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Project 3106 Making our House a Home: Recent Updates...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
I haven't done one of these posts in over a year.  Can you believe we have now been in our "new" house for 2 years!  Wow!  Time goes by fast when you are busy having fun.  We are still tweaking things and situating things and from what I read on other blogs, I think we will always be doing this.  My color palate has changed in the family room, dining room and our bedroom and luckily with a few cheap changes, it is fun to freshen things up.  Of course I also have a nesting to do only the kids rooms will be spared ;)!

I had a gallery wall in our upstairs hallway of wedding pictures and Solon's baby pictures but I finally got around to putting up Vera's baby pictures and then also placed photo frames (top right) for the baby's newborn photos.  I try to get the same 4 photos for each child.  An up close of their face, their hand holding one of ours, their toes and a family one, all in black and white!   I love looking at it when I walk by...

We got ourselves a little more seating at the dining table in the form of a bench.  We often have little friends over for lunch and I don't always want to put the leaf in the table and their little tushes don't need a whole chair so we can fit four little booties on this and it works out great :).  And it was a TJ Maxx find for $50 and a perfect color match - that's what I call a win!

We finally picked out cabinet hardware for the kitchen cabinets.  Ours didn't come with any and I didn't want to be like everyone else on the block but knew it would be something I can't change out so we went with the knobs for all the cabinet doors and the handle for all the drawers.  We haven't actually bought them yet because Scott has a few other projects he has been working on for his prego wife ;).

The laundry room was a blank canvas and I had had some ideas for a while and even had supplies purchased but now that I am nesting, I am trying to get all these unfinished thoughts done!  I just mod lodged paper onto the letters and 3M command stripped them to the wall.  The teal baskets are a $3 dollar spot find (it sucks me in people!) and I made the labels with my silhouette and laminator...Scott installed that handy dandy hanging drying rack from ikea since we have minimal extra space and it works great and holds a lot.  I left room for a 2nd just in case it wasn't enough of a work horse.  And then my framed sign is appropriate..."Wash, rewash, dry, fluff, fold, put away, repeat."  I was hopeful this little happy makeover would help me fall in love with laundry, I have taken control of it but it is still not my favorite chore in the world ;).

I wanted a little more of a serene space in our bedroom but we are getting a king when the basement is finished and our bed is going to the guest room so I didn't do anything too crazy with the bedding.  I added a throw and some new pillow covers from Hobby Lobby and then changed up the art above our bed!

We got our front door in ship shape for spring and summer!

...and our biggest project is completely framed -- THE BASEMENT.  Next up we have an electrician coming and then HVAC and some extra insulation and then the drywallers come (fingers crossed) before baby arrives.  But you see it is a bit of a hot mess so we have some cleaning, purging and organizing to do before that (did you see my May goals, now you get it ;).  Scott has worked so hard to make my vision a reality.  A giant toy closet is maybe what I am most excited about!  Toys, sigh....

We also finally got rid of the all the flush mount lights (aka boob lights) and builder standard dining light.  Lighting can sure make your home have personality and customized to your taste for not much money.  Especially when your mom buys the wrong dining light and can't return it, and you happen to pick out the very same light...what are the odds...that was a cheap switch :).
The other light in the back entry and office have an old school house vibe :).  Thanks to my hubby for installation...

And this has not all happened in the last few weeks...this is months of work that I just forget to share :).  I am starting to think of basement wall colors, you know it will be an ISU theme but I will not be painting any walls Gold or yellow ;).  And of course I have my sights on setting up the baby's room but we have to work on cleaning the basement first...there is a bit of a domino effect!

May Goals and an April Recap...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
So are you sick of these posts?  They are actually highly motivating for me as I think of them all month.  If I don't know where I am going, I don't know when I will arrive.  Our daily lives can get so full of stuff, if I don't take the time to identify some things I would like to focus on, it might be a "well that would be nice" but unlikely it will be accomplished.

 But just as important as making goals for me, is seeing how I faired and holding myself accountable SO let's see how April faired...
1.  Try a craft with the kids each week.   Well if crafting for a purpose counts.  The kids and I worked as a team to assemble and make lots of things for Auntie Ellen's bachelorette party and squeezed in a project for themselves too.  They were so proud!
A name sign for Solon and a headband for V - they were so proud of their creations (and can we all just about die over Vera's pose :)
Making favors for Auntie Ellen's bachelorette, they were good little workers!

