Belly Project: 28 weeks...

Welcome to the LAST trimester!
 28 weeks front and side profiles for those of you needing more information to make a gender prediction ;)
Baby Size:  the size of an eggplant and about 14 inches and 1.5 to 2.5 lbs (baby was in 40th percentile for height and weight so guessing right at the middle of the road at a solid 2 lbs)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 16 lbs (I had a mini heart attack until I remembered that is about where I should be if I gain a pound per week for the remainder of pregnancy I will be up about 28 lbs, which I think is normal ;)
Maternity Clothes: I am taking this one off after this week because there is not really any clothes that aren't maternity besides my old stretched out comfy pants ;) I did have to pull out my shorts and relieved to find they still fit from V's pregnancy 4 years ago (and luckily black, khaki and grey don't go out of style)
Gender: this weekend at Easter, my dad decided to do a gender and birth weight pool and everyone puts in a dollar.  There were 11 guesses and I believe it was 6 boy and 5 girl.  Scott and I both chose girl.  We also have a girl name and I am so excited about it, I want the baby to be a girl just to use it - ha!  But I honestly, truly don't care...God knows what our family dynamic needs best!
Movement: I am glad we are down to 2 last road trips because baby does not like me sitting for 3+ hours.  I had to recline my seat into Solon's this past trip because baby would not stop jabbing me in my ribs.  He/she just doesn't like when I sit too long, must not give them enough space in there.  They are pretty active right after I eat, especially drink a cool beverage.  Whenever I lay down as well and the kicks are getting hard, especially those not so delightful ones to the ribs ;).
Fetal Heartbeat:  145 at last check-up
Sleep: I toss and turn a lot at night with my body pillow and try to nap during the day but for sure lay down and rest in the afternoon.

Cravings: nothing in particular, although I have been wanting salads at fast food restaurants over a combo - so weird!  Lots of fruit, particularly strawberries.  And I like my soda, I will stop later!
Symptoms: So I have been throwing myself a pity party this week because I am iron and vitamin deficient from early on in pregnancy when I was not taking vitamins (because I would throw them up) so my doctor reinstated them and guess what, I can't keep them down :(.  SO I am trying all sorts of different things to taking iron first thing in the morning with breakfast (that didn't work, I had to leave yoga) and my prenatal at night, I willed myself to sleep over puking last night.  Oy vey.  I am going to try just doing the iron at night and 2 kids chewy vitamin in the morning to see if that helps.  I think going from nothing to all of this is hard on my still quite sensitive stomach.  Being anemic is no joke though and explains symptoms of being winded and extremely wiped out.  I sure hope I start to get more energy again (but I am in the 3rd trimester ;).  Other than that, the shots are fine and I just have the normal ligament pain and sore back and waddling when I first get going from sitting or laying down.  Baby is still really high so that is a plus, no sneeze-peeing yet ;).
Exercise: still trying for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 
What do the kids think: Vera has been pretty much obsessed with everything in the baby's room and has been scolded for taking tags off of clothes and using them as doll clothes...oh that girl!  They continue to get so excited about helping.  We talk about baby A LOT :).
On My Heart: I have been super emotional lately.  I think the hormones ;).  I cry at every sappy, remotely sweet thing or at least get a lump in my throat.  I get worn out easily and there are days I am ready for my body back but then I also appreciate the privilege of not pushing myself too hard at the gym ;).  I also love the attention the belly receives (except for the "you are ginormous" comments).  Its fun to see what people guess and to imagine who this person is.  I will miss the squirms, kicks and getting them all to myself.  This is our last and so I am being a little more selfish of our first few weeks and time with just our family of 5.  This is my last one to rock and hold, all of his/her firsts will also be our family's lasts.  SO I am allowing myself to be don't ask to hold the baby, just kidding, kind of ;)...

We now see our OB for one last 4 week appointment at the end of April and the opposite 2 weeks we go for an ultrasound, which amounts to every other week checking in on babe.  Then in 4 weeks, I start my once a week non-stress tests and weekly visits.