Easter 2015...

This year we headed up to my parents' lake place for Easter.  Since Easter fell in April, the weather was pretty spring like, no snow on the ground and we even watched the dock company put in the dock (that would have been a cold task, brr!).  Solon was so excited to be the first out on the dock for the year.

We also had fun coloring easter eggs and later Kristiaan and I enjoyed trying our hand at deviled eggs for the first time all 48 deviled eggs were consumed so they must have been good!  I even taught Kristiaan Scott's grandmother's trick of peeling eggs ;), the priceless wisdom of a farm wife.
My Aunt Chris, Alex, Casen and my grandparents were also there.  IT was fun catching up with everyone.  We hadn't been to the lake since early last fall.
Of course we had the traditional kids easter egg hunt and then the more competitive adult one (with money hidden in the eggs!)...now you know why it is competitive and we aren't talking quarters folks!  I ended up getting the most money, not that I was keeping track ;).  I am not competitive at all.  Alex recruited our son to help him so Solon was excited to get a cut of $5 for his help!

We also snuck in some time around the campfire outside.  Good conversation and laughs always occur there.  My dad even decided to make a pool on gender and birth weight of our child.  Everyone is in for $1 including Scott and I...we shall see who wins but there is an excel spreadsheet and everything.  My dad and I are kind of, pretty much, really 2 peas in a pod.

...of course the Easter Bunny found us and Solon was tickled to get a model rocket.  Something to do with daddy and we have already had 3 successful launches in the field behind our house.  Vera was excited to get sand art which she saw a friend get and she is really into those Ty big eyed stuffed animals.  We have been frequenting Michael's a lot lately with all the showers/events we have coming up and they have a large collection there.  She already has the one she would like for her birthday...I think I know what to get her for a big sister gift!!!

And I remembered my big camera but I was really worn down this weekend from not sleeping well away from home, staying up later than usual and getting up REALLY early to see if the Easter bunny came so I was not on my game and didn't check the photos so they are ok...we didn't even get one of my family (like my parents and sister/fiance)...pregnancy brain is alive and well!

But the kids sure were cute!  Solon loves his hats but doesn't wear them quite how I would like...details I guess!
The best one of our family of 5...
My grandparents with my sister's family and ours...
We headed down to the local church which is just a walk away.  It was a bit chilly but we walked fast and couldn't have parked closer anyway.  Fun memories of walking to church!
...and of course you get there early so you take funny pictures to keep restless children occupied ;)
...and then Solon took over the photographing responsibilities...he does good, fun work ;)

Grandma noticed his interest and mentioned she would get him a little disposable camera for their upcoming grandparent-Solon trip (yep I need a brown sack to breathe but he is so excited).  He thought that meant a phone so one day on the way to preschool he told me, he could give me a call on his new phone that grandma was going to buy him.  We clarified that camera does not in fact equal phone but I do think in his little world, all he sees is his mama pointing her phone at him 24/7 ;).  Glad we got that resolved or there might have been some tears...

Another Easter to celebrate and honor our Risen Savior.  This year we watched Passion of the Christ with our small group and nothing has quite stirred my soul so much since getting saved.  It was very difficult to watch but a solemn reminder of what He did for me...

Thank you Jesus for my life, I lay it at your feet.  I trust you with it and am thankful for the gift you give each of us, if we choose to take it.  The gift of eternity with you.  I pray others we love choose eternal life over the alternative, we continue to pray.  Life is fleeting so if you aren't sure don't put it off, ask Jesus to come into your heart.  The transforming power is unexplainable (take it from me!).