2.  Finish the laundry by Tuesday.  I know this sounds silly but I accomplished this every week and this was a huge morale booster for me.  I have let laundry rule for far too long!  It's nice to have the energy to take the control back and involved the kids in the process.

3.  Work out 3 days/week - folks I am not going to lie, I tried really hard and I think I was close but its getting harder to stay motivated.

4.  Read books with kids each weekday.  Let's be honest, I stunk it up.  I am tired in the afternoon and it just didn't happen that often between that and the nice weather.  We are reading books at bedtime so they are not totally being deprived.

5.  Go on a family picnic.  WE DID!  There is an awesome new all-inclusive park in town called Miracle Park.  It's awesome and the kids LOVE it.  We enjoyed a picnic and playing one beautiful Saturday and of course stopped and got 60 cent slushies at Sonic's Happy Hour (folks its from 2-4 pm every single day).

6.  Read a book.  I didn't just read one, I read 2.  I was mistaken and thought there was just one book left in the series I was reading (Bailey Flanigan series by Karen Kingsbury) but there were 2 so of course I read them both and lost a little sleep because of the excessive reading.  This is why I can't read continuously, it's exhausting, I can get so sucked in :).

and the weather has been getting better by the day, which means vitamin D for everyone and good moods and tired, dirty children at bedtime! I love warm weather!

Ok so now Let's dive into May Goals...
1.  Clean out basement and get rid of unneeded items.  We are getting to the point in the basement finishing, we need to start organizing, cleaning and prepping for drywall (which is a very dusty and dirty process).  Rather then store unnecessary items, we might as well purge as we sort (nesting anyone?).  So after this weekend, we have no more travel plans and can knock some of this out in the next few weekends!

2.  Go to gym 1-2 times per week.  I know it sounds silly but reporting back to say if I did it or not, helps me go but I am down to doing biking, water aerobics and yoga.  

3.  Plant our garden and some flowers.  It's a bit of a tradition to go to a local garden center and pick up our plants for the garden and some annuals and plant them Mother's day weekend.  We are all so excited since our garden did so well last year to try it again.  Nothing major, we call it our salsa garden!

4.  Go to Ledges State Park -- this is a family favorite

5.  Enjoy family walks.  Scott and I get a chance to talk and the kids a little evening exercise.  We have done a couple and its been awesome!

6.  Eat outside whenever possible...because food tastes better outside and less clean-up ;)

7.  Read a book - I have a book in mind and I am sure once I start, it will be done in 48 hours so I just need to rest up to prepare for the lack of sleep ;)

What do you have planned for May?  Any goals you would like to keep?  I really do love doing them...and fun to look back and see what we did!  

Belly Project: 30 weeks...

Friday, April 24, 2015
30 weeks and I think I have all this energy and then I look at my eyes, and they look tired ;)

Baby Size:  the size of a cucumber and about 16 inches and 3 lbs 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 16 lbs (but I go next week so I am sure it's more, it's been 4 weeks since I was weighed - a little known fact we don't own a scale at our house, better for me :)
Gender: who knows!  My mind hurts from thinking about it SO much!
Movement: super duper active after I lay the kids down at bedtime and also in the afternoon.  But they also move quite a bit after I eat or drink.  
Fetal Heartbeat:  138 (it has been consistently lower lately...hmmm?!?!)
Sleep: what is this?  Last night I was up for a good 2 hours just hanging out in the middle of the night and most nights my body pillow and I roll from one side to the other  A LOT.  It seems it really has gone downhill now that we are in the 3rd trimester.  Luckily my iron seems to be better (I don't feel so wiped) so God's provision has been good.  I also know this is sacred training ground for minimal sleep following baby's arrival ;).

