Belly Project: 30 weeks...

30 weeks and I think I have all this energy and then I look at my eyes, and they look tired ;)

Baby Size:  the size of a cucumber and about 16 inches and 3 lbs 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 16 lbs (but I go next week so I am sure it's more, it's been 4 weeks since I was weighed - a little known fact we don't own a scale at our house, better for me :)
Gender: who knows!  My mind hurts from thinking about it SO much!
Movement: super duper active after I lay the kids down at bedtime and also in the afternoon.  But they also move quite a bit after I eat or drink.  
Fetal Heartbeat:  138 (it has been consistently lower lately...hmmm?!?!)
Sleep: what is this?  Last night I was up for a good 2 hours just hanging out in the middle of the night and most nights my body pillow and I roll from one side to the other  A LOT.  It seems it really has gone downhill now that we are in the 3rd trimester.  Luckily my iron seems to be better (I don't feel so wiped) so God's provision has been good.  I also know this is sacred training ground for minimal sleep following baby's arrival ;).

Cravings: sweets but sometimes it takes a while for me to think about what I really want.  I am anxious to have normal taste buds again ;).
Symptoms: Thanks to a good friend who recommended a natural iron supplement (that tastes like arm pit but worth it), I have noticed a marked improvement in energy. PTL!  I still can't do my prenatal and have to spread out my other meds otherwise I end up on zophran every day.  I am back to taking it about 3 times per week (today being one of them, I just feel my tummy churning).  Other than that, just the usual heartburn (I notice if I drink lemon water it really helps, still love that btw), leg cramps in the night, peeing all the time, and pregnancy brain - you know the usual :).
Exercise: still trying super hard to get to the gym 3 times a week (but let me tell you it is getting hard to find motivation, I keep thinking of the August 1st wedding!).  
On My Heart: I have been super emotional lately. It has been a really overwhelming couple of weeks from losing our dearly loved pastor unexpectedly to all the preparations for my sister's bridal shower/bachelorette party to some prep work for my other sister-in-law's baby shower.  Throw in normal life, dentist and OB check-ups and a few other hard things I am ministering some friends through.  I feel worn but I know God is refining me.  I read a great devotional about sausages and how sometimes we feel squeezed by all of life.  It spoke to my heart, I know the squeezing is part of the race marked out for us.  Watch out I cry a lot know from sappy commercials to all of the above.  I find myself crying with people as I minister to them...
We are getting very anxious to find out who this person is and where did April go? I have a feeling with school ending and all that hoopla, May will fly by too.  After next weekend, we are home and not planning on visitors or any trips beyond DSM.  I am kind of cocooning family time to enjoy before baby comes.  I want to soak up some of our favorite summer activities in June!  Next week we start our weekly visits...we are in the home stretch.  Just a little over 9 weeks!