actually highly motivating for me as I think of them all month.  If I don't know where I am going, I don't know when I will arrive.  Our daily lives can get so full of stuff, if I don't take the time to identify some things I would like to focus on, it might be a "well that would be nice" but unlikely it will be accomplished.

 But just as important as making goals for me, is seeing how I faired and holding myself accountable SO let's see how April faired...
1.  Try a craft with the kids each week.   Well if crafting for a purpose counts.  The kids and I worked as a team to assemble and make lots of things for Auntie Ellen's bachelorette party and squeezed in a project for themselves too.  They were so proud!
A name sign for Solon and a headband for V - they were so proud of their creations (and can we all just about die over Vera's pose :)
Making favors for Auntie Ellen's bachelorette, they were good little workers!

2.  Finish the laundry by Tuesday.  I know this sounds silly but I accomplished this every week and this was a huge morale booster for me.  I have let laundry rule for far too long!  It's nice to have the energy to take the control back and involved the kids in the process.

3.  Work out 3 days/week - folks I am not going to lie, I tried really hard and I think I was close but its getting harder to stay motivated.

4.  Read books with kids each weekday.  Let's be honest, I stunk it up.  I am tired in the afternoon and it just didn't happen that often between that and the nice weather.  We are reading books at bedtime so they are not totally being deprived.

5.  Go on a family picnic.  WE DID!  There is an awesome new all-inclusive park in town called Miracle Park.  It's awesome and the kids LOVE it.  We enjoyed a picnic and playing one beautiful Saturday and of course stopped and got 60 cent slushies at Sonic's Happy Hour (folks its from 2-4 pm every single day).

6.  Read a book.  I didn't just read one, I read 2.  I was mistaken and thought there was just one book left in the series I was reading (Bailey Flanigan series by Karen Kingsbury) but there were 2 so of course I read them both and lost a little sleep because of the excessive reading.  This is why I can't read continuously, it's exhausting, I can get so sucked in :).

and the weather has been getting better by the day, which means vitamin D for everyone and good moods and tired, dirty children at bedtime! I love warm weather!

Ok so now Let's dive into May Goals...
1.  Clean out basement and get rid of unneeded items.  We are getting to the point in the basement finishing, we need to start organizing, cleaning and prepping for drywall (which is a very dusty and dirty process).  Rather then store unnecessary items, we might as well purge as we sort (nesting anyone?).  So after this weekend, we have no more travel plans and can knock some of this out in the next few weekends!

2.  Go to gym 1-2 times per week.  I know it sounds silly but reporting back to say if I did it or not, helps me go but I am down to doing biking, water aerobics and yoga.  

3.  Plant our garden and some flowers.  It's a bit of a tradition to go to a local garden center and pick up our plants for the garden and some annuals and plant them Mother's day weekend.  We are all so excited since our garden did so well last year to try it again.  Nothing major, we call it our salsa garden!

4.  Go to Ledges State Park -- this is a family favorite

5.  Enjoy family walks.  Scott and I get a chance to talk and the kids a little evening exercise.  We have done a couple and its been awesome!

6.  Eat outside whenever possible...because food tastes better outside and less clean-up ;)

7.  Read a book - I have a book in mind and I am sure once I start, it will be done in 48 hours so I just need to rest up to prepare for the lack of sleep ;)

What do you have planned for May?  Any goals you would like to keep?  I really do love doing them...and fun to look back and see what we did!