Cravings: sweets but sometimes it takes a while for me to think about what I really want.  I am anxious to have normal taste buds again ;).
Symptoms: Thanks to a good friend who recommended a natural iron supplement (that tastes like arm pit but worth it), I have noticed a marked improvement in energy. PTL!  I still can't do my prenatal and have to spread out my other meds otherwise I end up on zophran every day.  I am back to taking it about 3 times per week (today being one of them, I just feel my tummy churning).  Other than that, just the usual heartburn (I notice if I drink lemon water it really helps, still love that btw), leg cramps in the night, peeing all the time, and pregnancy brain - you know the usual :).
Exercise: still trying super hard to get to the gym 3 times a week (but let me tell you it is getting hard to find motivation, I keep thinking of the August 1st wedding!).  
On My Heart: I have been super emotional lately. It has been a really overwhelming couple of weeks from losing our dearly loved pastor unexpectedly to all the preparations for my sister's bridal shower/bachelorette party to some prep work for my other sister-in-law's baby shower.  Throw in normal life, dentist and OB check-ups and a few other hard things I am ministering some friends through.  I feel worn but I know God is refining me.  I read a great devotional about sausages and how sometimes we feel squeezed by all of life.  It spoke to my heart, I know the squeezing is part of the race marked out for us.  Watch out I cry a lot know from sappy commercials to all of the above.  I find myself crying with people as I minister to them...
We are getting very anxious to find out who this person is and where did April go? I have a feeling with school ending and all that hoopla, May will fly by too.  After next weekend, we are home and not planning on visitors or any trips beyond DSM.  I am kind of cocooning family time to enjoy before baby comes.  I want to soak up some of our favorite summer activities in June!  Next week we start our weekly visits...we are in the home stretch.  Just a little over 9 weeks!

Easter 2015...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
This year we headed up to my parents' lake place for Easter.  Since Easter fell in April, the weather was pretty spring like, no snow on the ground and we even watched the dock company put in the dock (that would have been a cold task, brr!).  Solon was so excited to be the first out on the dock for the year.

We also had fun coloring easter eggs and later Kristiaan and I enjoyed trying our hand at deviled eggs for the first time all 48 deviled eggs were consumed so they must have been good!  I even taught Kristiaan Scott's grandmother's trick of peeling eggs ;), the priceless wisdom of a farm wife.
My Aunt Chris, Alex, Casen and my grandparents were also there.  IT was fun catching up with everyone.  We hadn't been to the lake since early last fall.
Of course we had the traditional kids easter egg hunt and then the more competitive adult one (with money hidden in the eggs!) you know why it is competitive and we aren't talking quarters folks!  I ended up getting the most money, not that I was keeping track ;).  I am not competitive at all.  Alex recruited our son to help him so Solon was excited to get a cut of $5 for his help!

We also snuck in some time around the campfire outside.  Good conversation and laughs always occur there.  My dad even decided to make a pool on gender and birth weight of our child.  Everyone is in for $1 including Scott and I...we shall see who wins but there is an excel spreadsheet and everything.  My dad and I are kind of, pretty much, really 2 peas in a pod.

...of course the Easter Bunny found us and Solon was tickled to get a model rocket.  Something to do with daddy and we have already had 3 successful launches in the field behind our house.  Vera was excited to get sand art which she saw a friend get and she is really into those Ty big eyed stuffed animals.  We have been frequenting Michael's a lot lately with all the showers/events we have coming up and they have a large collection there.  She already has the one she would like for her birthday...I think I know what to get her for a big sister gift!!!

And I remembered my big camera but I was really worn down this weekend from not sleeping well away from home, staying up later than usual and getting up REALLY early to see if the Easter bunny came so I was not on my game and didn't check the photos so they are ok...we didn't even get one of my family (like my parents and sister/fiance)...pregnancy brain is alive and well!

But the kids sure were cute!  Solon loves his hats but doesn't wear them quite how I would like...details I guess!
The best one of our family of 5...
My grandparents with my sister's family and ours...
We headed down to the local church which is just a walk away.  It was a bit chilly but we walked fast and couldn't have parked closer anyway.  Fun memories of walking to church!
...and of course you get there early so you take funny pictures to keep restless children occupied ;)
...and then Solon took over the photographing responsibilities...he does good, fun work ;)

Grandma noticed his interest and mentioned she would get him a little disposable camera for their upcoming grandparent-Solon trip (yep I need a brown sack to breathe but he is so excited).  He thought that meant a phone so one day on the way to preschool he told me, he could give me a call on his new phone that grandma was going to buy him.  We clarified that camera does not in fact equal phone but I do think in his little world, all he sees is his mama pointing her phone at him 24/7 ;).  Glad we got that resolved or there might have been some tears...

Another Easter to celebrate and honor our Risen Savior.  This year we watched Passion of the Christ with our small group and nothing has quite stirred my soul so much since getting saved.  It was very difficult to watch but a solemn reminder of what He did for me...

Thank you Jesus for my life, I lay it at your feet.  I trust you with it and am thankful for the gift you give each of us, if we choose to take it.  The gift of eternity with you.  I pray others we love choose eternal life over the alternative, we continue to pray.  Life is fleeting so if you aren't sure don't put it off, ask Jesus to come into your heart.  The transforming power is unexplainable (take it from me!).

April Goals and a March Recap...

Friday, April 10, 2015

So we left off in late February with some March goals and its only 10 days into April but these have been in the back of my mind ALL month so before we skip ahead to April goals, let's see how I measured up ;).  A little accountability never hurt me!
1. Work out 3 days/week
Well I tried my very best the weeks we were home I managed to get there 3 times but we did go to Colorado and were gone on Easter weekend so those weeks I didn't get there 3 times.  However, remember I did walk a lot hauling kids to class in CO so I counted that as good exercise!  I even tried aqua aerobics and it was a good class but low stress on my back, I am going again tomorrow.  I did reward myself with a mango smoothie after class ;).
2.  Read my devotional every day
I subscribe to the Proverbs 31 devotional emailed to your inbox really early every morning per the tip from my friend Emilie.  The only downside is it is only downside is it is only delivered Monday-Friday.  I sure miss them on the weekend.  I literally open it up most days before my feet leave the bed.  They are all really good and most days I quote them or share them with friends because they are THAT good and that practical.  Some of my favorites from March were about being faithful when you are in the middle (Read here) and about making decisions as a Christian (Read here).  If you don't have a devotional or you need a new one that is practical and just a perfect drink from God, I suggest you sign up :).

3.  Do something with each child everyday.
I am not a good player.  I like to do activities with my kids, go places with my kids, etc. but just to sit down and be with them at home is HARD for me.  I don't love it so we did that sometimes but then we also ran errands one on one, we read books one on one, played games, did a craft, cooked together, or just cuddled together.  It's surprising when you focus on it, you do notice you do do things with your kids and the guilt isn't so bad ;).  It's still there because I am pregnant and tired and you know don't have enough of me to give some days but I am thankful to try and stretch myself as a mommy - they are worth it.  AND its funny what they get excited about.  Solon was pumped to go to Target with me all by himself to pick out his preschool snack and Vera was happy to do sand art with me that took all of 5 minutes ;).  Sometimes just putting aside my agenda is good for me :).

4.  Do a fun family activity.
Besides skiing, playing outside and going out to eat as a family, we actually took an adventure to the Denver Zoo.  It was a last minute call to go and we are so glad we did.  The weather was beautiful and we left Breckenridge with enough time to do something in Denver.  The zoo had lots of great animals we don't have at our zoo, we were able to eat outside and enjoy the sun, and the kids got to pick out a souvenir at the gift shop (a vacation treat ;).  There is just something so fun being just our little family on a fun adventure together.  I think we are entering the time where its fun to go on vacation with just us, even if its just a little weekend getaway.  Scott and I are hatching up some plans and are going to GET IT ON THE CALENDAR so it gets done :).

5.  Invite friends over for dinner or fun.
We actually had 2 families over for dinner as well as our small group over for our annual March madness tournament party.  It was a busy fun month of entertaining and April is shaping up to be a month of entertaining too.  I know our days of hosting, might be put on hold with a newborn so we are glad to enjoy opening our home now!

6.  Go on a date
We snuck a lunch date in on April 2nd and we counted it.  March was a busy month but we were thankful to get out to eat together and just talk and hang out.  It was fun to do lunch too!  We tried a new restaurant only open for lunch in town (sometimes better to test those out without kids).  We have a few more places we want to go that aren't conducive to small but really cute newborns so we are hoping to get one more date in per month before baby arrives!

So all in all, I think I nailed 4 out of 6 goals and the other 2 are a continuous work in progress so I will take March and being intentional about my goals as a success :).  Now on to April...

1.  Try a craft each week with the kids
I see all these fun, simple (lets be clear simple) crafts and activities online and I pin them, never to be seen in the abyss of my pin boards on Pinterest.  I want to try one a week...I love doing things like this with the kids and the kids love it too.  I just need some accountability.  5 crafts in April is doable ;).

2.  Finish Laundry by Tuesday
Oh I have a love/hate relationship with laundry.  I love it because it means I have a sweet family but I hate it because I never seem to get ahead of it.  It is always staring at me when I walk by the laundry room and at times it creeps into the hall so I can't close the door ;).  I normally start it on Monday and my goal is to finish by Tuesday.  I tried out having the kids help me by sorting the clothes I fold into a baskets for each family member and they matched the socks and sorted all the underwear.  It was quite successful (and a great mommy-me activity -- oh yeah I am good like that :)  So our goal is to take control of that darn task and not let it control my mind...

3.  Work out 3 days/week
I didn't quite make it last month so I am going to continue on my journey.  I know being fit is a benefit come labor and post-partum especially since I have to slip into a maid of honor dress 4 weeks after birth!

4.  Read book with the kids every week day.
Since I got sick and kids don't really nap anymore, rest time has been consisting of mommy snoozing while you watch TV.  Sad but true! Scott reads to them most nights before bed but I have been missing those snuggle and reading moments we use to do everyday before nap.

5.  Go on a family picnic.
We love a good spring outing and tis the season to enjoy eating outside on a blanket!

6.  Read a book.
I have one final book in a series I have been reading by Karen Kingsbury and call me crazy, I have been avoiding reading it because it's the end and i don't want it to be over...but I need to read it!

So there you have it some April Goals...I still plan on digging into my devotional, be intentional about spending quality time with my kids and hubby and nest but these are some things that have been on my heart so I am going to hold myself accountable! Happy April!

Belly Project: 28 weeks...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Welcome to the LAST trimester!
 28 weeks front and side profiles for those of you needing more information to make a gender prediction ;)
Baby Size:  the size of an eggplant and about 14 inches and 1.5 to 2.5 lbs (baby was in 40th percentile for height and weight so guessing right at the middle of the road at a solid 2 lbs)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 16 lbs (I had a mini heart attack until I remembered that is about where I should be if I gain a pound per week for the remainder of pregnancy I will be up about 28 lbs, which I think is normal ;)
Maternity Clothes: I am taking this one off after this week because there is not really any clothes that aren't maternity besides my old stretched out comfy pants ;) I did have to pull out my shorts and relieved to find they still fit from V's pregnancy 4 years ago (and luckily black, khaki and grey don't go out of style)
Gender: this weekend at Easter, my dad decided to do a gender and birth weight pool and everyone puts in a dollar.  There were 11 guesses and I believe it was 6 boy and 5 girl.  Scott and I both chose girl.  We also have a girl name and I am so excited about it, I want the baby to be a girl just to use it - ha!  But I honestly, truly don't care...God knows what our family dynamic needs best!
Movement: I am glad we are down to 2 last road trips because baby does not like me sitting for 3+ hours.  I had to recline my seat into Solon's this past trip because baby would not stop jabbing me in my ribs.  He/she just doesn't like when I sit too long, must not give them enough space in there.  They are pretty active right after I eat, especially drink a cool beverage.  Whenever I lay down as well and the kicks are getting hard, especially those not so delightful ones to the ribs ;).
Fetal Heartbeat:  145 at last check-up
Sleep: I toss and turn a lot at night with my body pillow and try to nap during the day but for sure lay down and rest in the afternoon.

Cravings: nothing in particular, although I have been wanting salads at fast food restaurants over a combo - so weird!  Lots of fruit, particularly strawberries.  And I like my soda, I will stop later!
Symptoms: So I have been throwing myself a pity party this week because I am iron and vitamin deficient from early on in pregnancy when I was not taking vitamins (because I would throw them up) so my doctor reinstated them and guess what, I can't keep them down :(.  SO I am trying all sorts of different things to taking iron first thing in the morning with breakfast (that didn't work, I had to leave yoga) and my prenatal at night, I willed myself to sleep over puking last night.  Oy vey.  I am going to try just doing the iron at night and 2 kids chewy vitamin in the morning to see if that helps.  I think going from nothing to all of this is hard on my still quite sensitive stomach.  Being anemic is no joke though and explains symptoms of being winded and extremely wiped out.  I sure hope I start to get more energy again (but I am in the 3rd trimester ;).  Other than that, the shots are fine and I just have the normal ligament pain and sore back and waddling when I first get going from sitting or laying down.  Baby is still really high so that is a plus, no sneeze-peeing yet ;).
Exercise: still trying for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 
What do the kids think: Vera has been pretty much obsessed with everything in the baby's room and has been scolded for taking tags off of clothes and using them as doll clothes...oh that girl!  They continue to get so excited about helping.  We talk about baby A LOT :).
On My Heart: I have been super emotional lately.  I think the hormones ;).  I cry at every sappy, remotely sweet thing or at least get a lump in my throat.  I get worn out easily and there are days I am ready for my body back but then I also appreciate the privilege of not pushing myself too hard at the gym ;).  I also love the attention the belly receives (except for the "you are ginormous" comments).  Its fun to see what people guess and to imagine who this person is.  I will miss the squirms, kicks and getting them all to myself.  This is our last and so I am being a little more selfish of our first few weeks and time with just our family of 5.  This is my last one to rock and hold, all of his/her firsts will also be our family's lasts.  SO I am allowing myself to be don't ask to hold the baby, just kidding, kind of ;)...

We now see our OB for one last 4 week appointment at the end of April and the opposite 2 weeks we go for an ultrasound, which amounts to every other week checking in on babe.  Then in 4 weeks, I start my once a week non-stress tests and weekly visits.  

Spring Skiing in Breck...

Monday, April 6, 2015
We headed out to Colorado on a direct flight out of DSM early on Saturday, March 7th for 5 days.  Solon was going to ski for the 2nd time (his first was in Whistler, BC - hard life kid!) and Vera was going to try her hand at it for the first time.  My sister, her fiancĂ©, and my parents also joined us.  My grandparents have a time share right on the slopes by Beaver Run lift.  I was so bummed to miss out on the skiing, I love a good fast run and I skied with Solon (at just 8 weeks pregnant) but this time my belly was large enough I didn't dare ask my OB ;)!

We spent Saturday getting everyone's rental equipments (kids 5 and under are free with adult rental, FYI).  Vera got THE smallest pair of skis and the 2nd smallest pair of boots ;).  They both got some new goggles as well.
We celebrated gathering all the right accessories with a trip to the resorts' indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub area.  The kiddie pool was like a glorified bathtub...I happily sat in there with V as well as the rest of the family.  We looked a bit silly sitting around in the 18 inch deep pool but it was fun.  We had dinner in that night and got some rest for the big first day!

Everyone was ready to go (note Vera's cute ski helmet, it was Solon's and yes it has a puppy cover!).  Unfortunately, Solon had some first day jitters and got sick all over himself after only 25 minutes into his private lesson.  Luckily, his instructor Shelby (who was a saint), happily refunded our money and agreed to take him again the next day.  Vera did well with her teacher but on day 1, she saw mom at about 10:30 and was done.  Skiing is hard work at 3 1/2.  Her teacher was equally amazing.

Solon and his sweet and talented instructor Shelby!
Vera and her sweet teacher Sam.  Sam even gave Vera fairy wings and a pretty tutu and they pretended their legs were wings...

Day 2 started out very similarly, Solon got sick 20 minutes in but this time his teacher knew it must be nerves and asked for a new coat and they continued on in their lesson.  Both kiddos went all morning which was quite a relief and worked really hard on the pizza legs (to stop) and were nearly ready to hit the chair lift and graduate from the magic carpet area!

Each day the adults met mom and I and the kids for lunch at the base of one of the lifts.  The first 2 days the kids were ready to go home after lunch, they were tuckered out after going hard all morning.

Day 3 the kids had one more private lesson and at the end my dad said, "Here comes Solon" and I said, "Nope that is not Solon that kid is skiing by himself..." and sure enough it was Solon.  I was beaming with pride.  I couldn't believe after 3 half day lessons, he was skiing SO well.  That day the kids went with the adults for another run to show off their skills, Vera was pretty tired so she went home after that but Solon kept skiing.  He totally wowed Grandpa, Daddy and Auntie Ellen with his skills...he was even showboating a bit ;)!

Besides skiing, we enjoyed the pool daily, took naps in the afternoon while the adults skied, ate out a couple of nights and just relaxed.  Solon caught a nasty cough while we were there so none of us slept the best but luckily he healed up pretty fast!  We headed back to Denver on Wednesday to catch our flight and hit up the Denver zoo as a fun family activity...more pictures to come from there!  The weather was PERFECT while we were out there!  I sure hope the kids remember the next time we go...

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